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Last-minute yacht charters for your spring-time adventure

Excited to finally get out on the open water? Looking for a last-minute yacht charter to the Mediterranean or further? Seize the moment, book with confidence today.

While part of the enjoyment of a holiday is the anticipation, sometimes a last-minute surprise can be just as exciting. However, the booking experience can often feel rushed, and you are left feeling unsure. With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start booking your next holiday.


For the sailors with a taste for some spring open water sailing, Greece is the option for you. The Ionian Sea’s light winds and warm waters invite sailors of all abilities to take on a real adventure, while the Saronic caters for those looking for a more testing voyage. Set sail from our base in Lefkas for some classic Greek island hopping or go to Corfu for some steady coastal cruising. Our Athens Zea base is the ultimate launchpad for trips into the Cyclades and wider Saronic.

Greece sits in a unique spot at the crossroads of Europe, Asisa, and Africa. As such, its culture is rich and diverse. Holding fair claim as the birthplace of democracy, philosophy, theatre, and modern science, your last-minute trip will become an educational adventure.


The coastline of Greece really does have something for everyone. For those looking for a break from everyday life, the quiet traditional fishing villages and secluded anchorages can provide a welcome relief. Others may want to sail all day and party all night and can stop off at some of the country’s famous party islands for the best nightlife in the Med.

Explore our sailing holidays in Greece.


Croatia is another one of our ideal spring getaways. On arrival in Dubrovnik or Marina Agana, you will be greeted by temperatures between 22°C to 28°C and have over 1,000 exciting islands to explore. Winds calm the closer you get to summer, but the occasional mistral winds will provide speedy conditions for thrill-seeking sailors.


Whether you want to spend your time island hopping, exploring the rich culture or fertile national parks, there will be something for everyone in your party. You will not need to convince any Game of Thrones fans to visit the medieval walled city of Dubrovnik, that they will instantly recognise as King’s Landing. The Dalmatian Coast feels more untouched than other areas of the Mediterranean, so the isolated coves and dramatic waterfalls are an excellent choice for those wanting to get away from it all.

Read more about our Croatia bases.


Italy is one of those bucket-list destinations that you should check off on a last-minute trip this spring. It is an unparalleled location for culture aficionados, especially foodies. From fresh pasta to calamari, you will enjoy gourmet food, fine wine, and Italian living. Everyone knows Italy’s rich history pre-dates the Roman Empire, but no words can do justice to standing in the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Sail from Sardinia, Portorosa or Procida to enjoy the hundreds of miles of varied coastline and endless leisure activities. With more than enough to explore, your last-minute trip might turn into a reoccurring adventure you keep coming back to.

Portorosa Sail Wine and Taste of Italy Flotilla Cathedral

Italy has much to offer for both experienced sailors and comparative novices. Independent crews may choose a bareboat charter to enjoy the independence of exploring Italy at your own pace. Others may want to adventure in the company of an expert to help grow their confidence or relax in style.

Explore our full range of Italian charters.

What to pack for your last-minute sailing trip?

To avoid the last-minute panic before your trip, it is best to have a packing list. You can read our full packing guide, but most of all, make sure you bring the following:

Want more advice or help booking your spring trip? Talk to a Holiday Planner on 033 0332 1164, contact us or explore each of our destinations in more detail.

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