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Most Secluded Beaches in the World for Switching Off

Whether you are a fan of golden sandy beaches, off the beaten track adventures or relaxing staycations, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of booking a holiday, switching off. However, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can feel difficult to disconnect and fully immerse yourself into the excitement of your holiday.

To shine a spotlight on the most remote, hidden gems around the world for disconnecting and escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we have created an interactive map of the top 25 best secluded beaches in the world.

We hope that you can use our list to inspire your next holiday destination, or find somewhere new and private to add to your existing itinerary.

From the UK and Spain to Antigua and Croatia, there’s a secluded beach for everyone to discover.

Working with Sunsail, Georgina Sturmer, a BACP-registered Counsellor with expertise in supporting people through stress and burnout, has given her thoughts on the benefits of switching off on holiday, why off the grid holidays are gaining popularity and why there’s no better time than now to book a holiday for 2024.

How did we choose the most secluded beaches in the world?

With so many incredible beaches, coves and lagoons around the world waiting to be discovered, we have used a range of online search data, Trip Advisor reviews, information from official tourism boards, and geological data to rank beaches based on the following factors:

Each beach has been ranked against these factors and given a score out of 17.

The lower the score, the more secluded and remote the beach is.

Any beach that received the same score as another has then been ranked based on day length as the longer the day, the more opportunities to relax, disconnect and switch off.

Let’s take a look at the most secluded beaches in the world, from Kalanggaman Island Beach in the Philippines to Lalaria Beach in Skiathos, Greece.

Top 25 most secluded beaches in the world for switching off


1: Kalanggaman Island Beach – Philippines


It comes as no surprise that the quiet, stunning Kalanggaman Island Beach is the best beach in the world for switching off, scoring 5 out of 17.

With no electricity on the island, and very little amenities around the beach, Kalanggaman Island Beach is the perfect place to switch off from the world and recharge.

The best part? You can only access the beach by boat which means a private, exclusive sailing adventure awaits you.

2: Nanjizal Cove – Cornwall, UK


Coming in second with a score of 7 out of 17 is Nanjizal Cove, a hidden spot in Cornwall, UK.

Secluded, quiet and breathtakingly beautiful, Nanjizal Cove is a true hidden gem in Cornwall if you want to relax on an off the grid getaway in the UK.

If you’re heading on an idyllic yacht charter and departing from our Portsmouth base, moor up in Cornwall and enjoy a refreshing 45 minute walk along one of the coastal paths to reach Nanjizal Cove to spend your day listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the surrounding cliffs.

3: Kaupoa Beach – Molokai Island, Hawaii


Hawaii is renowned for its sensational islands and luscious beaches, so it makes sense that Kaupoa Beach on Molokai Island rounds up the top three, scoring 8 out of 17.

Attracting less than 100 hashtags on Instagram, it’s one of the least publicised beaches on the list, ensuring it stays a hidden gem for years to come.

With only the bare necessities around, and very limited phone connectivity, you can fully unwind and disconnect at the stunning Kaupoa Beach.

4: Green Island Beach – Antigua and Barbuda


One of the most secluded beaches in the world, Green Island Beach is only accessible by boat and has no facilities on the beach.

Quiet, remote and peaceful, this idyllic beach scored 8 out of 17. With average yearly temperatures of 27°C, it really is just you, the sizzling sun and the tranquil waves on the stunning Green Island Beach in Antigua. If you want to experience the serenity of Green Island Beach for yourself, take a look at our Antigua yacht charters in the Caribbean.

5: Pwlldu Bay Beach – Wales, UK


The second beach in the UK to make the list of the most secluded beaches in Europe and the world, Pwlldu Bay Beach in Wales is the perfect place to go off grid and relax, which is why it scored 9 out of 17.

For a relaxing, laid back sailing holiday in the UK, depart from our Portsmouth base and moor up in Wales to embrace its beauty and secluded beaches. With the nearest facilities a 90 minute walk away, and low chance of mobile reception, you’ll be at one with the waves when you visit Pwlldu Bay Beach.

