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Skippered Sailing Vacations FAQ’s

How does a skippered charter work?

You choose the pace you want to set and your own itinerary with the help of the skipper’s sailing expertise and knowledge of the cruising grounds. You can get as involved as you would like with the sailing or if you would rather relax and take in the stunning surroundings – it’s completely up to you.

All you need to do is provide your skipper with their own cabin and ensure there is food and drink provisions on board for both you and your skipper. You can choose to invite your skipper to join you at mealtimes or enjoy quality time with your friends and family on board. In some locations you can also pre-pay for the skippers provisioning.


What are the skippers responsible for?

What is your skipper not responsible for?


What does a bareboat skippered charter include?

Skipper Driving

Gratuity and industry expectations? 

For a skippered charter package, a gratuity is expected, per week. The amount is at your discretion and is appreciated. For excellent service please feel free to tip a percentage of the total charter cost.

For a bareboat skippered charter, a gratuity of 15-20% of the skipper fee is appreciated for excellent service however some customers feel it appropriate to tip at a percentage of the overall charter price for outstanding service. 

This is entirely at your discretion.

What if I only want a skipper for the day?

Bareboat skippered charters are fully flexible and enable you to add a skipper for the duration of your choosing depending on your needs. You can hire them for the day or for the duration of your charter, speak to your holiday planner to ensure you have the support you need. 

To find out more about what to expect on a skippered charter, please read our blogs.

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Helpful Tips 

  • Your Skipper can be as discreet or interactive as you need them to be. Upon boarding, inform your skipper if you prefer a more private cruising experience.
  • Communicate to your dining preferences – feel free to invite your skipper if you are dining out or let them know that onboard provisions have been provided.
  • Your skipper is a great source of local knowledge and best-kept secrets! Your skipper will work with you to plan your perfect itinerary.
  • Our skippers are professional and friendly. Many of our guests become great friends with their skipper and often hire the same one when they return!

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