Sunsail’s Funding the Future Initiative

Sunsail's Funding the Future Initiative

Support Your Sailing Club and Win Up To £6,000!

Welcome to Sunsail’s Funding the Future initiative!

We’re thrilled to announce the relaunch of the esteemed Funding the Future initiative, dedicated to supporting sailing and yacht clubs across the UK.

This initiative aims to provide essential financial resources to clubs, to be used to enhance facilities, invest in equipment, develop innovative programs, and cultivate the next generation of sailors.

What is Funding the Future

Funding the Future is a prestigious competition offering sailing and yacht clubs the opportunity to win up to £6,000 in prize funding.

After a brief hiatus, this exciting initiative is back with a grand prize of £6,000 for the overall winner and £2,000 prizes for two exceptional runners-up.
Terms and conditions apply.


Who can apply?

Any RYA affiliated sailing or yacht club based in the United Kingdom can apply. If your club could benefit from funding, all you need to do is submit your entry telling us what you would spend the money on and why your club deserves to win. Be sure to include as much detail as you can to ensure our judges give your application the attention it deserves. 

Only one entry allowed per sailing club. 

Create Your Application

To enter, you will need to submit a compelling 500-word application which outlines your vision for utilising the funding and explain how it will benefit your club. The judges are looking for proposals aimed at improving facilities, purchasing new equipment, boosting membership through innovative programs, establishing youth academies, and more. So, show us your club’s creativity and vision for the future of sailing!

Here are some top tips to help you create a successful application:

Understand the Purpose

Clearly showcase how the funding will benefit your club. Whether it’s improving facilities, purchasing new equipment, expanding youth programs, or boosting membership, demonstrate a clear and specific plan for utilising the funds.

Be Concise and Specific

Stick to the word limit and focus on key points. Provide specific details about your proposed project or initiative, including timelines, budget breakdowns, and expected outcomes.

Show the Impact

Describe the positive impact your club’s project will have on the sailing community. Emphasise how the funding will enhance the overall experience for members and attract new participants.

Demonstrate Innovation

Stand out by showcasing innovative ideas. Share unique approaches to addressing challenges or opportunities within your club. Demonstrate creativity and forward-thinking in your proposal.

Use Clear Language

Ensure your application is easy to understand and free of jargon. Use plain language to communicate your ideas effectively and engage the judges.

Highlight Sustainability

Ensure your application talks about sustainability and how your project will have a positive effect on the environment. Describe initiatives such as reducing carbon footprints, using eco-friendly materials, or promoting sustainable practices. Showing a commitment to sustainability can make your application more compelling.

Be Passionate

Infuse your application with enthusiasm and passion for sailing. Clearly convey why your club deserves this funding and how it will contribute to the growth of the sport.

Proofread and Edit

Before submitting, carefully proofread your application for grammar, spelling, and formatting errors. Ask someone else to review it for clarity and coherence.

Submit you Application on Time

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your entry in! Give yourself ample time to complete the application and ensure it’s submitted before the deadline.

Submit Your Entry

You have until Friday, 31st July 2024 to submit your entries online. The winner will be announced on the Sunsail stand at the Southampton Boat Show on Friday, 13th September.

For more details on entering the competition and to review the terms and conditions, please visit or email

Join the conversation

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Meet the Judges

Your submissions will be reviewed by an esteemed panel of judges, including:

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Get Inspired

Previous Winners: Prestwick Sailing Club

Hear from 2019 winners Prestwick Sailing Club about how winning £5,000 helped them to start their initiative, Women on Water.

“This vital funding enabled us to invest in two new lightweight double-handed dinghies, significantly increasing the participation of women at our club. These modern dinghies have not only expanded our fleet but have also empowered our girls to develop new skills and enjoy more active experiences on the water.”

If you have any questions about the entry process or require any additional information please email us at

Good luck!

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