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Best Time to Sail the Mediterranean

With calm waters, sunny skies, and average temperatures of 70 – 80°F, the sailing season runs between April and October, making this the best time to go to the Mediterranean on a sailing holiday.

Are you looking for a sensational Summer escape and considering booking a yacht charter in the Mediterranean? Whether you want to take the helm on a bareboat charter in Croatia, hire a skipper to guide you around Procida or embark on a unique flotilla holiday in Lefkas, we know you’ll enjoy every second.

In this blog, we’re taking you through the best times to sail the Mediterranean for different people, whether you’re a foodie, a fan of culture, travelling with family or as a couple. So sit back, relax and let us help you work out when to visit the Mediterranean.

Best time to visit the Mediterranean for families

The Mediterranean is a fantastic sailing destination for families, with countless opportunities for exploration. From underwater adventures to island hopping, you’re in for a fiercely fun family holiday when you visit the Mediterranean.

The best time to visit the Mediterranean for families is in July and August. Right in the heart of the peak sailing season, these months are renowned for sizzling temperatures, warm waters and immaculate sailing conditions.

July and August are ideal for families because they fall within the School Summer Holidays which means you can enjoy a brilliant charter without taking your children out of school. As it’s the School Summer Holidays, there will be plenty of other families visiting Greece, Croatia and Italy during this time, making the Mediterranean a really sociable and bustling holiday destination.

Our Meganisi and Lefkas flotilla routes offer a children’s coordinator too during July and August.

If you want to experience a Mediterranean sailing charter outside of the high season, April is also known as one of the best times to sail the Mediterranean so you could book your holiday during the Easter half term.

Are your children either younger or older than school-age? Booking your Mediterranean holiday outside of the peak season could result in lower costs and less crowds (more on that in the next section).

Best time to go to the Mediterranean as a couple

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, retirement, or simply want to feel the sun on your face, the Mediterranean is the perfect destination for a couple’s sailing holiday.

From romantic strolls along the beaches of Corfu to watching beautiful sunsets in Sardinia, it’s no wonder you’re thinking of booking a couples sailing charter in the Mediterranean.

So, when is the best time to go to the Mediterranean as a couple? If you’re looking for a private, intimate holiday with less crowds, less expenses and more time to enjoy each other’s company, we think the best time to visit the Mediterranean is between April-May or September-October.

These months are still considered to be part of the peak season for sailing but sit outside of the most popular months. This means you’ll still have the incredible weather, golden sunshine, low tides and vibrant atmosphere, but it will be a more relaxed setting with less tourists and more time for the two of you.

Unlike our Caribbean destinations, such as the BVI and Bahamas, the Mediterranean does not experience year-around sailing conditions which means there are certain times of the year that we would not advise setting sail.

This is primarily over the Winter months, between November-March, where some of our bases close and then re-open in the Spring ready for a beautiful season ahead. Closed bases include Dubrovnik, Lefkas, and Sardinia. This is to keep you safe and to ensure the best sailing experience.

For more information about safety, take a look at the ‘useful information’ tab on each of our Mediterranean destination pages where you’ll learn everything from what safety equipment is included on our yachts, to more information about the cruising grounds.

Best time to sail the Mediterranean for foodies

The Mediterranean is world-renowned for its incredible cuisine. From delicious Italian pasta to stunning Greek moussaka, there’s nothing like mooring up after a day of exploring and sitting down for a fresh, authentic Mediterranean meal that makes your taste buds dance.

It’s no wonder many people choose the Mediterranean as a vacation destination purely for its culinary delights. You might be wondering, then, when is the best time to sail the Mediterranean if you’re a foodie?

We think the best time to visit the Mediterranean on a culinary adventure is during the peak season, between April and October. 

Why is this the best time to sail around the Mediterranean if you’re a foodie?

Did you know… you can book special food and wine flotilla charters around the Mediterranean. Learn more about our innovative flotillas, including the Italian Cuisine Flotilla.

Best time to visit the Mediterranean for culture

From the ancient ruins of Athens to the exquisite Italian cuisine, the Mediterranean is a cultural wonderland. Whether you want to spend your days island hopping around the Dalmatian Coast or mooring up and uncovering the treasures on shore, you might be wondering when to visit the Mediterranean from a cultural perspective.

It depends on which of our incredible destinations you’re visiting and what you want your itinerary to look like as to the best time to sail the Mediterranean, although there will be certain times of the year that are better than others for immersing yourself into local culture.

Our top tips for choosing the best time of year to visit the Mediterranean if you love culture? Take a look at each of our Mediterranean bases and find out the following information, which you can then use to work out the ideal time for your relaxing yacht charter:

Once you’ve decided the best time to go to the Mediterranean, you can choose a base, build a quote and book your dream yacht charter. As you’re planning your blissful yacht charter, you’ll likely be wondering how to travel as responsibly and sustainably as possible. Read about our sustainable travel policies and our commitment to preserving the stunning natural beauty of our sailing destinations. You can also learn about our top tips for eco-friendly sailing.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us today. Check out our Mediterranean bases and plan your sensational sailing holiday today.



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