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Portorosa Zingaro Natural Reserve Cala Tonnarella Deluzzo

Portorosa, Sicily Yacht Charter & Sailing Holiday

Inspiring Itineraries


Portorosa one-week bareboat

Set sail from Portorosa and explore the full chain of Aeolian islands. The cruising grounds blend chic ports of call such as Panarea Island, with the quiet ambience of islands off the tourist track such as Salina. Explore the imposing volcanoes, abundant castles and historic waterfront villages.


  • Relaxed sailing with consistent winds and volcanic islands
  •  Clear, warm waters ideal for snorkelling
  •  Spectacular black sand beaches
  •  Europe’s second largest active volcano
  •  Short passages between Aeolian islands
Portorosa Zingaro Natural Reserve Cala Tonnarella Deluzzo

Italian Cuisine Portorosa One-Week Flotilla

Discover the best of Italy and create memories that last a lifetime with SailEatalia’s Italian Cuisine Portorosa Flotilla. Depart from our base in Portorosa Marina, and set sail on a magnificent adventure along the Sicilian Coast and Aeolian Islands to explore some of Italy’s best local cuisine. Each Italian region has its own local food and delicacies, so you can expect truly authentic, traditional food in every island that you visit. SailEATtalia’s Italian cuisine Portorosa flotilla will ensure you have the support and assistance of a lead yacht with professional crew on board. There is a chance that the flotilla route may be changed due to weather conditions or particular/unforeseen events.* **Sail, eat and drink your way around Italy’s stunning Aeolian Islands as an add-on to your yacht charter for an additional €385 per person, which includes some dinners. Highlights
  • Relaxed sailing and stunning volcanic islands
  • Spectacular black sand beaches
  • Group dinners
  • Clear, warm waters ideal for snorkelling
  • Europe’s second largest active volcano
2024 departure dates: 26-May | 09-Jun | 16-Jun | 28-Jul | 04-Aug | 11-Aug | 18-Aug | 25-Aug | 08-Sep | 15-Sep | 22-Sep | 06-Oct
*Actual itinerary and program may vary due to weather conditions or unforeseen events.
Where is the best place to sail from Portorosa?

With its temperate weather, mild winds and crystal waters, it is no surprise that Portorosa, Sicily is a popular tourist destination. 

Nestled into the rugged North Eastern landscape of Sicily, Marina Di Portorosa is our newest Mediterranean Port. A bustling Marina, Portorosa boasts views of Mt Etna – the highest active volcano in Europe – luscious greenery and an array of stunning beaches. The perfect place to start your voyage around the South of Italy or Aeolian Islands. 

The UNESCO-protected Aeolian Islands are located offshore from Portorosa Marina, making it a wonderful base when sailing this collection of dramatic islands and dormant volcanoes. The Aeolian Islands protrude theatrically from the sea and aptly take their name from Aeolus, the god of the winds, who tends to smile on this slice of Italy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

For Famlies

We all know that Italian food and soft, sandy beaches are a firm favourite amongst families and children Portorosa offers this and much more. 

Our Aeolian Charters setting off from Portorosa include a Flotilla option, which is hugely popular with families as it offers support and autonomy with a hostess, skipper and engineer on board with you – and a fleet of other Sunsail Yachts travelling alongside you. 

For Couples

A Portorosa yacht charter offers couples a romantic sailing holiday in the heart of the Mediterranean. Discover intimate bars and village hospitality on Filicudi, the secluded coves on Lipari, and breathtaking sunsets across the Tyrrhenian Sea, all from your choice of Flotilla or Bareboat Charter. 

If you want the freedom of a bareboat charter but aren’t a confident sailor, we recommend adding a skipper to your charter.

For First-Time Sailors

If this is your first time visiting the sensational Aeolian Islands, we recommend packing your hiking boots, swimwear and a hat! 

For ease and comfort, we recommend  following our bespoke Portorosa yacht charter Itinerary, where you’ll have the opportunity to explore the heated springs on the iconic island of Vulcano,  Panarea’s picturesque architecture and  breathtaking snorkelling spots as well as the dramatic isle of Stromboli (home to Europe’s second largest active volcano) and the unspoilt, magical island of Filicudi. 

As a first-time sailor exploring the Aeolian Islands, we recommend our flotilla options for peace of mind and a truly memorable experience. We offer both Catamaran and Monohull Yachts from our Portorosa base, 

Catamarans are much more stable and offer a wonderful tanning (lounge or adventure) space (both on and below deck), whereas our Monohulls are far more nippy and cut through the waves, meaning the travel better upwind. 

For Large Groups
Are you celebrating a birthday, or milestone anniversary and planning a Portorosa yacht charter as a group? Discover our range of yachts that birth between 8-10 people or our largest Yachts available from Portorosa: the Oceanis 51.1 5 cabin Monohull (13 birth) or our 14m Sunsail Lagoon 450F – 4 cabin – Catamaran (11 birth).

What are the best things to do in Portorosa?

Take a look at some of our favourite things to do in and around Portorosa, , depending on whether you want to relax, explore, immerse yourself into Greek culture and more:


The Aeolian Islands, or Isole Eolie, are enchanting, ancient volcanic rock formations protruding from waves that reflect the rays of the sun in a way that makes the sea appear to be made of glitter. Relaxation settles over the mind with every rolling wave. Golden beaches along the Tyrrhenian coast invite leisurely sunbathing, while thermal spas on Vulcano Island offer rejuvenating mud baths. Tranquil yacht cruises reveal hidden coves, perfect for unwinding amid the mesmerising beauty of the Mediterranean.


