South Pacific Yacht Charter & Sailing Holiday

A remote tropical paradise

The very words ‘South Pacific’ evoke images of remote tropical islands basking in year-round sun, incredible wildlife at every turn, and hundreds of miles of pristine open ocean. It’s the stuff of daydreams. And now’s the time to embrace adventure, escape the everyday, and start planning your South Pacific sailing holiday.

Sail one of the world’s most magnificent natural wonders at Australia’s* Great Barrier Reef, or discover the unspoilt island communities of Tahiti and French Polynesia, thousands of miles from the nearest large landmass.

Our charter types

Sail the South Pacific in the company of an expert skipper or independently on a bareboat charter holiday. Take in exciting blue water sailing or easy coastal cruising in the sunny Whitsundays*, remote French Polynesia and welcoming Tonga* in your own private yacht on a bareboat or skipper charter holiday.

Bareboat charter holidays

Choose a boat, choose a destination, and set sail in search of excitement in the beautiful South Pacific. A bareboat charter holiday gives you the chance to explore on your own, setting your own agenda, and anchoring wherever and whenever you like. A bareboat charter holiday in the exotic South Pacific is a truly liberating experience.

Skippered charter holidays

Charter a skippered yacht and benefit from expert advice and local knowledge you won’t find in any guidebook. Sun yourself on deck while your skipper leads the way or take the helm and carve your own path through the South Pacific—a skippered charter holiday is as laid-back or as hands-on as you want it to be.

*These Sunsail bases are operated by partner bases.
Where is the best place to sail in The South Pacific?

The South Pacific is a vast Ocean, spanning from the West Coast of Australia and New Zealand to the East Coast of the South Americas (Peru, Ecuador and Chile). Islands such as New Caledonia, Fiji, The Cook Islands and French Polynesia. This Ocean is rich in marine life, coral reefs and Archipelagos, it can be hard to know which South Pacific location is best for you – so we have summarised our top picks, depending on the type of holiday you’re after.

For Families

  • If you’re looking to do a South Pacific yacht charter that is Family friendly, we recommend visiting French Polynesia. Our One Week French Polynesia Itinerary covers stops in Raiatea, Bora Bora and Tahiti. Discover Ancient Temples, spectacular beaches, Pearl Farms, Ocean Kayaks and delicious Dining Spots with phenomenal views.

For Couples

  • There are many tranquil and romantic locations ideal for a Private Yacht Charter in the South Pacific: Bora Bora is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world – along with the Seychelles, These locations have resorts that are beautifully designed and ooze romance – bungalows over crystal waters, private decking with ladders into the ocean and jacuzzis. Bora Bora and French Polynesia are wonderfully romantic, with many options to explore the islands together or to simply enjoy the sea with a coconut in hand on pillow-soft sand.
  • The Whitsunday Islands are a collection of islands off of the East Coast of Australia. Nestled into the Coral Sea these white-sand beaches are truly magical to behold and one of the most incredible destinations to explore by yacht. Expect spectacular sunsets where the sky is painted with golden pink tones, pristine waters that look almost as if they’re resin encasing the corals below, and sand so soft you can use it to polish your jewels! This breath-taking beauty is perfect to share with your partner, ideal for leisurely beach walks, ocean exploration and for viewing from the air on one of the helicopter or water-plane tours!

For First-Time Sailors

  • The Whitsundays are an easy, soft sailing experience (level 1). 
  • Bora Bora is a slightly more advanced sailing experience (level 2) but is still not too rocky for those who are new to sailing holidays. 
  • The Cook Islands are another option for first-time sailors – islands that have, in recent years, really developed and improved their sailing infrastructure.

For Large Groups

  • New Caledonia is one of the larger islands in the South Pacific, this island can be found lying  1,469 km off the coast of Brisbane (Eastern Coast of Australia). This island offers incredible watersports, diving and overall ocean adventure (especially in the Ouvéa region), shopping and bars (mostly in the region of Noumea), adventure and unique wildlife throughout as well as UNESCO World Heritage-listed lagoons.
When is the best time to visit The South Pacific?

The South Pacific typically experiences hot and humid conditions; the optimal time of year to visit this part of the world is between April and November, when warm seas and clear skies are accompanied with drier weather.

French Polynesia, however, has a briefer peak season, spanning from June to August.

What are the sailing conditions in The South Pacific?

This entirely depends on where you decide to Sail. For beginners or less-experienced sailors, we would recommend sailing The Whitsunday Islands as it is very gentle, has a clear line-of-sight and only requires a basic knowledge of charts. The moorings are predominantly stern-to mooring in the Mediterranean and buoys in the Caribbean.

For a slightly more challenging sail, consider French Polynesia. A charter here will require a level 2 certificate of experience as you will need a moderate understanding of tidal flow & experience sailing open waters.

 If you want to improve your sailing abilities or learn from scratch, check out our Sailing Schools in Agana and Lefkas.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht around The South Pacific?

This is entirely dependent on the area you decide to sail around, where you travel from, the time of year, the length of your holiday and the activities you decide to partake in whilst away. 

However, most locations in the South Pacific are known for being more expensive destinations – for example, New Caledonia is (on average) 20% more expensive than mainland Australia, as they have to import so much. 

We would suggest speaking to one of our holiday planners for more information regarding the cost of our Private Yacht Charters in the South Pacific.

How much are the moorings fees for locations in The South Pacific?

The mooring fees will fluctuate depending on your charter location and yacht size. It is important to note that in French Polynesia, most moorings and anchorages are owned by restaurants and charter companies – meaning you can often anchor for free provided you’re eating at the restaurant which owns that anchorage. 

In The Whitsunday Islands, many mooring spaces are free of charge, however there are Marine Park Fees (AU$34.00 per person per charter) and Hamilton Island Marina, Coral Sea Marina and DayDream Island have their own set fees – which are subject to availability.
Please read the essential information for each location that you plan to visit before you depart.

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