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Top things to See and Do when Sailing the Seychelles

Located in the heart of the less-travelled Indian Ocean, the Seychelles are a sailing oasis that comprises more than 100 exotic islands. With nearly half of its landmass set aside for national parks and reserves, the Seychelles offer an abundance of pristine beaches, sheltered coves, and sapphire waters best explored by private yacht charter.

Passages combine a mix of open-water sailing in fair winds with short island-hops, and onshore, the frenzy of life dissipates as you stroll the streets of Victoria and browse charming boutiques. Throughout the cruising grounds, top-notch snorkelling and diving sites boast some of the most desirable underwater conditions and the natural preserves are home to a number of exotic animals such as the Seychelles bulbul, black parrot (fun fact: they are actually brown), and giant tortoise.

The Seychelle islands are a best-kept secret worthy of any traveller’s bucket list, including Prince William and Kate Middleton, who flitted off to this fabulous destination for their royal honeymoon. There is plenty to see and do during a Seychelles sailing holiday, but here are some of our personal favourites:

Anse Lazio

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One of the world’s top-rated beaches and one of the most superb snorkelling spots in the Seychelles, Anse Lazio on the northwest side of Praslin Island looks and feels like the kind of place you only see on postcards. Anse Lazio is a large beach framed by granite boulders with a vast stretch of soft white sand and the tranquil clear-blue waters provide a natural haven for vibrant corals, tropical fish, and friendly sea turtles.

Anse Major

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Only accessible by boat or via hiking trail, Anse Major is a stunning secluded beach situated on the northwest coast of Mahe. This is an idyllic place to enjoy a seaside picnic while surrounded by natural unspoiled beauty. 

Baie St Anne

Tucked away on the east side of Praslin island, Baie St Anne is a splendid little bay and overnight anchorage. Baie St Anne is crowned by a quaint and inviting harbour, where you can go ashore to immerse yourself in the town’s traditional culture, sample the local cuisine, and enjoy some seaside shopping. 

Beau Vallon

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Offering a vibrant scene with plenty of live music and Creole food vendors, bustling Beau Vallon is the longest beach in the Seychelles and one of Mahe island’s best beaches. The calm turquoise-blue waters provide a protected place for children to swim and the sugar-like sands make it easy to partake in some sun-soaked relaxation.

Curieuse Island

Not only is Curieuse Island a designated marine national park, but it is also one of just two places in the world where you’ll encounter the heaviest nut in the world— the coco-de-mer double coconut. You can also spend some time exploring the ruins of a leper colony and meeting hawksbill turtles at the island’s rookery.

Eden Marina

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Back at the Sunsail base, there is an array of activities and experiences to enjoy that are located near Eden Marina, including a shopping centre, stunning private beaches, 12 scenic hiking trails at Morne Seychellois National Park, and guided tours of an operational tea factory.

St Anne Marine Park

No trip to the Seychelles is complete without a visit to St Anne Marine Park’s dazzling underwater wonderland. Slip-on your fins and feast your eyes on a plethora of colourful corals, reef habitats, and majestic marine life.


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