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Martinique One Week Bareboat Itinerary

Enjoy the freedom of a bareboat charter holiday in Martinique. Upon arrival to the starting point of your charter in La Marina du Marin you will find a wide range of amenities to help you get under way. This modern town has everything you need including a supermarket, Currency Exchange office, laundromat, post office, car rental, medical center, tourism office, and more. Highlights
  • Line of sight cruising
  • French-Caribbean culture
  • Lush rainforests
  • Underwater sculpture park
  • Black sand beaches
  • Sheltered harbours
Where is the best place to sail from Martinique?

Martinique, located in the Caribbean, offers various sailing opportunities for different preferences and group sizes. Here’s a breakdown based on subcategories:

For Families

There are many opportunities for families to have a wonderful sailing holiday in Martinique. 

Our favourite regions are below, but we also discuss different types of activities that may suit your family, later in the article.

  • Les Trois-Îlets: This area has calm waters and family-friendly beaches. It’s a great starting point for families with children as it offers a mix of relaxation and water activities. If anchored at Grand Anse D’Arlet, Les Trois-Îlets is 7km, accessible by a 45 minute bus ($2) or local car/taxi. In this area of the island, you will find Mangofil activity park – which gives children (and adults) the chance to climb, jump and do their very best Tarzan Impressions. For something quieter, Anse à l’Ane beach, just outside of Les Trois-Îlets is perfect. Calm waters and a base for dolphin watching and other family-friendly excursions, this area is a great family-friendly location.
  • Sainte-Anne: This region is known for its beautiful beaches, and the waters are generally calm. It provides a family-friendly atmosphere with opportunities for snorkelling and exploring marine life, and learning more about Martinique’s eco-biology. At Etang des Saline you can explore the picturesque saltworks pond, a protected ecosystem that offers an excellent opportunity to introduce children to the wonders of ecology. Or run wild at the nearby Maya Beach Club, which has a water park and inflatable water installations that promise endless joy for the little ones, coupled with engaging activities tailored for the older members of your group.

For Couples

The Caribbean is undeniably swathed in romance, our one week itineraries in Martinique aim to capture some of the most spectacular sunsets, romantic locations and eateries, see our faves spots below. 

  • Anse Mitan: This area offers a romantic setting with beautiful beaches and scenic views. It’s a quieter option, ideal for couples looking for a more intimate sailing experience.
  • Le Marin: Known for its marina and proximity to the Îles des Saintes, Le Marin provides a mix of secluded anchorages and lively spots, offering couples the chance to enjoy both privacy and local culture.
  • Balata Gardens: Located near Fort-de-France, the Balata Gardens offer a lush and peaceful setting. Take a romantic walk through the botanical gardens and admire the tropical flowers and exotic plants.

For First-Time Sailors

Our Martinique yacht charters all require sailors to have level 1 experience sailing – meaning you need to have at least 5 days, or 100 miles as a skipper on an equivalent size yacht. 

This means Martinique is a wonderful place for novice sailors, due to its lazy line mooring, gentle conditions and sheltered bays. If you have no experience sailing and are planning on using a skipper, it is worth noting that Martinique is one of the better Caribbean Islands for your first sailing holiday. 

If you want to try sailing our yachts for the first time, you can get the necessary qualifications with our Sailing Schoos in Agana and Lefkas

For Large Groups

  • Grande Anse d’Arlet: This bay has ample space and various anchorages, making it suitable for larger groups. The beach is picturesque, and there are opportunities for group activities like snorkelling and water sports. Although we don’t have any stops on the East side of the island included in our 7-day charter itinerary, it is customisable for the 7 days or to include the East side if your charter is more than 7 days. Equally, Le Robert is only a half hour (or so) drive from Fort-de-France

Le Robert: With numerous islets and coves, Le Robert provides a diverse range of anchorages for larger groups. It also offers the chance to explore the natural beauty and marine life of the region.

What are the best things to do in Martinique?


  • Les Salines Beach: Unwind on the unspoilt, pristine white sands of Les Salines, one of the most famous beaches in Martinique, which has graced many a glossy magazine cover. Here, large coconut trees grow at an angle toward the sun causing them to encroach onto the sandy borders of the beach, offering natural cover for sunbathers who wish to enjoy the fine sand and spectacular views from a more shaded spot.
  • Diamond Rock: Take a boat trip to admire the iconic Diamond Rock or simply relax on the nearby Diamond Beach.
  • Schœlcher Beach: Located close to Fort-de-France, Schœlcher has a wonderfully quaint beach club and cove – Batelière beach – perfect for families after protected water and the perfect space for anyone after lunch with a view. Walk up the beach to find ocean-side massages, on the beach, with Alternative Zen Spa.


  • Mount Pelée: Hike to the summit of Mount Pelée for breathtaking panoramic views of the island, this volcanic peak sits on a great expanse of land that is protected, with 80 miles of hiking trails, panoramic viewpoints and a rich heritage, there will be a route that fits your ability and desires perfectly. 
  • The Balata Garden (Jardin de Batala): This Private Botanical Garden is about 10km (20 mins in the car, half hour/40 mins bus) from Fort-de-France, the space is embedded within the sloping countryside and rainforest, with spectacular views, gently sloping, twined pathways which cut through the lawns and tour the spectacular ponds and botanical displays. Explore the lush tropical paradise of Balata Gardens, featuring a canopy walkway and stunning views.

