Italy Yacht Charter & Sailing Holiday

Wine, dine, indulge your senses

The azure waters and glittering, glamorous port towns of Italy’s west coast have long been a mecca for sailors. The picturesque seaside towns, sleepy islands, and clean, quiet beaches of this sprawling coastline provide tempting anchorages for sailors to explore. Meanwhile, the calm, diverse waters of the Mediterranean are perfect for snorkelling and produce the delicious seafood dishes for which the region is rightly known.

Italy has much to offer both experienced sailors who love sailing in Italy and comparative novices, with countless leisure activities to enjoy back on land. With four distinct bases to sail from and hundreds of miles of coastline to explore, Italy will keep you coming back time and again. 

Start your Italian island sailing holiday from one of our three partner bases in the south-west: ProcidaSardinia, and Portorosa, each ideal for experienced sailors keen to discover an area full of navigational challenges and sensory delights. Sail the entire Amalfi Coast, or hang out with the rich and famous on the Costa Smeralda. Moor up in town harbours near pastel-coloured houses, eat a host of regional treats from the sea, sun, and soil, and plot a route through azure seas under the dominant gaze of Mounts Etna and Vesuvius.

Our charter types

Bareboat charter holidays in Italy

Visit your favourite anchorages and discover exciting new destinations as you explore Italy’s magnificent coastline on a bareboat charter holidays. You’ll have the freedom to choose where you stop and for how long, how fast and far you sail and what activities you take in along the way. A bareboat charter holiday is the most liberating way to sail the Mediterranean and discover Italy’s sumptuous west coast.

Italian skippered charter holidays

Charter a skippered yacht from one of our bases in Procida, and Sardinia to embark on an Italian adventure in the company of an expert skipper. Improve your sailing skills and gain confidence in the water as you island-hop your way along the Sardinian coast or through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Aeonian Islands.

Italian Cuisine flotilla holidays

Join a flotilla of fellow Mediterranean explorers and experience Italy in the company of new friends on an Italian foodie flotilla holiday. Stop off at some of Italy’s finest restaurants, dine al fresco with your flotilla companions and enjoy the best leisure activities the nation has to offer. An Italian food and wine flotilla is the most sociable way to discover the Mediterranean’s finest cuisine. 

Explore Italy

World-beating culture

There are a number of things that the Italians seem to do better than almost anyone else, with the nation’s approach to food, wine, fashion, sport and design as fine as anywhere else on Earth. These delights and more are yours to discover on an Italian sailing vacation from one of our bases in Procida, and Sardinia. 

Italy’s popularity has never faded, and today the country attracts those with a taste for fine wine, fine food, and fine living. Italian cuisine extends far beyond the pasta and pizza beloved by millions. Excellent seafood is enjoyed in coastal towns, villages, and cities across Italy, with vongola (clams), gamberoni (prawns), calamari (squid) and a variety of fish dishes featuring prominently in local specialties.

Italian highlights

Once the heart of one of the world’s greatest civilizations, Italy’s coastline is dotted with spectacular ruins and arresting ancient sites spanning thousands of years. Explore the incredible cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, famously buried by a volcanic eruption in 79AD and today among the highlights of any visit to western Italy. 

Climb the formidable slopes of Mount Etna and sample world-beating Sicilian cuisine, call in at the glamorous port towns of the gorgeous Amalfi Coast and visit spectacular ancient ruins harking back to the Holy Roman Empire. Snorkel in the sparkling seas surrounding the Aeolian Islands and try local seafood delicacies as you sail in peace and tranquillity through the calm, clear waters of the Mediterranean. 

Where is the best place to sail in Italy?

With exceptional natural beauty, stunning coastlines, wonderful weather and a vibrant culture, Italy is a dream come true for sailors. Around every corner there’s something new just waiting to be discovered. The only question you need to think about is, where is the best place to sail in Italy?


Set sail around the picturesque Pontine Islands and admire the incredible landscapes, secluded anchorages and delicious food. Challenge yourself to an exhilarating scuba dive down to wrecks at Porto Romano. Immerse yourself in the glamour and luxury of Capri as you moor up at Marina Grande. Enjoy an afternoon of snorkelling at Sorgeto Bay with your family.


Take the helm on a bareboat charter and cruise around the sensational Aeolian Islands. Spend your day snorkelling around La Canna, a unique rock formation near Punta Zotta Bay. Looking for the ultimate place to switch off? Head to the uninhabited island of Basiluzzo. Take in the beautiful sights at Vulcano National Park. 


Much like Procida and Sicily, Sardinia is a true gem of the Mediterranean. When you book a Sardinian yacht charter with Sunsail, you can follow one of our two tailored itineraries and experience the very best of the Costa Smeralda. Some of the fantastic destinations you’ll find on our itineraries include:

  • Budelli
  • Lavezzi
  • Paragnanu Bay
  • Spargi
  • Caprera
What are the best things to do in Italy?

