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St Martin Travel Tips: 10 Foods to Try in St Martin

The dual-sided island of St. Martin really is a modern-day cultural melting pot. With Dutch-influenced Sint Maarten on the southern end and French-influenced St. Martin on the north side, a sailing holiday in this sought-after travel destination lets you sample all sorts of delectable local cuisine and flavours. It’s no wonder Saint Martin is unofficially nicknamed the “gourmet capital of the Caribbean”.

Whether you’re a seafood lover, a self-proclaimed BBQ expert, a hot sauce connoisseur, or someone with an insatiable sweet tooth, the island of St. Martin has something to please every palate. This fabulous holiday destination is a feast for all the senses, but here’s a menu of some of the tasty things that make St. Martin a foodie’s paradise…


One of the island’s national dishes, callaloo, is a thick and hearty soup made with lots of greens, pork, onions, okra, thyme, and hot peppers. The flavourful soup is named for the callaloo ingredient, a leaf-like vegetable similar to spinach.

Crab Backs

You’ve never tasted crab like this before! This Caribbean island favourite features fresh-caught blue crab, which is de-shelled and seasoned to perfection with onions, tomatoes, and Worcestershire sauce. The crabmeat then goes back into its original shell with a breadcrumb topping and into the broiler.

Codfish Fritters

Codfish Fritters

What’s not to love about fried fish? When in St. Martin, you can enjoy this golden-brown treat in the form of codfish, also commonly known as salt fish.

Conch and Dumplings

A signature offering in St. Martin, this must-have dish starts with pressure-cooked locally sourced conch, which is then paired with homemade dumplings and smothered in a savoury gravy-like sauce. 

Dutch Cheese in Sint Maarten Linda Silva Palleschi

Dutch Cheese

When you’re on the Sint Maarten side of the island, be sure to taste some of the authentic Dutch cheeses available in Philipsburg at the Amsterdam Cheese & Liquor Store. Free samples of Gouda? Yes, please!

French Pastries St Martin Richie Diesterheft

French Pastries

On the flip side of the island, treat yourself to the irresistible croissants, quiches, pastries, and desserts that are baked fresh daily by a genuine French chef. Sarafina’s, in particular, is a fan-favourite spot for indulging in something sweet.


The locally-grown guavaberry plant is a staple on the entire island and is used to make all sorts of delicious things like jam, juice, desserts, and most notably rum and liqueur. There are even some guavaberry products that you can take home as souvenirs.

Hot Sauces

Heat things up with some of the island hot sauces that are made with a variety of Caribbean peppers, including jalapenos, scotch bonnets, and habaneros. The combination of spicy and tropical flavours in the hot sauces will wake up your taste buds with a unique flavour explosion. 

Johnny Cakes

Probably the most famous food item that St. Martin is known for, Johnny Cakes are small, slow-fried cornmeal balls. Not to be confused with pancakes, Johnny Cakes, which are also called journey cakes, are slightly sweet and served any time of day, either as a side dish or a standalone snack.

St Martin spare ribs Howard Wood

Spare Ribs

As you stroll the streets of St. Martin, be sure to tempt your taste buds with the grilled spare ribs available at the local barbecue joints called lolos. If you like BBQ, these perfectly tender, mouth-watering spare ribs will not disappoint.

If you’re feeling hungry now, we don’t blame you because we’re craving some of these tempting Caribbean dishes too! But at least you know what you have to look forward to on your St. Martin sailing holiday, so bon voyage and bon appetit!

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Ramon Kagie
Richie Diesterheft
Howard Wood
Linda Silva Palleschi

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