Eating and Drinking

  • Local Markets: Visit markets like Grand Marché in Fort-de-France to savour local flavours, including fresh fruits, spices, and Creole specialties. Bring some back to your yacht and try your hand at experimenting or creating the perfect fruit platter for on-deck!
  • Le Petibonum: Enjoy a casual and colourful beachside dining experience at Le Petibonum, known for its delicious seafood and relaxed atmosphere. This is the perfect lunch or early dinner spot by Le Carbet, on the North-West of the Island.
  • Ti Cozy: The perfect place for a sweet or savoury Crepe in Martinique, this charming Creperie based in Sainte-Anne is a really stand-out establishment, gaining a TripAdvisor’s Travellers Choice Stamp in 2023.
  • Kay Ali: It was a surprise to us that this Fore-de-France gem – which is tucked on the outskirts of town in a colonial building – is hailed as one of the best places for Vegetarian food in Martinique.  We love their selection of french cuisine – including Roast Lamb, SeaBream, Goats Cheese Tarts and desserts. Although the menu and interior may seem minimalistic for a grommet meal, the food here always fills the belly and the heart.
  • Rum Tasting Tour: Explore Martinique’s rum distilleries, such as Rhum JM or Rhum Clément, and indulge in tastings of the island’s renowned agricole rums.

Underwater Adventures

  • Anse Dufour and Anse Noire: Snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of these two nearby coves, teeming with marine life.
  • Diving in Saint-Pierre: Explore the underwater ruins of Saint-Pierre, a town destroyed by the eruption of Mount Pelée in 1902.
  • Josephine’s Bath (Bain de Joséphine): Although not technically an underwater experience, the area of water known as ‘Josephine’s Bath’ will allow you to experience a relaxing dip in this natural pool surrounded by mangroves, named after Empress Josephine.
  • Bathymetric Wrecks Dive: Martinique is home to several shipwrecks, including the Nahoon and Roraïma. Explore these underwater treasures, each with its own unique history and marine life.
  • Cap Salomon Dive: Located near Sainte-Luce, Cap Salomon features impressive coral formations and diverse marine life. The underwater landscape includes tunnels and swim-throughs, providing an exciting diving experience.

History and Culture

  • Saint-Pierre: Discover the history of Saint-Pierre, often referred to as the “Little Paris of the Caribbean,” with its ruins and museums.
  • Habitation Clément: Visit this historic rum distillery to learn about Martinique’s rum-making traditions and explore the art gallery on the estate.
  • La Poterie Village: Located near Trois-Îlets, this village is known for its traditional pottery. Explore workshops where artisans create pottery using traditional techniques, and purchase unique, handmade souvenirs.
  • Le Musée du Rhum: Situated in Sainte-Marie, this museum provides an in-depth look into the history of rum production in Martinique. Learn about the island’s rum-making traditions and the process from sugarcane to the final product.

Les Anses d’Arlet Church: Visit this charming church in Les Anses d’Arlet, which dates back to the 18th century. The church is not only a place of worship but also a historical site with unique architectural features.

When is the best time to visit Martinique?

The dry season, particularly from January to June, is considered the best time to visit Martinique for favourable weather and a variety of outdoor activities. 

Temperatures in June are considered optimal, at an average of 27°C with an average temperature of 27°C, approximately 16 rainy days per month, and average wind speeds of 12-15 knots.

However, if you prefer a quieter atmosphere and are willing to deal with occasional rain showers, the rainy season can offer a more relaxed experience with potentially lower prices. 

The Sunsail Martinique base is open year-round.

What are the sailing conditions in Martinique?

Martinique has steady Easterly winds and offers calm sailing conditions year-round. This is one of our easiest sailing locations and is perfect for novices and skilled sailors alike. 

Martinique’s steady tidal range and pleasant temperatures make the island a brilliant holiday spot for novice sailors, as well as the consistent winds.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht from Martinique?

A 7 day yacht charter in Martinique starts at £1,950. 

This does not include flights or catering, as with anything, the cost of your sailing holiday will widely vary depending on time of year, yacht size and charter type. Equally, what you spend on your holiday can widely vary depending on the experiences that you’re after.

How much are the moorings fees in Martinique?

These are cruising permits (legal documents that are required for yachts to sail or navigate in certain waters: especially in areas where there are regulations or restrictions in place): harbour dues (fees charged for the use of port facilities and services by vessels entering or operating within a harbour); and custom clearance fees (part of the official authorization process for importing or exporting goods and vessels, including necessary paperwork and inspections).

Average costs for a 45ft yacht with 6 people on a 2 week charter is approximately £60 ($75). 
Some marinas/moorings charge a fee of about £6-9 ($7.50-$12). For more Mooring Fees & Taxes details – check out our Martinique Essential Information.

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