Charlie Enright reflects on Volvo Ocean Race

Vestas 11th Hour Racing Volvo Ocean 65

Needless to say, this campaign around the world has not gone according to plan, but that is part of what makes the Volvo Ocean Race what it is. It is the unpredictability of it all. That is also what draws us to sailing. The ever-changing variables, conditions, and how we manage the unexpected is what keeps it fun, wondering what the next adventure will bring.

Some of the biggest challenges we face are not always the ones on the water either. There is building the team, managing the logistics, and trying to maintain connections with those who keep you grounded. For me, that is my family back home. 

Since the last race, my wife and I have welcomed a son and daughter into the world, which makes saying goodbye on the dock even harder. But thanks to the benefits of living in an ever-connected world of modern technology, we communicate via email every few days while I am at sea.

On the plus side, it is never lonely being thousands of miles from home because when Mark and I set out to create this team, we knew we wanted to surround ourselves with skilled crewmembers as well as people we’d get along with. There are no dull moments onboard, and we keep each other smiling. 

The approach comes from what we learned from Roy Disney, our mentor when Mark and I first met on the film "Morning Light." He told us that the team that smiles the most tends to win. We have a great group of guys and girls working together towards the same goal, so the good times and great memories just flow naturally. 

Despite various obstacles, we have persevered, and the team is still in good spirits. We are motivated to get back to racing and finishing the event on a high note.