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Five reasons to travel to the BVI for your next sailing holiday!

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are a sailor’s paradise, blessed with year-round warm weather, steady trade winds, calm, cobalt-blue waters, and Bougainvillea-clad hillsides. The main island of Tortola is the yacht charter capital of the Caribbean, and arguably the most famous sailing destination in the world.

No matter where you land, you’ll find friendly people, incredible beaches, and amusing activities to exceed all expectations. Here are five reasons why you should choose the British Virgin Islands as your next sailing holiday destination.

1. Uncover secluded locations

Comprising approximately 60 islands, island hopping is easily one of the best ways to experience the British Virgin Islands. Uncrowded and unspoilt, this is a truly indulging holiday destination. Easy island hops, line-of-sight navigation, and sheltered anchorages make bareboat and flotilla holidays ideal options for new sailors and skilled skippers alike.

2. Spectacular watersports

Couple kayaking in the BVI

Keen divers will discover a large number of established dive sites, with wrecks and underwater caves enticing some of the most fascinating fish and creatures to dwell there. Above the surface, the rolling waves of the Atlantic are highly prized by surfers and bodyboarders. The calmer bays and stretches of coastline are perfect for swimmers and those who want to snorkel or kayak around some of the more accessible caves.

3. Sample local delights

Culinary diversity is at the core of dining in the BVI, where local delicacies meet high-flying cuisine. Throughout the island, you will find small food shacks serving all kinds of Caribbean delights, from home-cooked chicken and rice to roti and salt fish. When the sun goes down, visit Cane Garden Bay and try one of the island’s famous painkiller cocktails. A twist on the Piña Colada, the Painkiller cocktail is a rich and fruity tropical drink made with coconut cream, orange juice, pineapple juice, and rum.

4. Explore the Baths on Virgin Gorda

The Baths in the BVI

The Baths on Virgin Gorda is the one-stop you should not miss. This collection of sky-high boulders, near the island’s southwest corner, marks a national park and the BVI’s most popular tourist attraction. A geological wonder, the Baths appear from far away like a pile of rocks in a frozen state of tumbling. Made up of massive boulders, the Baths are a series of pools and caves that sit right on the beach, from which you enter through a tiny opening between the rocks.

5. You can learn to sail in sunny Tortola

The perfect sailing conditions of the British Virgin Islands make them the ideal destination for sailors of all abilities. Enjoy easy line-of-sight navigation, deep water sailing, and steady breezes as you learn to sail or hone your skills in a Caribbean paradise.

While keen travellers in the UK look forward to finding out when they will be able to travel overseas again, the BVIs are gearing up to welcome back visitors again soon. We spoke to Keith Dawson, Public Relations Manager at The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board & Film Commission, to find out what life is like in the BVI now.

Keith told us, “Throughout this pandemic, we have seen many acts of kindness by businesses and individuals who gave back to the community. There were several volunteers including some of our BVITB colleagues who delivered food items and supplies as part of outreach by the government, churches, and community organisations to assist our sisters and brothers in need.  They also assisted the elderly and other vulnerable populations in getting access to needed grocery items and other supplies. My personal observation is that the BVI is even more pristine than before. Likewise, wildlife seems to be in more abundance as they have more space and liberty to roam.”

Feeling inspired? The British Virgin Islands are an unforgettable backdrop to a unique adventure, and average temperatures reach 25°C in December. So why not raise your spirits and start planning your end of year escapade now?

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Selina Bessey



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