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The Bahamas one-week bareboat

Year-round tropical beauty

The Bahamas is a sailing paradise, a year-round sailing destination offering easy line-of-sight navigation, sheltered anchorages, and shallow, clear water. Snorkel in the company of turtles and tropical fish, dive sunken shipwrecks, relax on clean white sand, and witness breathtaking scenery from your deck. Laid-back island culture, delicious local food, quiet paradise cays, and world-class sailing are waiting for you on a Bahamas bareboat charter vacation.


  •  Shipwreck diving
  •  Stunning island beauty
  •  Fishing and water sports
  •  Bright sand, verdant jungles
  •  Colonial towns, island attitude
  •  Unforgettable snorkeling and diving
Where is the best place to sail in Abacos?

Abacos, a tropical paradise in the Bahamas, offers pristine sailing conditions. When sailing Abacos turquoise waters you will see seabirds, dolphins, colourful homes on stilts and white-gold beaches fringed with luscious greenery. Sail The Abacos and feel a gentle breeze from the moment you arrive at Marsh Harbour: Sunsail’s base point and the hub of the Abacos Islands. From here you can start your Abacos yacht charter by exploring Elbow Cays charming settlements, anchored by historic Hope Town. The Sea of Abaco, surrounded by Cays, delivers a captivating and idyllic sailing experience.

For Families

Treasure Cay offers a family-friendly beach, and Green Turtle Cay boasts picturesque settlements for a relaxed and enjoyable family sailing experience in the Abacos. 

For Couples

For couples seeking a romantic getaway on their Abacos yacht charter, Hope Town on Elbow Cay is enchanting. With its iconic candy-striped lighthouse, secluded beaches, and intimate harborside dining, it creates a perfect setting. The serene anchorages and crystal-clear waters around Man-O-War Cay (named after the bird) add to the romantic allure of sailing in this picturesque Bahamian paradise.

For First-Time Sailors

First-time sailors in the Abacos will be glad to hear that Sunsail charters set off from beginner-friendly Marsh Harbour, where calm, deeper waters and marina services simplify the experience. The Sea of Abaco, sheltered by cays, offers manageable navigation. Equally, Treasure Cay and Great Guana Cay offer gentle introductions for beginner sailors.

For Large Groups

Large groups will set sail from Marsh Harbour and can enjoy the central location, with ample facilities and daytime activities (such as exploring local gift stores, beach bars and – if you fancy a drive – Abaco National Park). 

Tahiti Beach is also a great spot for large groups – this slice of paradise even comes with a floating bar for food and drinks!

What are the best things to do in Abaco, Bahamas?

There’s no shortage of things to do whilst sailing The Abacos islands, from lounging on one of the many tropical beaches, to turtle watching or diving the incredible reef systems throughout. There are options to indulge in freshly-caught seafood and cocktails in one of the many island restaurants or visit day spa and golf courses. Here are a few of our top picks:


For a relaxing sailing experience in the Abacos, consider cruising the calm waters around Green Turtle Cay. The secluded anchorages, serene beaches, and tranquil ambience create a peaceful setting. Marsh Harbour and Hope Town also offer a laid-back atmosphere, and day spas – such as Renu Day Spa and The Abaco Club (which also offers Golf, Tennis Kids Clubs and more)- making them ideal for unwinding and enjoying the soothing beauty of the Abacos.

An ideal location to safely anchor away from the Atlantic waves and east winds, this slender island beckons. Hop into your dinghy for a brief journey across the cay to discover pristine Atlantic beaches and breathtaking views. A secluded and tranquil haven, it’s perfect for leisurely beach strolls or a serene sunbathing retreat.

Eating and Drinking

In the Abacos, culinary delights await at Pete’s Pub in Little Harbour for fresh seafood. Head to Hope Town for Harbour’s Edge with its oceanfront dining, and Firefly Sunset Resort for a captivating ambiance. Green Turtle Cay offers vibrant nightlife at places like McIntosh’s Restaurant and the Green Turtle Club.

History and Culture

Discover Abacos’ history and culture at the Albert Lowe Museum in Green Turtle Cay, showcasing Bahamian heritage. Explore Hope Town’s Wyannie Malone Historical Museum for maritime history and Elbow Cay’s picturesque settlement. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of the Abacos.

Underwater Adventure 

Dive Guana is a full-service dive shop in Great Guana Cay, offering incredible dive excursions where you will see stunning reefs, fish, rays and lobsters! You can also dive for conch with Dive Guana. You can also explore the underwater world of The Abacos from Elbow Cay and Manjack Cay, both of which offer Scuba and Snorkelling experiences around their retrospective reefs, which are some of the healthiest in the world and are bursting with life. One thing you can expect from a charter around The Abacos is an abundance of marine life and truly sensational underwater experiences.


Sailing Abacos offers a plethora of wonderous adventures and exploration. 

Dive into the vibrant marine life at the Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park. Manjack Cay also offers more than just underwater adventures and turtle watching, this oasis also has two very well-known hiking trails for the explorers among us (these are also suitable for families as they’re quite flat).

Little Harbour on Great Abaco offers a different adventure on the water – Kayaking and Paddle Boards are readily available to rent, we also recommend the coastal walk from Little Harbour to the Old Lighthouse and back or kayak through the mangroves of Great Guana Cay. The opportunities for adventure are endless whilst on a Abacos yacht charter.

When is the best time to visit Abaco?

The Abaco islands are relatively warm year-round, however their warmer months (Jun-Oct) are usually more wet and humid. 
For this reason, we recommend visiting Abaco between December and April – this is their peak tourist season, which means things can be a little busier and more expensive, but (especially for first-time visits) we believe that is for good reason!

What are the sailing conditions in Abacos like?

The sailing conditions in The Abacos are usually very gentle and easy-going, average wind speed is lowest in June (10) and highest in November (19). 
We rank Abacos, Bahamas as a 2 sailing experience (Level 1 is the most easy and 3 is the most challenging), which requires you to have 10 days, or 200 miles of experience as a skipper on a similar sized yacht. For more details, check out our sailing levels guide and the Sunsail sailing schools.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht around Abaco?

An Abaco yacht charter with Sunsail starts at £3,800 in the rainy season and increase to £15,000 during December (based on a 7 day bareboat charter for 2, flights not included). 
As with all Sunsail Yacht Charters, your Bahamas sailing holiday can be completely tailored to you, we offer planned itineraries and Kitchenette space, but of course, by regularly eating out, drinking and doing experience days, the holiday cost will fluctuate.

How much are the moorings fees in Abacos?

Mooring balls are available for $20 USD to $30 USD per night.

How long does it take to sail around Abacos?

A 7-day Abaco yacht charter is a perfect opportunity for an introductory Abacos experience, long weekends can also provide a wonderful escape but won’t give as much freedom or time to explore. 

Of course, you can stay for 10 or 14 days (all of which, we can provide pre-planned routes for) or, you can stay longer & venture to Nassu, Grand Bahama, Eleuthera and more islands within the Bahamas.

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