Heineken Regatta | Feb-March, 2025


Race, race, party, party sums up this major international regatta on the French and Dutch Island of St. Martin. The four-day regatta finishes in a different harbour each night and exhilarating sailing is followed by some of the best parties in the Caribbean.

Now fully matured as an international yachting event, the Heineken Regatta is an integral part of St. Martin’s island culture.

The regatta started like all regattas do—as a little fun racing between a few friends. After a year or two, the local Heineken importer noticed that the event caused quite an increase in beer sales and decided to support the event. The Heineken Regatta now takes place every year in early March, attracting over 150 yachts and 20,000 spectators from countries all over the world.

Racing is sponsored by the Caribbean Yachting Association with the cruising boats rated under the St. Martin handicapping system. You’ll enjoy four races over three days, including races up and down the Anguilla Channel around the waters of Marigot Bay, and the popular race which circumnavigates the whole island.

Like all good regattas, Heineken boasts its share of parties and social events too: the pounding beat of steel drums, insistent Soca rhythms and the clinking of cold green bottles are a familiar sound throughout the three days. The socialising reaches a peak with the famous prize-giving ceremony and party taking place on the final Sunday night or Monday morning.

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Background Racing Information

When racing, it is better to have a lower rating. This means that when you are taking part in the race, there will be less time added to your racing time. The higher the rating is; the more time that is added to your racing time. Charterers will obviously wish to have the lowest rating possible.

If the yacht has a furling mainsail, then their rating is lower, as, in theory, it takes longer to get around the course, whereas if they have a fully battened mainsail, the rating is higher as in theory the yacht will get around the course quicker.

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For more up-to-date information about organizing authorities, racing rules and regulations, programs, racing classes, handicap systems, entry, etc., visit regatta website here.

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