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Learn to Sail in the Caribbean

Learn to Sail in the Caribbean

Boasting warm, turquoise waters, uninhabited islands just waiting to be explored and golden beaches, the Caribbean is a playground for sailors of all experience levels.

Whether you’re planning an idyllic sailing charter in the BVI, wanting to uncover the treasures of Antigua or hoping to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of St Martin, you might be wondering what you need to learn to sail in the Caribbean confidently and comfortably.

In this blog, we’ll be covering everything from the necessary sailing certification for Caribbean yacht charters to the best sailing courses to help you learn to sail in the Caribbean. Let’s dive in…

What do you need to learn to sail in the Caribbean?

Our highest priority is keeping you and your passengers safe when you take the helm aboard one of our state-of-the-art yachts. We want you to enjoy a stress-free experience as the skipper of your own Caribbean yacht charter, which is why we require our sailors to meet specific requirements.

The sailing certification required for our Caribbean destinations may be different depending on which of our bases you’re travelling around. This is because each destination has unique cruising conditions that are suited to various experience levels.

Sailing Certifications for the BVI and Martinique

If you’re planning a sailing charter in the BVI or Martinique, you’ll need to meet the ‘experience level 1’ requirements, which include:

While no formal qualifications are needed for the BVI, you may still choose to complete our RYA Competent Crew Course or one of our other beginner courses to help you feel confident on the open waters.

Sailing Certifications for the Antigua, The Bahamas and St Martin

The sailing certification for Caribbean destinations such as Antigua, the Bahamas and St Martin includes:

Sailing Certifications for St Lucia, Belize and Grenada

Dreaming of a sailing holiday in St Lucia, Belize or Grenada? You’ll need the following qualifications*:

*Belize is unique in that it also requires a Temporary certificate of competence. Learn more in our blog about the qualifications needed to charter a yacht.

What will you experience during your first time sailing in the Caribbean?

As a whole, the Caribbean is renowned around the world as one of the best places to charter a yacht as a first-time sailor. Why?

Of course, there are some destinations that are easier for beginner sailors than others, such as the BVI, however, as a whole the Caribbean is a paradise for sailors.

What do you need to look out for when you charter a yacht in the Caribbean for the first time? The wind in some destinations can be more forceful than others, such as St Lucia which experiences wind speeds of up to 25 knots. The Caribbean also has a hurricane season that runs between June-November which will impact cruising conditions. Find out more about the best time to sail in the Caribbean.
Head to the ‘useful information’ section of each of our destination pages to learn more about the cruising conditions in particular areas of the Caribbean.

What is the best sailing course for learning to sail in the Caribbean?

To ensure you’re prepared to navigate the open waters, we believe you should learn to sail in the Caribbean before you’ve even stepped foot in the Caribbean. How is this possible? By completing a course at one of our sailing schools across the world.

Our sailing schools in the UK, Croatia and Greece will help you gain all the qualifications and skills you need to learn to sail in the Caribbean, preparing you for your exciting yacht charter:

You might be wondering, which is the best sailing course for your Caribbean charter? We have a wide range of courses to suit all experience levels. You can complete any of them, and you may choose to take more than one course if you want to challenge yourself. 

Regardless of where in the Caribbean you’re setting sail, the RYA Competent Crew Course is great as a first step because it teaches you the fundamentals of sailing. Some of the topics covered include:

This course takes place over 5 days, and by the end of it you’ll have the necessary skills to be an active crew member, supporting your Skipper throughout your charter.

If you’re heading to an intermediate Caribbean destination such as the Bahamas, you may want or need to take our 5-day RYA Day Skipper course which covers the following topics, among many others:

By the end of the course, you will be qualified to Skipper one of our world-class yachts by day, and look stylish doing so.

Hoping to take the helm on a bareboat charter in one of our advanced destinations in the Caribbean, such as Grenada? Our RYA Coastal Skipper Course will equip you with everything you need to know about sailing by both day and night, covering topics such as:

Love the thought of feeling the sun on your face and the wind in your hair as you sail around the beautiful Caribbean, but don’t want to take any of the sailing courses? Instead of learning to sail in the Caribbean, hire a skipper for your entire holiday and relax up on deck as they navigate the open waters for you.

How much does it cost to get your sailing certification for the Caribbean?

Whether you’re planning on setting sail with friends, as a couple or as a family, you’ll want to factor the cost of getting your sailing certification for the Caribbean into your overall holiday budget.

So, how much does it cost to learn to sail in the Caribbean? Sailing courses at our worldwide sailing schools range from £89-£975, but the cost you can expect to pay depends on a number of factors, such as:

As soon as you have gained the necessary sailing certification for your Caribbean destination, you’re ready to book your holiday and take the helm on a thrilling bareboat charter. Find out more about the best time to sail in the Caribbean.

In no time at all, you’ll be cruising around the Caribbean Sea in style, discovering secluded coves, exploring sensational islands and immersing yourself in Caribbean culture.
From the BVI and Antigua to Grenada and St Lucia, take a look at our stunning Caribbean destinations and build a quote for your dream yacht charter today. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.



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