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Ah, the peaceful, easy feeling of making steady progress through calm seas, as your genoa gently strains in the mild winds of the warm Ionian. You reach your destination, anchor in a quiet bay, and sit in the cockpit with a glass of something cool as you watch the sun slowly dip beyond the horizon, water gently lapping against the hull. By their very nature, sailing vacations are the ideal setting for that perfect romantic break, honeymoon, anniversary celebration or just a dreamy escape with that someone special. 

Take an agile Sunsail 34 and set sail from Lefkas on a lover's Odyssey. Explore deserted shores in the Seychelles, discover charming harbours in Italy, swim in hidden grottos in Tahiti or sip champagne as you literally sail into the sunset in the Caribbean. Enjoy calm turquoise waters, stunning white sand beaches, and unforgettable sunsets over rippling tides. A sailing vacation is a magical time for two, so head for the horizon and let time just slip away.

Our romantic sailing destinations

Mahé, Seychelles

  • Remote, largely unexplored islands
  • Strong winds ideal for experienced sailors
  • Good diving, snorkeling and sport fishing
Experience level 3 Permis plaisance
Explore Mahé, Seychelles
Sunsail Tahiti view pier catamaran


  • Year-round trade winds
  • Excellent fishing, kayaking and snorkelling
  • Dozens of remote, exotic islands to explore
Experience level 2 Permis plaisance
Explore Tahiti
Procida, Italy

Amalfi Coast, Procida

  • Perfect for experienced sailors
  • Gateway to the famous Amalfi Coast
  • Luxurious resorts, bustling towns, quiet villages
Flotillas Experience level 2 Permis plaisance
Explore Amalfi Coast, Procida

St. Martin yacht charter

  • Blue water and coastal sailing
  • World-class diving and snorkeling
  • Glamorous resorts and laid-back beaches
Experience level 2-3
Explore St. Martin yacht charter

The British Virgin Islands

  • Visit a real-life Treasure Island
  • Steady trade winds, calm currents
  • World-famous yachting destinations
Experience level 1
Explore The British Virgin Islands

Romantic bareboat charter vacations

Sail to whever takes fancy, moor up, pop the cork and open the picnic basket. You can choose your own path, whether short hops between pastel-hued towns, or long, lazy days spent drifting to nowhere in particular. With nobody on board but you and your loved one, a bareboat charter is the most romantic way to sail, anywhere you choose. Cruise along with pods of dolphins playing in your wake, and swim with tropical fish near vibrant coral reefs. We'll help you make the most of some of the world’s finest waters.

Romantic skippered yacht charter

If you want to just kick back and enjoy dedicated time with the one you love, we recommend hiring a skipper for your yacht charter - even if it’s just for a few days. Your experienced skipper will take the helm, so you can enjoy more time on your own. Just sit back and relax as you slip into the setting sun. Your romantic skippered yacht vacation awaits.