Discover the ancient allure of Cefalù’s Norman Cathedral and the historic streets of Taormina. Hike the lush trails of Nebrodi National Park for panoramic vistas. The Aeolian Islands beckon with the dramatic craters on Stromboli and the captivating architecture of Lipari. Each step unveils a blend of natural wonders and historical treasures.

Eating and Drinking

Savour the culinary delights of the South of Italy with a Portorosa yacht charter. We offer a Italian Cusine Flotilla itinerary departing from our base in Procida; you’ll sail to the amazing islands of Ischia and Capri and makes stops at locations along the Amalfi Coast to try the local cuisine. 

Indulge in Michelin star cuisine and a spectacular view from Il Cappero restaurant on Vulcano, or relish the Sicilian pastry tradition in Cefalù. Aeolian Islands boast unique flavours, from caper-infused dishes in Salina to Malvasia wine in Lipari. Local trattorias and waterfront taverns offer a delectable journey through the region’s rich culinary heritage.

Underwater Adventures

Dive into the azure depths surrounding the Aeolian archipelago for a captivating underwater world. Lipari’s sea caves reveal vibrant marine life, while the limpid waters of Panarea are a snorkeler’s paradise. Experienced divers can explore shipwrecks near Vulcano, adding a thrilling aquatic dimension to the region’s allure.

History and Culture

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history and culture. Admire the Greek Theatre of Taormina, a testament to ancient civilizations. Lipari’s Archaeological Museum unveils the islands’ past, while the mediaeval charm of Cefalù’s streets narrates tales of Norman influence. Explore the preserved ruins of Acropolis in Lipari, echoing centuries of maritime heritage. Portorosa and the Aeolian Islands offer an evocative journey through time.

When is The Best Time to Visit Portorosa?

The best time to visit Portorosa and the Aeolian Islands is between April and November.

Similarly to the rest of the Mediterranean as a whole, Italy enjoys warm Summer months, however, Portorosa and the rest of the South of Italy have been known to get particularly warm through the summer months.  

June-August is the most popular time of year to visit Portorosa and the cruising conditions are particularly calm then; however, if you prefer a more balmy temperature that makes hiking and activities more comfortable, we would recommend booking a Portorosa sailing holiday between April-May or September-October.

Our Portorosa, Italian base is open year-round, however, some of our other Mediterranean bases, including Sardinia, and Lefkas, are closed during the Winter. If you’re looking for some well-needed Winter sun, take a look at our incredible Caribbean destinations, from Grenada to the British Virgin Islands.

What are the Portorosa Sailing Conditions?

Portorosa sailing conditions are quite stunning, blessed with clear skies, pleasant temperatures, and remarkable, rugged coastlines, the Aeolian Islands are celebrated for their unique beauty and incredible sailing conditions. Although the wind can sometimes pick up, the Aeolian Islands and Coast off Portorosa, usually make for a truly remarkable sailing experience. 

A Portorosa yacht charter is the perfect way to explore a plethora of captivating destinations along the South West Coast of Italy and Sicily, it is especially well-suited for novice sailors eager to embark on a memorable sailing journey.

If you’re setting sail between May and September, you can look forward to average temperatures of 25°C-30°C, and Northwest winds ranging between 10-15 knots. Spring and Autumn months (Sept-Nov and March-May) average around 20°C and you may experience a higher wind range.
If you want to learn more about the cruising conditions around Portorosa , take a look at our Aeolian Islands Sailing Conditions page.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht from Portorosa?

Chartering a Yacht to explore Portorosa, starts at approximately £1,300 for 7 nights in the winter months (based on 2 people bareboat sailing) and approximately £2,000 in the summer months (again, based on 2 people bareboat sailing). We do not include flights.

However, at Sunsail, we are proud to provide a wide variety of Sailing Holidays: so whether you’re planning a celebratory weekend with friends, a memorable family holiday or a romantic couples retreat,  your trip can be designed to  your precise requirements. From the type of charter to your itinerary, your sailing holiday from Portorosa is unique to you.

This means that the cost to charter a yacht in Portorosa differs depending on your specifications. When planning your relaxing Portorosa charter, consider:

  • Are you looking for a bareboat charter or skippered charter?
  • How long do you want your charter to be?
  • How many people are going with you?
  • How many excursions and activities do you want to take part in?
  • What time of year do you want to set sail?
  • Which of our state-of-the-art yachts will you step foot on?

Build a quote today and find out more about the cost of your Portorosa yacht charter.

How much are the moorings fees in Portorosa?

Average moorings fees at Portorosa Marina, are €65 for a 10m yacht in low season and €140 for the same in high season, those costs increase with the size of the yacht.

Equally, you will need to consider mooring, berthing and docking fees into the cost when planning your idyllic sailing holiday in Portorosa.

While cruising the off Portorosa, you’ll likely spend your nights mooring buoys or dropping anchor instead of tying up at docks. Expect to pay around €50.00 per night for buoys, paid locally at each spot. Marinas start at around €40.00 per night but can go up to €1600.00, depending on the time of year and the size of your boat.

How long does it take to sail the Aeolian Islands from Portorosa?

A one week charter will give you a wonderful insight into the Aeolian Islands and a glimpse of what a yacht charter from Portorosa has to offer, with a two week charter giving you more time to explore and relax into your holiday.

However, it is ultimately up to you how long you wish to charter a yacht for, a longer vacation could mean exploring the spectacular city of Palermo, following the Sicilian coast anti-clockwise around to Marsala, down to Pozzallo and then back up to Syracuse, Catania and Messima.

Whether this is your first Mediterranean sailing charter or you have navigated the waters of the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean sea before, there’s an abundance of treasures awaiting discovery. Rest assured, you’ll always find breath-taking views, charming beaches, delectable cuisine, and ample chances for exciting adventures.

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