6: 17 Mile Beach – Low Bay, Barbuda


With an impressive score of 9 out of 17, the sixth most secluded beach in the world is 17 Mile Beach at Low Bay, Barbuda.
If you’re looking for the ultimate place to switch off from the world, 17 Mile Beach is only accessible by boat and has unique pink sand – a true Caribbean paradise.

Will you spend your day wandering along the incredible sand and taking in the peace and quiet, or relax with a book in hand?

7: Seilebost Beach, Isle of Harris, UK


With a score of 10 out of 17, very limited mobile reception and no facilities on the beach, you’ll be living your best ‘off the grid’ lifestyle at Seilebost Beach on the Isle of Harris.

In the peak of Summer, days are as long as nearly 16 and a half hours so you can relax and unwind for longer before watching some of the UK’s most sensational sunsets.

Are you an early bird? Head off from our base in Portsmouth and sail to the Isle of Harris to watch the sunrise from about 5.20am.

8: Church Doors Cove – Pembrokeshire, UK


A true hidden gem of Wales and scoring 10 out of 17, Church Door Cove is a fascinating geological wonder and, with the nearest amenities 500m away, you can get lost in its serenity.

You’re not likely to get much phone connectivity, and the only sounds you’ll be hearing are the sounds of nature which makes it the ideal place to disconnect from the world, whether you’re on a staycation in the UK, on one of our Portsmouth yacht charters, or travelling from abroad.

9: Anapai Bay – New Zealand


Part of Abel Tasman National Park, Anapai Bay has been given a fantastic score of 10 out of 17.

You’ll find no WiFi and limited phone coverage at Anapai Bay which makes it perfect if you want to switch and be at one with nature – quiet, incredibly clean and peaceful, it’s a dream.

In the peak of Summer, days are as long as nearly 15 hours where you will then be able to view a gorgeous sunset at around 9pm.

10: Rodas Beach – Spain


One of the most secluded beaches in Europe, and the entire world, Rodas Beach has scored an impressive 10 out of 17.

Only accessible by boat and renowned for its peace and quiet, it’s never been easier to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life as you relax on the golden sands of Rodas Beach in Spain.

11: Old Settlement Beach – Lord Howe Island, Australia


When we talk about switching off, we mean from everyday life and the online world of social media. With less than 500 Instagram hashtags and limited mobile reception, you’ll be able to disconnect both online and offline.

You can enjoy a true digital detox at the secluded and tranquil Old Settlement Beach in Australia which has scored 10 out of 17.

12: Miloli’i Beach Park – Napali Coast, Hawaii 


The second beach in Hawaii to make the list of the world’s most secluded beaches, Miloli’i Beach Park is a private paradise with incredible snorkelling opportunities.

Scoring 10 out of 17, the beach is only accessible by boat and has attracted less than 500 hashtags on Instagram.

If you want to set sail and visit this stunning beach, you’ll be pleased to know that average yearly temperatures are 24°C.

13: Colombier Beach – St. Barts


St Barts is a dreamy destination filled with beautiful blue skies, golden sandy beaches and crystal clear waters so it’s no surprise that one of its sensational beaches made the list.

Secluded and picturesque, Colombier Beach has scored 10 out of 17 and is reachable by a 20 minute hike through a blissful coastal trail.

The only noise you’ll be hearing is from the waves, what more could you ask for?

14: Marahau Beach – New Zealand


Marahau Beach is one of New Zealand’s beautiful hidden gems, scoring an impressive 11 out of 17.

Marahau Beach is only accessible by boat which makes it a private experience where you can switch off and relax.

The best part? It has less than 500 Instagram hashtags which means it’s not been over-exposed on social media and is more likely to stay a quiet and hidden gem for longer.

15: Os Frades Beach – Baiona, Spain


Another beach in Spain making the list, Os Frades Beach in Baiona is one of the most secluded beaches in Europe and the world with a score of 11 out of 17.

Attracting less than 100 Instagram hashtags, this beach offers a quiet, picture-perfect paradise to switch off.

Os Frades Beach is also a certified ‘Blue Flag Beach’ due to its cleanliness, water quality and environment so you can relax and unwind on the beach in the knowledge that you’re living cleanly.

16: La Playuela Beach – Puerto Rico 


La Playuela Beach is very remote and has no nearby amenities which makes it the perfect destination for going off the grid and switching off from the world.

