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Tahiti Pearl Regatta

Tahiti Pearl Regatta | 28 – 31 May, 2025


The Tahiti Pearl Regatta provides a healthy dose of friendly competition in a tropical paradise. The four-day Tahiti Pearl Regatta attracts an average of 30 yachts, both local and international, racing in and out of the numerous islands and lagoons dotted around this stunning and varied sailing area.

The regatta route takes in various destinations within the Leeward Islands but varies from year to year. The trade winds in this tropical region blow from the east, providing a consistent 10 to 15 knots, although winds have been known to reach 25-30 knot gusts.

Race distances rarely exceed 20 nautical miles (aside from two open-ocean passages), making the Tahiti Pearl Regatta a favorite for sailors looking to develop their racing ability.

The racing in the day is complemented by evening entertainment on the islands, with Polynesian food, music, and dancing adding to the overall experience. The Tahiti Pearl Regatta is concluded with a prize-giving ceremony, followed by a spectacular ritual fire dance.

Pricing and Booking Information

For full pricing and to book your place on the Tahiti Pearl Regatta, please contact a member of the sales team on +44 330 822 4275 or fill out the form below.

Background Racing Information

When racing, it is better to have a lower rating. This means that when you are taking part in the race, there will be less time added to your racing time. The higher the rating is; the more time that is added to your racing time. Charterers will obviously wish to have the lowest rating possible.

If the yacht has a furling mainsail, then their rating is lower, as, in theory, it takes longer to get around the course, whereas if they have a fully battened mainsail, the rating is higher as in theory the yacht will get around the course quicker.

What’s Included in Regatta Package

What’s Not Included in Regatta Package

Official Regatta Information

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For more information about this event and pricing call us at +44 330 822 4275 or check out the regatta website here.

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