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5 Things You Didn't Know About Sunsail

Did you know Sunsail first cast off 50 years ago in Aegina? With just seven 25ft. Snapdragon yachts, we launched ourselves into the yachting industry from Greece’s intrepid Saronic Gulf. Now, just decades later, Sunsail has a vast footprint across not only the most sought-after cruising destinations in Europe but across the world.

As the leading sailing yacht charter provider, Sunsail offers 20+ stunning destinations, 16+ flotilla routes and 41+ types of yachts. We drive each tailor-made holidays with the same passion for sailing and commitment to our customers as to when we first started all those years ago.

As we embark upon a new year, we’re excited to share with you some fun facts and updates about our fleet’s recent endeavours. Maybe you’ve cut up the seas with us before, or maybe you’re just getting hooked on the nautical thrill that we live for. Either way, we hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit more about what sets Sunsail apart…


1. Fresh off the barge, Sunsail yachts enter our world-class fleet brand new. 

Ships shipping ships, now that’s a match made in maritime heaven (and a tongue-twister!). Each class of Sunsail yacht, from Classic to Premier Plus, joins our elite fleet brand new and direct from the manufacturer’s production facility. Be it a monohull or catamaran, each vessel is shipped to its destination base aboard high-capacity freighters and then off-loaded for further assembly on site.

Our sailboats are designed and built by leading yacht builders Jeanneau, Dufour, Robertson & Caine, and Lagoon. Check out our most recent monohull offload of the ever-popular Sunsail 41.


2. Sunsail yachts all range between 12 months and 10 years of age.

It all depends on the yacht’s category. Sunsail vessels stay within our fleet for no more than 8 to 10 years (Classic Yachts), but the majority of our world-class fleet has been in service less than 3 years (Premier Yachts) or 12 months or less (Premier Plus Yachts). Each vessel is carefully maintained to the highest standards by our expert base teams to ensure every charterer can make the most of their time on the water.

3. Sunsail is for sailors, by sailors.

Down to the very last half hitch, every Sunsail holiday is tailormade for sailors, by sailors. You might even say we’re sailor-made (pun intended). The secret ingredient to all of our charters is the innate passion that we have for thrilling adventures at sea. Because sailing runs deep in our roots, we recognize what it takes to offer robust, innovative experiences on the water. Sunsail offers invigorating bareboat or skippered holidays, group charter flotillas, sailing school instruction, and even opportunities for regatta racing. While other charter companies may offer high-end options like power catamarans and all-inclusive yachts, we prefer to focus on those full-tilt, spray flying, adrenaline-flowing moments that made us fall in love with sailing in the first place.


4. We cater to all seafarers, from green to well-seasoned. 

Ranked as the second-largest charter company in the world, Sunsail’s dynamic fleet of nearly 500 yachts accommodates every style of sailor—we have it all! Do you prefer a well-appointed catamaran and need a transom barbecue for entertaining? Have a taste for the exhilarating open water performance of a monohull but also desire a convertible saloon table for extra accommodation? We cater to all needs and charter preferences and offer a range of cozy 32-footers to generous 53-footers. Whatever you are looking to charter, we have it in fleet.

5. Sunsail now has Lagoons!

If you haven’t already heard, we proudly welcomed two new Lagoon models to our fleet, both of which are available for charter and ownership. Lagoon is the world leader in sailing catamaran cruisers, and the Sunsail Lagoon 424 and Sunsail Lagoon 464 are no exception. Meticulously designed with an emphasis on spacious life onboard, these latest Lagoon editions deliver enhanced performance and reliable safety that accompanies Lagoon’s trusted name. The Sunsail 424 is available for charter in the Bahamas, St. Lucia, Grenada, St. Martin, the BVI, and Belize, while the Sunsail 464 will be available for charter in the British Virgin Islands, Croatia, Spain, and Italy.



Ian Pedersen

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