With a score of 11 out of 17, we think it’s ideal if you’re looking for somewhere to disconnect, unwind and focus on yourself.

Enjoying average yearly temperatures of 27°C, sunbathe on the golden sands before cooling off in the turquoise waters.

17: Batibou Beach – Dominica 


Go back to basics and be at one with nature on a relaxing visit to Batibou Beach in Dominica.

With less than 1000 Instagram hashtags and average yearly temperatures of 27°C, Batibou Beach has scored 11 out of 17.

Very quiet and only a few basic facilities around, enjoy total disconnection as you soak up the sun.

18: Pink Beach – Kralendijk, Bonaire


If you want to visit one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in the world, Pink Beach on Bonaire is stunning, quiet and hot.

Scoring 11 out of 17, Pink Beach enjoys average yearly temperatures of 29°C, one of the warmest on the list.

Despite shells giving the sand a beautiful pink shade, Pink Beach in Bonaire has less than 500 Instagram hashtags, making it ideal for switching off and relaxing.

19: Sandwood Bay – Sutherland, UK


The final secluded beach in the UK to make our list of the world’s most remote beaches, Sandwood Bay Beach in Sutherland, Scotland has scored 12 out of 17.

Be at one with the waves as you make the 4 mile walk from the car park to the secluded yet breathtakingly beautiful bay.

If you’re not a sun chaser and prefer colder climates, you’ll love our Portsmouth yacht charter where you can add Sandwood Bay to your itinerary as it has average yearly temperatures of 9°C.

20: Lalaria Beach, Skiathos 


Taking the 20th spot on our list, escape from reality on a holiday to Skiathos and relax on beautiful Lalaria Beach.

You can only access this incredible beach by boat, so it makes a great addition to your Greek sailing itinerary. With very limited facilities, it’s no wonder that Lalaria Beach scored 12 out of 17, all that’s left to do is unwind and enjoy.

21: Crayfish Beach, Hook Island, Whitsundays


Are you looking for a private paradise where you can hide away from the world? Crayfish Beach on Hook Island offers a slice of heaven, only accessible by boat.

Scoring 12 out of 17, Crayfish Beach has attracted less than 100 Instagram hashtags so you’ll enjoy peace and quiet while you relax on the golden sands.

The best part? There is a nearby campsite where you can go back to basics and immerse yourself in a truly off the grid experience. Learn more about our Whitsundays sailing holidays and how you can incorporate Crayfish Beach into your itinerary.

22: Playa Preciosa, Dominican Republic


Enjoying annual average temperatures of 26°C, Playa Preciosa in the Dominican Republic is the ultimate secluded getaway for sun lovers. For those who prefer the shade, you’ll be pleased to know that the beach is lined with plenty of trees that provide brilliant cover.

With no nearby facilities and quiet surroundings, this beautiful sandy beach scored an impressive 12 out of 17.

23: Sandy Island Beaches, Grenada


Escape on an off the grid getaway on Sandy Island. We couldn’t have just one beach from the island on our list, as each and every one of them offers an isolated, private experience where you can unwind and disconnect.

Only accessible by boat, the beaches are golden, the water is turquoise and the noise is non-existent, which is why they scored 12 out of 17.

As you prepare for a relaxing Grenada yacht charter, be sure to add a visit to Sandy Island to your sailing itinerary.

24: Gidaki Beach, Ithaca


The penultimate beach on our list, Gidaki is one of Greece’s most isolated, hidden gems.

Scoring 13 out of 17, this sensational beach is a must-add to any Greek sailing itinerary if you’re looking for a quiet, secluded spot to relax. Accessible only by boat or hiking trail, it has very basic facilities and limited mobile coverage, which makes it a perfect retreat.

25: Proizd Island Beaches, Korcula


Rounding up our list of the top 25 best beaches for switching off are the beaches on Proizd Island in Korcula. Accessible only by boat, the beaches on this uninhabited island are some of the most secluded in the world, surrounded by sensational blue waters.

Scoring 14 out of 17, they make a fantastic addition to any Croatian sailing itinerary, whether you’re setting sail from our base Dubrovnik or from Marina Agana.

