Phuket Yacht Charter & Sailing Holiday

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Phuket one-week bareboat

Sail a fantasy landscape

Enjoy a sailing vacation in exotic Thailand and wave goodbye to the everyday. Charter your own private yacht and discover a landscape of otherworldly rock formations, lush island paradises and magnificent sea creatures.

You’ll sunbathe on remote beaches and snorkel with manta rays, try your hand at rock climbing and kayak into enormous sea caves leading to secret passages. On a Thai bareboat charter vacation you’ll sail the kind of scenery you’ve only dreamed of.


7 Days: You’ll enjoy 7 days of social sailing on this flotilla vacation.


  • Fragrant Thai cuisine
  • Exploring secret caves
  • Beautiful, unspoilt beaches
  • Snorkelling with manta rays
  • Unmissable full moon parties
  • Swimming with whale sharks

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