Santa Maria beach on Sardinia

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Sardinia one-week bareboat

Glamorous coastal cruising Discover the highlights of the glamorous Costa Smeralda and Maddalena Archipelago on a Sardinian bareboat charter holiday. From our base in Cannigione you’ll catch the famous winds of the Tyrrhenian Sea on a tour of Italy’s most prestigious coastal spots. Tuck into unique Sardinian cuisine, explore sunny beaches and craggy islets and shop boutique stores in the haunts of the rich and famous.


  • Glamorous coast
  • Sardinian cuisine
  • Golf and yacht clubs
  • La Maddalena beaches
  • Boutique and designer shopping
  • Snorkel Tavolara Marine Protected Area
Santa Maria beach on Sardinia

Sardinia and Corsica Flotilla

Discover the dazzling Costa Smeralda and Maddalena Archipelago on a Sardinian flotilla charter. Launching from our base in Cannigione, catch the stout winds of the Tyrrhenian Sea on a group tour of some of Italy’s most prestigious island-hopping spots. Immerse yourself in unique Sardinian culture, relax on sun-soaked beaches and explore craggy islets frequented by the rich and famous.


  • Glamorous coastlines
  •  La Maddalena beaches
  •  Authentic Sardinian cuisine
  •  Rugged landscapes and hiking
  •  Lavezzi Islands’ Nature Reserve
2024 Departure Dates: 12-May | 07-Jul | 01-Sep | 15-Sep | 29-Sep *The program may be changed due to weather conditions or particular/unforeseen events. **The cost of participation is €240 per person, which includes lead yacht, assistance, fuel, welcome drink and happy hour. Cost of yacht, mooring fees and restaurants are not included.
Where is the best place to sail from Sardinia?

Sardinia offers a variety of sailing and on-land experiences, though the beaches are known for the stunning contrast between soft white sand, vibrant turquoise oceans and lush greenery which appears atop a ragged stone coastline. 

There are many options for a Sardinia yacht charter around this special island, below we have summarised some of our favourite locations – depending on your desired holiday type.

For Families

The Maddalena Archipelago nearby provides opportunities for exploration, and the resorts in the area cater well to families. There is a plethora of exquisite, sandy beaches (such as Spiaggia Bassa Trinità and Isola Di Spargi) for young children to explore, as well as snorkelling and diving for families with older children. The rugged coastline and boulders which jut out from the edge of the beaches, also provide a wonderful beginner experience for young children wanting to snorkel close to the shoreline.

For Couples

Cala Lunga, on the small archipelago of Razzoli, is an uninhabited island with pink-toned granite and the ivory sand claims most of the beach stretch, save for a small patch of beach which hails deep saffron sands. You can moor here (and this beach is included in our week flotilla itinerary) and go off to explore the even more remote and quaint beaches on the isle – if you’re up for a bit of walking! 

If you opt for 10 day+ Sardinia sailing holiday, we highly recommend sailing around the the west of Sardinia, to Alghero, which is renowned for its romantic atmosphere, historic charm and remarkable sunsets, sailing around the north to this location will also give you the opportunity to see this beautiful coastline and its stunning sea caves – for romance at sea, plan your own itinerary with one of our holiday planners..

For First-Time Sailors

Our Sardinian Charter options all start from Cannigione, with our Sardinia and Corsica Flotilla heading north and our Bareboat itinerary staying close to the Costa Smeralda (north east coast), which is a beautiful sail for those who have never visited Sardinia before. 

All of our Sardinian yacht charters require at least at least 10 days or 200 miles as skipper on an equivalent size yacht. 

If you wish to experience a sailing holiday in Sardinia without these qualifications, you can always hire a skipper – they will take care of the boat and you, if you have more information check out our skipper FAQ page or speak to your holiday planner.

For Large Groups

Olbia is where the island’s main airport is located, just down from our base at Cannigione, Olbia is a buzzing coastal city with spectacular architecture- including museums containing Roman Artefacts and Mediaeval squares. It also has considerable nightlife – with bustling bars, clubs and beaches, which come alive with events and concerts in the evening perfect for large groups on a sailing holiday.

What are the best things to do in Sardinia?

Sardinia, with its archipelago islands scattered off the northeastern coast, many of these lands uninhabited and pristine- larger neighbouring islands (Corsica and Sicily), and blend of cultures (thanks to its location, off the coast of Italy, close to North Africa, hugged by both the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean Sea. 

There is no shortage of things to do whilst chartering a yacht around this isle, but we have summarised our top picks for you, depending on what your focus is on your trip.


