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Drinks with Dee

Cocktails from around the world with Dee Caffari MBE

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Lost Years Rum, an award-winning spirit brand with a purpose. What is its purpose? To create a range of outstanding rums, devoted to saving endangered sea turtles. Why? Each year thousands of newly hatched sea turtles scramble across tropical beaches and disappear beneath the ocean.

The turtles are ‘lost for years’ before being seen again, why that is, is unknown. But we do know that without assistance now, these wonderful creatures are in danger of extinction.

The idea for Lost Years was born after a family holiday in the Caribbean in 2019. British couple Lee and Trudy Smith came up with the concept for a sea turtle-saving rum. They were inspired by their son’s love of sea turtles and wanted to knock on the idea of ‘great rum doing good’ after visiting one of the famous rum distilleries on the island and watching nesting sea turtles on a nearby beach.

Lost Years works with closely its charity partner, SEE Turtles, a company that helps fund community-based conservation at key nesting sites across the Caribbean and Latin America. In the brand’s first year alone, it raised enough money to save more than 31,000 sea turtles!

To celebrate the new partnership, we invited sailing legend and Sunsail ambassador, Dee Caffari MBE, to meet with Lee, to talk sailing, sustainability, sea turtles, and of course, to taste some mouth-watering travel-inspired cocktails that you can make at home!

Dee is well known for some truly outstanding sailing achievements. From becoming the first woman to sail solo, non-stop, around the world against prevailing winds and currents, to being the first woman to have sailed single-handed and non-stop around the world in both directions.

Dee is also a hugely passionate sustainability campaigner. She led ‘Turn the Tide on Plastic’, the first mixed gender youth team to compete in the Volvo Ocean Race 2017/18, a campaign that raised awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans and inspired people to act in their day to day lives. She is also an adviser to A Plastic Planet, a charity fighting to reduce the use of plastic worldwide.

Each cocktail gives a nod to a popular sailing destination, with Dee and Lee kicking things off with a Pain Reliever, a twist on the classic from the British Virgin Islands. This version combines Lost Years Four Island rum with orange and pineapple juice, cream of coconut and the obligatory dusting of nutmeg, to instantly whisk you away to the tropics.  Serve with a straw, but please no plastic!

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Drinks with Dee

Then, it’s time to get into the party spirit. Greek islands meet the Caribbean in this tasty ouzo and Lost Years rum-fuelled Frozen Daiquiri.  A delight whatever the weather, it’ll transport you straight to the heart of the Aegean Sea.

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Drinks with Dee

Now, who said rum punch couldn’t be sophisticated?! Next on the menu, a Lost Years riff on the classic Rum Punch that plays to the drink’s Caribbean roots, with its strongest unaged rum, the Master award-winning Navy Strength – at its heart. This 54.5% ABV rum comes from the spiritual home of the rum punch, delivering a classic that punches well above its weight.

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Drinks with Dee

And finally, we’re travelling to Southeast Asia with a My Thai. Inspired by the ever popular Mai Thai cocktail, the My Thai combines Grand Marnier with Lost Years Four Island Rum, lime juice, pineapple juice and, unusually, Thai coconut milk and a Thai chilli pepper… spicy!

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If this has given you inspiration to get on board and make the most out of your precious holiday time, then take the helm and build quote for a sailing adventure that is right for you!

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