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Hvar Town, Hvar Island

Agana Yacht Charter & Sailing Holiday

Inspiring Itineraries


Split Sailing Itinerary: Agana

Quiet coves and friendly towns

Enjoy a Croatian yacht charter vacation along the beautiful Dalmatian Coast. Out in the Adriatic, calm morning winds give way to stronger breezes in the afternoon, while a mixture of short island hops and longer periods of blue water sailing provide ideal conditions for sailors of all abilities. Strike out from our base at Marina, calling at Croatia’s magnificent coastal towns, scattered islands, and cultural highlights. Relish the food, wine, history and natural splendor of Dalmatia on a Croatian bareboat charter vacation.
Krka National Park Waterfalls

Krka one-week flotilla

Croatia’s Dalmatian coast

The Krka flotilla takes you on a weeklong coastal sailing holiday along Croatia’s famous Dalmatian coast. With blue skies, warm weather and line-of-sight sailing, this Croatian sailing vacation treats you to the medieval towns, national parks and deserted coves Croatia is famous for. You’ll call at paradise islands, waterside restaurants along with pebble and karst beaches as you head for magnificent Krka National Park, experiencing the best of Croatia with your new flotilla companions.


  • Krka National Park
  • Šibenik- UNESCO town with 4 fortresses and Michelin-star restaurant
  • Peaceful fishing villages
  • Easy, line-of-sight sailing
  • Delightful Croatian cuisine
  • Explore tiny islets and bays
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Hvar Town, Hvar Island

Hvar one-week flotilla

Dalmatian Coast cruising

Sail Croatia’s celebrated Dalmatian Coast and experience some of the most spectacular scenery in the Mediterranean. From deserted beaches to beautiful bays and bustling towns steeped in culture, Croatia’s coastal cruising grounds reveal exquisite islands steeped in sunshine and fragranced with the scent of lavender. With clear blue skies, consistent warm weather, and perfect sailing conditions, a one-week Hvar flotilla is your perfect Dalmatian sailing getaway.


  • Explore Hvar Island
  • Short island hopping
  • Amazing beach Golden horn on Brač island
  • Croatian food and wine
  • UNESCO site of Stari Grad
  • Snorkel Nečujam ship wreck
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Brač One Week Flotilla

Brač is a well-known island that has the highest elevation of all the Croatian islands – the peak Vidova Gora can be visited in numerous ways (car, bike, hike) and offers unforgettable views. The whole island boasts a history of stonemasonry, in fact the stone from here was also used to partially build the Washington White House. Like any Croatian island, there are plenty of vineyards, local food, as well as locally made olive oil made from olives grown. On our new route we want to take our Sunsail guests to experience Croatia as it once was – visit old fortresses built by the ancient stone masons, anchor in turquoise waters, taste traditional dishes with homemade olive oil, and spend quiet evenings surrounded by pine trees fragrance. Brač route will enable just that – to enjoy hot Croatian summer and still find calm and peaceful places for relaxation, combined with flotilla activities during the week.  


  • Famous stonemasonary school
  •  Snorkeling along mesmerizing coastline
  •  Explore a monestary carved into living rock
2024 Dates:
15-Jun | 22-Jun | 29-Jun | 13-Jul | 20-Jul | 27-Jul | 10-Aug | 17-Aug | 24-Aug
Hvar Town, Hvar Island

Agana two-week bareboat

A relaxed, two-week holiday, hopping from one Croatian island to the next, reaching the famous Dubrovnik town, and working your way back to Agana base, without ever repeating a destination is definitely the best way to isolate yourself from the world and immerse into a sailing vacation. Discover wines on Vis and Korčula islands, visit national and nature parks Lastovo and Mljet, walk along Dubrovnik walls and discover hidden beaches and paths in less-visited areas. Every place will draw you in to stay another day, and the beauty of a two-week holiday is that you can indulge yourself and stay.  
  • Taste wine sorts in local wineries
  •  Discover Mediterranean cuisine- Dalmatian style
  •  Mesmerizing Mljet National Park and Lastovo island nature park
  •  See the birthplace of Marco Polo – Korčula town
  •  Walk along Stradun- Dubrovnik’s main streen
  •  Join the jet- setters in Hvar town
  •  Try oysters in Ston, next to European Wall of China
Where is the best place to sail in Agana?

Agana is a true sailing wonderland, with hidden coves, stunning sailing conditions, quaint villages, incredible seafood and a lively local culture. Ideal for families, large groups and couples alike, there’s no end to the memories you can create in Agana. 

As you start planning your Agana yacht charter, you might be thinking about the best places to sail around the Dalmatian Islands and which of our bespoke itineraries to follow.


With its gorgeous coastline and rolling hills, Hvar is renowned for its natural beauty. If you follow our Hvar flotilla itinerary, you can:

  • Experience the magic of Stari Grad
  • Set sail towards Šolta island and challenge the whole family to a dinghy race at Nečujam bay
  • Taste the incredible flavours of the fresh seafood in Jelsa


Packed with plenty of spots for snorkelling, scuba diving, sunbathing and exploring, our two-week Vis itinerary is ideal for large groups. Will you relax on the sandy bay of Stari Trogir, taste the traditional delicacy Peka in Skadrin Town or moor up and hike around Rogoznica Town? 


Brač is one of the gems of the Dalmatian Islands, and even the Mediterranean. Our Brač itinerary is an adventurer’s paradise, with countless opportunities to enjoy diving, snorkelling, swimming, and uncovering hidden coves. One of our favourite stops? Bobovišća Bay, where you’ll find the perfect conditions for kayaking and paddling.