The northeast of Sardinia is a favourite for many wellness guru’s and those looking for a mindful holiday. Our one week itineraries all focus on exploring the beauty and calm of this area and even the more glamorous and more built-up marina areas on these routes (such as Marina dell’Orso, Poltu Quatu and Porto Cervo) have a slow, laziness about them, which makes even hours of quiet exploration feel truly therapeutic. 

If you want to spend time lounging on deck, soaking in the Italian sun for a famous tan, we would recommend trying one of our catamarans, as they offer more deck space for lounging.


If you’re after beautiful hikes which climb up trails intertwined with ancient archaeological sites and views of the ocean, the Arcipelago La Maddalena is perfect, a national park in itself, this small isle offers lush greenery amongst stone paths and nature. 

There are a variety of routes, some more suitable for beginners and others that are more challenging (please consider the time of year & temperatures before setting off on these treks, and bring appropriate footwear).

Eating and Drinking

Sardinia is known for its seafood restaurants and fresh pasta dishes, narrowing our favourites down has been a challenge but, here are our top spots, for different atmospheres:

  • Deste, Cannigione – for Michelin star meals and view of the ocean at night that is hard to beat.
  • Trattoria Romana da Mario, Olbia – for authentic Sardinian cuisine and a cosy atmosphere.
  • Il Pomodoro, Arzachena (in-land from Cannigoine, and a perfect location for an excursion day exploring the city). Perfect for anyone after a warm atmosphere, friendly staff, an expert wine selection and flavourful, freshly cooked dishes.
  • Renato Pedrinelli Restaurant, Porto Cervo – a tripadvisor’s favourite (travellers choice awards 2023) and we can see why, reasonably priced, this restaurant offers outdoor dining in a patio surrounded by flowers, a magical experience. We recommend their seafood spaghetti!
  • Taverna Baro, La Maddalena – a stunning view of the harbour, platters of meats, cheeses and platters, cocktails, wines and IPA’s, fresh sandwiches and outdoor/indoor seating options? The perfect lunchtime and early evening spot all for a very affordable price point. 

Underwater Adventures

Cala Lazarine on the small northern Archipelago of Lavezzi has pristine water and thriving underwater ecosystems, the diverse underwater landscapes here provide stunning clarity and thanks to the protected marine reserves, these dives offer the chance for divers to see some beautiful fish, eels, underwater caves and coral reefs. 

Our planned Sardinia flotilla itinerary stops at Cala Lazarina, Lavezzi and gives the opportunity to meet like-minded sailors who may also wish to do these excursions with you (or, go off and explore with a local tour group). 

History and Culture

Fortezza di Monte Altura, or, Mount Altura Fortress, is built into the rockside, offers historical tours which guides will dive into the history of the Fortress and the Battles it has survived. Just outside of Palau, this is one of our favourite historical spots in the north of Sardinia. It is also family friendly and will take less than 3 hours to thoroughly explore – giving you the rest of the day to relax or hunt down any local sites.

When is the best time to visit Sardinia?

We recommend visiting Sardinia between May and June – as the temperatures increase to at least 24°C  but avoid getting above 30°C. 

During peak season, July and August, average temperatures can rise above 30°C before mellowing back down through September.
Our Sardinia base is open April – November. For more details, check out our Important Information page.

What are the Sardinia sailing conditions?

Sardinia offers excellent sailing conditions through the summer months – with a lot of sunshine and very little rain or storms. 

The North and East of the island has the most consistent stream of west-northwest winds (averaging around 10 knots). However, due to strong winds and wave confusion, it is not recommended for inexperienced sailors.  
For more information, go to our Sardinia Sailing Conditions page.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht from Sardinia?

Our yacht charters in Sardinia start at £1,260 but, as with anything, the price points can absolutely vary – depending on time of year, charter type and time at sea. 

This does not include flights to Olbia and travel from the airport to our base or daily spending – however, Costa Smeralda is the perfect location for a holiday enjoying natural beauty and good food – so unless you have any big excursions planned, the main thing to budget for will be dining (unlike, Thailand or Caribbean which offer a plethora of thrilling activities and more excursions to keep you busy).

How much are the moorings fees in Sardinia?

The mooring fees range from 4-7 EURO per meter per day, depending on the season and boat length. 

Buoys will cost approximately EUR 50 per night and are to be paid locally at each anchorage. 
Marina fees start at approximately EUR 40 per night and can be as much as EUR 1600 per night. Find out more, here.

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