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St Lucia

The Best Beaches in St Lucia

Ahhhhhh…soft white sand between your toes…rejuvenating Caribbean sun on your skin…postcard-worthy palm trees blowing in the ocean breeze…these are just some of the things that make the many beaches scattered along St Lucia’s lush coastline so desirable and arguably the best in the world. From the stunning scenery to the friendly island locals and everything in between, it’s easy to see why travelers from all across the globe retreat to St Lucia for some top-notch rest and relaxation with their loved ones.

And so, if you’ve had your eye on this fabulous destination, here is a list of some of our favorite beaches that are worth knowing before setting sail on a spectacular St Lucia yacht charter vacation of your own…

The Best Beaches in St Lucia

Anse Chastanet

A blanket of silky charcoal-grey sand covers Anse Chastanet beach, where just beyond the picturesque shoreline, snorkelers and divers can explore the colorful coral reef that lies beneath the sharp drop-off.  

Grand Anse

An uncrowded piece of St Lucia paradise, Grand Anse beach is every bit as tranquil as it is naturally beautiful. Sitting pretty on the east coast of the island, the beach extends one-mile long and is surrounded by scenic cliffs. Plus, visitors to Grand Anse can witness endangered leatherback sea turtles laying their eggs in the sand—a truly once in a lifetime experience.

La Toc

Despite the fact that La Toc Beach is located in the capital city of Castries and dominated by the Sandals Golf Resort, it is delightfully secluded and worthy of your precious vacation time. La Toc Beach is a best-kept secret in St Lucia but if you’re partial to pretty beaches with peaceful settings, this is a can’t-miss spot. 

Marigot Bay

The majestic beauty that abounds at Marigot Bay is so grand that aerial shots of this St Lucian beach have made cameo appearances in quite a few Hollywood films. Marigot Bay is actually the host site of an array of much smaller beaches but no matter where you step ashore, you can expect to find good vibes and gorgeous island backdrops. 

Pigeon Point Beach

Pigeon Island is home to Pigeon Island National Park, which is where you’ll discover the pristine sands of Pigeon Point Beach. In addition to providing a prime spot for picnic lunches, there are also food vendors and restaurants located right on the beach. Plus, visitors can soak up some history at Fort Rodney where you can indulge in a fun photo-opp from atop an old firing cannon.

The Best Beaches in St Lucia

Reduit Beach

There is plenty to see and do along the lively shores of St Lucia’s most popular beach, Reduit Beach, where sugary white sand spans almost five miles long. Rodney Bay’s Reduit Beach is an ideal location for shopping, dining, beach bar-hopping, and enjoying all kinds of water activities with a number of rental facilities readily available.

Sandy Beach

Situated on the southernmost point of the island, Sandy Beach is known for being a kitesurfing hot-spot. So if you’re an adventure-seeker or a water sports enthusiast, you can’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy some Sandy Beach kitesurfing during a St Lucia vacation. 

Smuggler’s Cove

Few places satisfy the pillaging pirate in us all like St Lucia’s Smuggler’s Cove, a secluded little beach on the north side of the island and a great spot for capturing photos. 

The Best Beaches in St Lucia

Sugar Beach

Because it is nestled in between the magnificent Piton Mountains, Sugar Beach offers some of the most breath-taking views you’ll ever encounter. Many visitors rank Sugar Beach as the #1 beach in all of St Lucia because it is that majestic and beautiful.

Whether you prefer lively beaches with lots of seaside appeals or would rather relax the day away on a remote piece of “do not disturb” paradise, there is a perfect beach for you somewhere in St Lucia. And even though we highly recommend the above-mentioned beaches, there plenty of others worth visiting. So, come aboard and discover St Lucia’s best beaches for yourself! 

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