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Nutmeg – and cocoa – and cinnamon – oh my! Because of Grenada’s rich agricultural crops, these are just some of the irresistible aromas that waft through the air in the “Spice Isle” of the Caribbean. And so, when you shove off on a yacht charter vacation in this sought-after destination, you can look forward to a full-tilt sailing adventure and an array of full-flavoured local cuisine.

To begin tempting your taste buds before you go, here is a list of some the delicious foods and dishes worth trying during a Grenada island-hopping getaway… 

Callaloo Soup

Leafy dasheen greens, more commonly known as taro leaves, are the main ingredient in the creamy coconut milk-based soup called callaloo, which is a staple dish prepared in several Caribbean islands. 

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Cocoa Balls

Grenada is known for their cocoa plantations, so “choco-holics” will be in cacao heaven with all the chocolate-inspired products available for tasting. Cocoa balls are the perfect bite-sized sweet treat that you can enjoy during your holiday or as a save for later take-home souvenir.

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Crab Back

A signature menu item throughout the Caribbean, a crab back is essentially a stuffed crab dish made from locally-sourced land crabs. The tender crab meat is removed from its shell, seasoned to perfection with a special blend of Grenada spices, then placed back inside the shell to be baked with a savoury breadcrumb topping.

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Another way to indulge on the locally-produced cocoa beans is to savour the smooth creamy texture of homemade Grenada fudge. There are numerous flavour variations available featuring ingredients like ginger, nutmeg, and coconut, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth with fudge samples until your heart’s content!

Oil Down

The national dish of Grenada is oil down, so dining on this flavoursome stew during a “Spice Isle” holiday is a must. The featured ingredient in this hearty one-pot meal is breadfruit, a unique Caribbean fruit, but a traditional oil down recipe also calls for salted meat (pork, chicken, or fish), coconut milk, dumplings, a medley of fresh vegetables, and of course, a diverse blend of palate-pleasing spices.

Nutmeg Ice Cream

It’s hard to say no to ice cream of any flavour but when you’re on an island-hopping vacation in Grenada, you can enjoy a nutmeg-infused version of this family-favourite frozen dessert.

Turtle Toes

Don’t let the silly name scare you because there are no turtles or toes in this savoury seafood delicacy. This tasty dish is actually made out of ground up lobster and conch meat. The succulent meat mixture is formed into little balls, which are then deep fried and placed back into the original lobster shells. 

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