Is this your first time taking the helm on an exciting yacht charter in Italy? Take a look at some of the best things to do in Italy, depending on whether you cast off from Sardinia, Procida or Portorosa.


Sit back on the deck of your yacht and relax while watching some of the world’s most beautiful sunsets in Sicily. Moor up on Stromboli and sunbathe on the unique, breathtaking black sand beaches. Admire the beauty of the Costa Smeralda from the small, tranquil Ira Beach.


From secluded islands and hidden coves to vibrant towns, there are countless opportunities for exploration in Italy. Uncover the natural beauty of Vulcano, experiencing the magic of the natural hot springs. Looking for an underwater adventure? Discover the iconic sea cave near Filicudi. Moor up on Procida and spend your afternoon taking in the picturesque scenery and breathtaking architecture.

Eating and Drinking

Italy boasts an exquisite cuisine, renowned around the world. The home of pizza and pasta and arancini, your taste buds are in for a delight when you set sail on a yacht charter in Italy. Will you treat yourself to a delicious Cannoli in Sicily? Perhaps you’ll tuck into a traditional Su Porcheddu in Sardinia. If you want to visit Procida, you could even book our Italian Cuisine Flotilla where you’ll experience the very best food and wine that the island has to offer.

History and culture

Much like our other bases in Greece and Croatia, Italy is home to some of the most iconic historical and cultural attractions in the world. As you sail around the Tyrrhenian Sea, moor up and experience the wonder of these attractions:

  • The Temple of Antas
  • Palermo Cathedral
  • The Nuraghe Palmavera
  • Stromboli, Europe’s second largest active volcano
  • The Roman tunnel on Ponza
When is the best time of year to visit Italy?

The best time of year to visit Italy is between May and October.

The sailing season in Italy is very similar to our Mediterranean destinations, such as Greece and Croatia. This means you can expect beautifully hot Summers with ideal sailing conditions. The most popular time to book a yacht charter in Italy is July and August, making it a wonderful family holiday destination.

Are you looking for a romantic Italian sailing holiday away from the crowds? Our top tip for couples is to book between May-June or September-October.
Some of our bases in Italy close during the Winter months, such as Sardinia which reopens in April each year. If you want to experience the magic of Italy in the Winter, our Portorosa base stays open all year around.

What are the sailing conditions in Italy like?

The sailing conditions in Italy are world-class, with sizzling sunshine during the Summer, warm breezes throughout the year, mild Winters and very low tidal ranges, as is characteristic of the Mediterranean.

You may find the sailing conditions differ slightly depending on where in Italy you’re travelling around. However, in general Italy enjoys an average yearly temperature of around 19°C, with 300 cloudless days a year. In the height of the Summer, temperatures can soar to upwards of 30°C.

Prevailing winds in Italy include:

  • The Mistral
  • The Sirocco
  • The Libeccio
  • The Bora
  • The Tramontana

You can learn more about the average cruising conditions and weather at each of the bases in Italy by checking out the ‘sailing conditions’ tab on our Sardinia, Procida and Portorosa pages.

How much does a yacht charter in Italy cost?

Whether you’re setting sail around the mesmerising Aeolian Islands or the glorious Amalfi Coast, the cost of your yacht charter in Italy will differ, depending on the following:

To learn more about the cost of your heavenly yacht charter in Italy, build a quote on one of our Sardinia, Procida or Portorosa pages, depending on which incredible destination you want to explore.

How much are the mooring fees in Italy?

Mooring fees in Italy will depend on which of our bases you set sail from, although average moorings fees in Italy for a 35” yacht during the low season are EUR 65.00, and EUR 210.00 for a 55” yacht in the peak season.

While life on the water is blissful and truly magical, there’s nothing more exciting than mooring up on an uninhabited island or isolated beach to explore so ensuring you factor in the cost of mooring fees when planning your Italy yacht charter.
In many of Italy’s beautiful marinas, you will be expected to pay a 50% supplement if you’re mooring a catamaran. This is similar to other Mediterranean sailing destinations, including Greece and Croatia.

How long does it take to sail Italy?

One-week is the perfect amount of time for uncovering Italy’s greatest treasures whilst sailing the italian coastline.

Italy offers some of the best food and drink, scenery, culture, opportunities to explore, and sailing conditions in the Mediterranean

When you book a yacht charter in Italy with Sunsail, you can follow one of our carefully designed itineraries or use them as inspiration for your own adventure on the open waters.
Of course, how long you spend exploring Italy’s sensational coastline is your choice, and will also depend on whether you set sail from Sardinia, Procida or Portorosa.

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