If you’re looking for a tranquil yacht charter filled with nature, history and culture, our Krka itinerary is a dream come true. During this 7-day flotilla, you’ll have the unique opportunity to discover tiny islets and secret bays, visit the world-famous Krka National Park, visit the ancient town of Primošten, and eat in a Michelin Star restaurant in Šibenik.

What are the best things to do in Agana?

There’s something for everyone to love on an Agana yacht charter, whether you want to unleash your inner adventurer or switch off and disconnect from the world. Take a look at our top things to do in Agana during your sailing holiday.


On our Agana yacht charter holidays, you’ll find relaxation around every corner.  It doesn’t get more relaxing than watching the mesmerising waterfalls at the iconic Krka National Park. One of our favourite spots for switching off in the whole of Croatia is Golden Horn Beach, a one-of-a-kind beach that changes everyday due to wind and currents.


The Dalmatian Coast is a treasure trove just waiting to be explored. Take the helm on a bareboat charter and hop between stunning islands, hidden coves and secluded anchorages. Wander around the traditional, beautiful Komiža Town. Learn why Croatia is said to be one of the best places in the world for wine at Tomić vineyard. Experience the wonder of Lastovo Nature Park. 

Underwater adventures

What makes Agana stand out as a first-class sailing destination is how much exploring you can do by both land and sea. If you’re looking for an exhilarating underwater challenge, go snorkelling at the Nečujam shipwreck. Discover the tiny islet of Bisevo near Vis and scuba dive down to the breathtaking Blue Grotto. 

History and culture

Much like Dubrovnik, Agana and the Dalmatian Islands are culturally and historically rich. From fortresses to ancient towns, some of our must-visit attractions during your Agana yacht charter include:

  • The iconic monastery carved into a living rock on Blaca Bay
  • Explore four fortresses on Šibenik
  • Learn about the incredible history of stonemasonry in Pučišća Town
  • Set sail to Vis Town and discover the Roman amphitheatre
When is the best time of year to visit Agana?

The best time of year to visit Agana is between April and November.

Whether you’re looking for the ideal family holiday destination or are chasing the sun, Agana is a beautiful Summer sailing spot. With warm temperatures, cloudless days and plenty of incredible islands to explore, what’s not to love?

The peak Summer months of July and August are the most popular for Agana sailing holidays, with May-June and September-October being equally as wonderful but less busy. 

Many of our Mediterranean destinations close during the Winter, including bases in Croatia so if you’re hoping to bring in the New Year with the sun on your face, take a look at our Caribbean and South Pacific sailing holidays.

What are the sailing conditions in Agana like?

Agana is a sailor’s paradise, with beautifully calm waters, impressively low tides and line of sight navigation.

Enjoying a typical Mediterranean Summer, you’ll find sensational July and August temperatures ranging between 26°C-30°C. You’ll also experience average wind speeds of around 10-20 knots as you glide between islands. One of the most common winds in the Dalmatian Islands is the Pulenat. Take a look at the cruising conditions in Croatia and Dubrovnik to find out more about other prevailing winds. 

Want to learn more about the cruising conditions in Agana? Check out the ‘sailing conditions’ tab to learn about the average temperatures, rainfall and wind speeds in Agana.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Agana?

At Sunsail, we know that there’s not just one way to enjoy a holiday. Everybody is unique and looks for different things, whether you prefer relaxing on sizzling beaches, hiking through stunning mountains or scuba diving down to shipwrecks. This is why we offer bespoke Agana sailing charters, tailored to your exact requirements. You have the freedom to decide:

  • The dates of your holiday
  • How long you set sail around the Dalmatian Islands for
  • The type of yacht you climb aboard (catamaran or monohull)
  • Your yacht charter type (bareboatskippered or flotilla)
  • Your itinerary
  • Extras added on

To work out the cost of your dream holiday in Agana, decide on each of these factors and build a quote today.

How much are the moorings fees in Agana?

The average daily price for a 36” yacht in Agana is as follows:

  • Land berth in the quiet season – EUR 42.00
  • Land berth in the peak season – EUR 52.00
  • Sea berth in the quiet season – EUR 46.00
  • Sea berth in the peak season – EUR 66.00

The average daily price for a 55” yacht in Agana is as follows:

  • Land berth in the quiet season – EUR 71.00
  • Land berth in the peak season – EUR 89.00
  • Sea berth in the quiet season – EUR 74.00
  • Sea berth in the peak season – EUR 105.00

As with our other destinations in Croatia, such as Dubrovnik, your mooring fees in Agana will differ based on:

  • Where you decide to moor up
  • How long you plan on staying
  • The size of your yacht
  • Whether you want a sea or dry berth
  • Time of year

Please note that, in many Mediterranean destinations, you may be expected to pay a 50-60% supplement if you’re sailing a catamaran.

How long does it take to sail Agana?

If you want to explore the mesmerising Dalmatian Islands and uncover their treasures, Agana is the ideal place to kickstart your idyllic trip. How long you spend cruising in the piercing blue waters is up to you, although we think one-two weeks is the perfect amount of time to capture the essence of Agana.

Whether you want to moor up on Agana and wander around tranquil fishing villages, set sail towards the breathtaking Krka National Park or discover the abandoned submarine shelter at Smrka Cove, we have a range of carefully-crafted itineraries to suit you. From sociable flotillas to exciting bareboat charters, take a look at our Agana itineraries and book your dream holiday today:

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