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Where is the best place to sail from Portsmouth?

Sailing from Portsmouth and Port Solent allows you to experience sailing in one of the busiest waterways in the world. 

This stretch of water is sandwiched between the rugged English Coast and the North Shores of the Isle Of Wight. Discover beautiful sand beaches, Salt Marshlands, Shingle Coves, and Sloping green hills that meet the ocean with a dramatic drop – all from your private yacht. 

There are many sailing options from Port Solent, with some locations being particularly party-friendly or ideal grounds for fossil hunters; find family-friendly beaches or historical towns with incredible architectural history, along this stretch of coast. We have summarised our top stops for your charter, depending on the holiday experience you’re after, below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         For Families

The Jurassic Coast is a beautiful sail from Port Solent to Durdle Door and The Needle, all are great spots for kids to learn about geography and take in the beauty of this coast. Stopping off in places like Lulworth Cove will also give families the opportunity to go fossil hunting and learn about the dinosaurs that once roamed these beaches. 

For Couples

Sailing from Portsmouth’s Port Solent to Bournemouth will showcase The UK’s spectacular coastline – from sailing through The Solent, with the Isle of Wight to one side and mainland UK to the other, you will find yourself at peace. Then past The New Forest – rugged, ancient beaches with greenery, wild horses, and beautiful nature reserves and Bournemouth lights from restaurants, bars, and street lamps are like art as they reflect across the ocean water at night.  

For First-Time Sailors

If you’re new to sailing or wish to have your first sailing adventure in the UK, we suggest exploring our Sailing School located in Port Solent, provided by our partner, Prometheus. We advise achieving an advanced and confident sailing proficiency before embarking independently from Portsmouth (a minimum qualification of level 3 is required to sail with us from Portsmouth). Alternatively, you have the option to enlist the services of a hired skipper.

For Large GroupsThe Solent, with its expansive waters and diverse destinations, is a great option for large groups departing from Portsmouth. Organize a flotilla or charter multiple boats to accommodate everyone. Bournemouth, Southampton, and Portsmouth are all university towns, each offers their own unique atmosphere but all have great nightlife and restaurants that will be accommodating of large parties.

What are the best things to do in Portsmouth?

If you’re wondering what to do in Portsmouth, there are many options, from the local aquarium to exploring the cobbled old town. Portsmouth also has great links to other towns and cities such as Winchester, Southampton, London, and Chichester. We have summarized the best things to do in Portsmouth, below:


  • Enjoy a leisurely stroll or a picnic on this expansive green space along the seafront at Southsea Common.
  • Take in panoramic views of the city and the harbor from the Spinnaker Tower Viewing Deck.
  • Kick back, relax, and treat yourself to a relaxing spa day at the serene Solent Hotel and Spa.


  • Portsmouth Historic Dockyard: Discover maritime history, explore historic ships like HMS Victory, and visit the interactive museums.
  • Old Portsmouth: Wander through cobbled streets, explore historic buildings, and enjoy the charm of this area.
  • Fort Nelson: Explore the impressive artillery collection, and interactive exhibits and take in the picturesque surroundings.

Eating and Drinking

  • Gunwharf Quays: A waterfront dining and shopping area with a variety of restaurants and bars.
  • The Still & West: A historic pub with great views of the harbor and delicious food.
  • Rocka Restaurant: For delicious, independent, fresh food presented with creative flair.

Nearby Towns

  • For a village feel: Winchester
  • For shopping and Dining: Southampton
  • For Georgian and Roman Architecture: Chichester
When is the best time to visit Portsmouth?

The best time to visit Portsmouth is between June and September for the clearest skies and warmest weather, however, October, April and May can all be warm and breezy too.

What are the sailing conditions in Portsmouth like?

We require a level 3 certification from sailors chartering a yacht from Portsmouth as The Solent strait –  separating the Isle of Wight from the mainland of England- has strong tidal currents. Understanding and navigating these tidal flows is crucial for sailors in the area.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht from Portsmouth?

The pricing is contingent on factors such as the season, duration of your charter, and the kind of holiday experience you desire. Prices differ for our Sailing Schools, Flotilla Charters, and Bareboat options. To obtain an accurate quote tailored to your preferences, please, contact Prometheus on learn@prometheus-sailing.co.uk or call 02394 350 505 to make a booking (Monday to Friday 9.00 – 17:30).

How much are the moorings fees in Portsmouth?

The mooring expenses will vary based on your chosen stopping point; each harbor or marina has its unique policies. Some establishments charge for day passes, while others operate on an hourly basis, with rates contingent on the size of the yacht selected. It is advisable to consult with our holiday planners for more detailed information on this matter before embarking on your sailing journey.

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