Why is it important to switch off on holiday?

So, there you have it…the top 25 most beautiful and secluded beaches in the world. Every single one of these stunning beaches offers a peaceful, serene experience that will allow you to switch off and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.

Why is it so important to switch off? Georgina Sturmer, a BACP-registered Counsellor working with Sunsail, has given her thoughts below:

Georgina has also revealed why many of us struggle to switch off in the first place, and why these relaxing holidays to secluded beaches are so necessary:

Top tips for switching off whilst on holiday

Whether you’re planning a quiet bareboat yacht charter to one of the most secluded beaches in the world, or wanting to disconnect and recharge on a skippered charter, Georgina has given her top tips for switching off on holiday:

Did you know…there is a link between blue spaces and mental health? According to research, spending time in ‘blue spaces’, such as oceans, rivers and lakes can promote mental wellbeing which is why a sailing holiday offers the ideal opportunity to disconnect, relax and focus on yourself. Take a look at our beautiful destinations, from the BVI and St Lucia to Italy and Tonga.

The rise of secluded, off the grid holidays

Recently, there has been an increased interest in relaxing and disconnecting whilst on holiday, as well as a rise in the popularity of secluded holidays.

Online searches for ‘secluded breaks for couples’ and ‘wellbeing holidays for singles’ have both risen by 100% over the last year, while ‘how to switch off on holiday’ has increased by 200% over the last three months.

When asked why we might be seeing a move towards off the grid holidays, Georgina said: 

“When we think about trends in travel, we notice that people often seek travel opportunities as an antidote to everyday life. So when life feels too busy, we look to relax. When life feels too mundane, we look for adrenaline-fuelled activities – think about bungee jumping, white water rafting, and scuba diving. And when life feels too frenzied, too connected, we look for opportunities to disconnect.

“Remote working is a double-edged sword for travel. On one hand, it permits us to take on a digital nomad lifestyle, and travel around places we might never have gone to. On the other hand, it means that we are never truly disconnected from life back home. Perhaps we will see a groundswell against constant connection, and a move towards more ‘off the grid’ holidays.

“The advent of VR is also likely to spur on an interest in real-life ‘off the grid’ adventures. Why be an avatar in an invented world, when you can be an explorer in a real one.

“There’s also something about how we travel in order to immerse ourselves in another country, culture, language and experience. This is really hard to do when we are constantly connected to our lives at home. So perhaps we will seek out ‘off the grid’ adventure in order to create a truly authentic holiday experience for ourselves.”

When is the best time to book a holiday for 2024?

As you’re sitting at home dreaming of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in the world, you might be wondering when the best time to book your next holiday is.

The truth is, there’s no better time than now to book your 2024 holiday. Speaking about the benefits of booking a holiday now ahead of 2024, Georgina said: 

“Planning a trip gives us a sense of excitement and optimism. Having an adventure to look forward to can make it easier for us to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life. It gives us something to imagine when life gets tough.

“Planning a holiday also gives us a chance to reconnect with ourselves, to ask ourselves questions about what we really enjoy. Looking at destinations in different countries, cultures and landscapes offers us a sense of perspective.

“[Booking a holiday for 2024 can help with] escaping the legacy of the pandemic. Remember when it felt like we might never travel again? When we plan a trip, it’s as if we are allowing ourselves to finally acknowledge that the pandemic, and all its accompanying fears and restrictions, is finally over.”

Georgina has also given her thoughts on what you need to consider when thinking about visiting the most secluded beaches in the world on an off the grid holiday in 2024:

Sailing and mental health go hand in hand, so why not choose a yacht charter as your next holiday? With the link between blue spaces and mental health, the tranquil sound of the waves, the ability to embrace a flow state of mind, and the opportunity to visit the most secluded beaches in the world that can only be accessed by boat, there’s no better way to switch off than by setting sail on yacht charter.

We’re proud to offer stylish yacht charters around the world, with destinations in the CaribbeanMediterraneanIndian OceanUnited KingdomSouth Pacific and Southeast Asia.

Get in touch with us today and discuss your next peaceful, relaxing yacht charter with Sunsail.

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