Cruising Catamaran Certification

ASA 114


As you may have noticed, the Cruising Catamaran has done more than make a showing in the yachting industry- it has become a standard. However, they are not as ‘new’ as we think they are! Polynesians used catamaran-styled vessels (some over 100 feet in length, with room for a small village) to successfully colonize their discoveries in a manner similar to European explorers. These ‘primitive’ sea-farers were already traveling to/from most of the islands and archipelagos of the Pacific for centuries before Europeans later ‘discovered’ them on their ballast-stabilized, single-hulled ships.

By combining the history of this vessel type with academic knowledge of its speed, stability characteristics, handling and overall merits/limitations, this course will show you why the catamaran may already be the ultimate cruising platform!

In Catamaran Cruising ASA 114, we review and adapt all ASA Coastal Cruising topics to the catamaran, focusing on multihull nomenclature, performance and safety considerations including: weight distribution, momentum, leeway and windage. We also develop specific sailing, powering and anchoring/mooring techniques unique to multihull, twin-engine vessels. These techniques are necessary for safe handling of these distinctly different, yet exciting, cruising yachts.

Having ASA 104 already completed, ASA 114 can be administered in 3 days and is recommended as a prelude to your first Catamaran Bareboat Charter. Finish the course in the first 48 hours, pass the exam & complete a practical skills checkout on the water, and enjoy the rest of your Catamaran Charter on your own!

Which catamaran would you like to sail? We are flexible with our fleet of cruising cats, including the Award Winning Sunsail 444, Cruising World’s Boat of the Year and Best Cruising Multihull 2012! Would you prefer to have a private booking? Consider our Sunsail 384 for sailing, perfect for two.

Without ASA 104, Catamaran Cruising 114 can be achieved simultaneously with ASA 104 in a 7 day course aboard your catamaran. Without ASA 103, the package is extended to a 10 day liveaboard course.

Note: ASA 101 Basic Keelboat is still a prerequisite to any multihull package.


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