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Explore some of the world’s most pristine black and white sand beaches, colorful coral reefs, lush rainforests and sensational diving on a bareboat sailing vacation in Grenada. Enjoy the perfect blend of blue water cruising and short island hops between the exotic Grenadine islands, from the Caribbean culture of St. George to the world-famous diving of Tobago Cays. The Spice Island is the perfect place to start your sailing vacation in the Windward Islands.
Where is the best place to sail in Grenada?

Grenada, known as the “Spice Isle,” offers various sailing destinations with distinct characteristics. Below, we have summarised our favourite areas to visit, depending on your focus.

For Families

The anchorage near Grand Anse Beach provides a family-friendly environment. The calm waters and the proximity to amenities and activities make it suitable for families with children. Known for its calm waters and family-friendly atmosphere, Prickly Bay offers a protected anchorage with easy access to nearby beaches and facilities.

For Couples

There are many romantic spots on this tropical paradise, one of our favourites is Prickly Bay. Known for its calm waters and family-friendly atmosphere, Prickly Bay offers a protected anchorage with easy access to nearby beaches and facilities. 

Nestled in the southwestern coast, Secret Harbour provides a secluded and intimate setting for couples. The pristine waters and peaceful ambiance make it ideal for a romantic sailing experience.

For First-Time Sailors

Although our Sunsail Charters around Grenada aren’t suitable for a novice skipper, it could be the perfect spot for a first-time skippered sailing holiday.  The waters around True Blue Bay are generally calm, making it a suitable spot for beginners. There are reputable marinas in the area, providing services and assistance for those new to sailing. Located on the southeastern coast, Woburn Bay offers sheltered waters, making it a good choice for novice sailors. The bay is relatively calm, providing a gentle introduction to sailing.

For Large Groups

At Sunail, we offer two yacht times for our Grenada Yacht Charters 0 an 8 berth Monohull or 11 berth Catamaran. The latter is a wonderful option for larger parties as it gives plenty of space for sunning yourself on the front of the yacht. Once on the island, there are many options for Stag and Hen Do’s, Birthdays and anniversary parties. These include: 

Dodgy Dock Restaurant & Lounge Bar – in True Blue Bay Resort, Dodgy Dock offers a vibrant nightlife scene with live music, themed nights and a waterfront view.

What are the best things to do in Grenada?

Grenada is a luscious botanical island with spectacular waterfalls, beaches, viewpoints and ocean dive sites. The island is engulfed in history and culture and there is no shortage of things to do – From finding the best beach bars to exploring the underwater world with status on the ocean floor or touring one of the many rum distilleries. We have summarised some of our favourite things to do on Grenada, below.


While not in Grenada itself, Carriacou, a nearby island, offers a laid-back atmosphere. Sandy beaches, clear waters, and a slower pace make it an excellent choice for a relaxing sailing experience.

Eating and Drinking

Gouyave Fish Friday: Every Friday evening in the fishing village of Gouyave, locals and visitors gather for Fish Friday. Enjoy a variety of fresh seafood, local dishes, and lively music in a festive atmosphere.

We also love The Aquarium Restaurant in Secret Harbour, this restaurant offers a tranquil setting with sea views. Indulge in a variety of seafood dishes and other Caribbean-inspired cuisine.

History and Culture

Perched on a hill overlooking St. George’s, Fort George offers a glimpse into Grenada’s history. Explore the fort, enjoy panoramic views, and learn about the island’s colonial past.

Or visit Dougaldston Spice Estate, a historic spice estate that also teaches visitors about Grenada’s spice industry. Guided tours provide insight into the cultivation of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and other spices.

Underwater Adventure 

Explore the world’s first underwater sculpture park in Molinere Bay. Snorkel or dive among the unique sculptures, creating an intriguing blend of art and marine life. For experienced divers, the Bianca C, known as the “Titanic of the Caribbean,” is a shipwreck located off the coast of Grenada. It offers a thrilling underwater adventure.


Discover the lush rainforest and volcanic crater lake in Grand Etang National Park. Hike through trails surrounded by tropical flora and fauna. A short drive from St. George’s to visit Annandale Falls, a picturesque waterfall nestled in the tropical rainforest. It’s an easy exploration for a refreshing dip.

When is the best time to visit Grenada?

When Sailing Grenada or planning a Grenada yacht charter it is worth noting that the daytime temperature rarely drops below 25°C. 

There are two seasons to be aware of when visiting Grenada – dry season between January to May and wet season between June to December. 

We would recommend visiting Grenada between January- May which offers a slightly cooler, dryer average climate. 

June and July are warmer and more humid and August-Nov can be much more wet and windy.

What are the sailing conditions in Grenada like?

Grenada is a level 3 sailing experience, meaning you will need 20 days or 400 miles experience as a skipper. The wind average is 10 knots August-Nov and goes up to 14 knots for April and May.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht around Grenada?

A Grenada yacht charter can widely vary in cost, depending on the yacht model and size, time of year, charter type and day-to-day experiences.

A Grenada sailing holiday for 2 starts at £2,000 for 7 nights (no extras, off-peak season) and fluctuates up to £6,6500 for the same package during peak seasons; this doesn’t include flights, food or excursions. Again, adding skippers, cooks, upgraded vessels etc will impact the cost of your trip.

How much are the moorings fees in Grenada?

Mooring Balls are $10 USD a day in most parts of Grenada, with other areas of The Grenadines (Tobago Cays, Sandy Island, Britannia Bay) going up to $15 a day or $75 for 3 days.  

Most areas around Grenada and The Grenadines are marine protected areas, where it is obligatory to secure your yacht to a mooring ball, as anchoring is strictly prohibited. For more details, check our Grenada essential information page.

How long does it take to sail around Grenada?

Our yacht charters around Grenada start at a 5 night charter, however, if it is your first time visiting the gorgeous isle of Grenada, we recommend a minimum of 7 days to get the best of the experience.

With so much to do, a 7 night charter is a great start of first timers in Grenada. Sunsail offers pre-planned itineraries from 5 night’s – 14 nights but, of course, these charters are able to be adjusted and tailored to be bespoke to you. If you are looking to extend your Grenada yacht charter beyond 14 days, consider sailing to other Caribbean Islands such as St. Vincent and The Grenadines St. Lucia and Martinique.

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