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Seychelles Travel Information & Planning Guide

Find everything you need to prepare for a charter in Seychelles. From important base information to required documents for international travel, you can use this information as your guide before and during your charter. Don’t forget to pack a copy to take with you.

Base Location
Eden Island

Nearest Airport
Mahe International

Provisioning Service
Online Provisioning 
Store Available

Cruising Licenses


Before you go


Sunsail Seychelles 
Eden Marina,
PO Box 1076
Eden Plaza Suite F14
Eden Island

The Sunsail base is located in Eden Island, on the East coast of Mahe halfway between the International Airport and the country’s capital Victoria, five minutes each way. Distance from Mahe Airport to the base: 5 km.

Base hours
Monday – Sunday: 8:30am – 5:00pm

VHF channel 14 (short range for entering/leaving marina).

The official languages of the Seychelles are Creole, English and French.

Time Zone
Standard Time Zone is UTC/GMT +4 hours.

Cost of living
Prices vary between areas and from restaurant to restaurant.

As a rough guide:

What to bring

Passport and visas
Please ensure your passport is valid for the period of travel and for six months after you return. Your passport name must match the name on the flight ticket otherwise you may not be able to travel and insurance may be invalid.

Please note country entry/exit requirements are subject to change. Please check for the latest information before you leave. Sunsail is not accountable for any requirement changes.

Customs + immigration
On arrival, you will be required to show your passport, completed Immigration card (distributed on the aircraft), proof of accommodation and your return ticket.   Presentation of all these documents will grant you a Visitors Permit that will be issued upon arrival by the Seychelles Department of Immigration.

Going through Immigration, Customs and Baggage Collection can take up to an hour.

Sailing licenses
Click here to view the sailing requirements in the Seychelles.

Seychelles environmental levy

The Seychelles government has introduced an environmental levy which impacts all bookings travelling from 1 August 2023 onwards. The levy costs Seychelles Rupee (SCR) 100.00 per person per day and is payable when you arrive at the base.

Changes in requirements from the port authorities

In order to issue a certificate of competence that allows you to sail in the Seychelles, the port authorities require a copy of the skipper’s qualification/licence and that individual’s passport number. Please ensure you have submitted your guest list and all passport data to us in advance of travel to allow us to prepare your boat papers prior to your arrival.

What’s on board

Coolers are available at the base on a first come first served basis at no additional charge. Please sign these out and return them clean and undamaged otherwise there will be a charge for replacement. Only one per boat.

Mobile phones
To call Mahe from overseas:

Dial 011 248 followed by the number you need (6 digits).

Mobile phones in Seychelles are rapidly overtaking land phones as many cellular phones now provide Internet access and cell phone computers. SMS, MMS and broadband are becoming standard features on cell phones. Mobile phones work in most areas on the islands and there is good coverage. Your mobile phone may work when in the Seychelles but please check with your service provider for coverage details and call costs. You will need to activate international roaming on your contract. EGSM 900 – International Option Roaming system available.

In Mahe, telephone booths work with phone cards which you can buy in newsagents, at the post office and in some supermarkets.
You also have the option of contacting the base personnel by mobile phone:
They are available 24 hours a day in case of emergency. The contact will be given to you during check-in.

The use of flying drones may be restricted in some areas. For current drone regulations in this destination, please visit

The standard voltage on all yachts is 12 volts.

Music + iPods
All boats are fitted with a radio and CD player. If you wish to listen to your IPOD whilst sailing you will need to bring along an I-trip or FM radio transmitter.

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How to get there

Seychelles International Airport, just 11km southeast of Victoria, the capital.

Tel:  + 284.384.000

Facilities at the airport include:

It is recommended that clients make their own way to the base by catching a taxi from the airport. Maximum four people with luggage. No reservation is necessary. Taxis are always available at the Airport.

The transfer takes approx. 5 minutes. Sunsail can organise your transfer to the base for groups of up to 12 people.

Transfer From Airport To Base One Way

4 Pax 400 Scr – 30 Euro Jim Normal Taxi 248 2513782

6 Pax 600 Scr – 40 Euro Lindy Mini Van 248 2515208

12 Pax 1200 Scr – 80 Eur

Can Arrange For Large Group Too 

Public Transport : 12 Scr – . 80 Euro Cards Onlie Seychelles Public Transport Coorporation (Sptc)

A public bus service operates on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. Buses are frequent and fares are SRC 5. Inter-island ferries run between Mahé and La Digue and Praslin several times per day.

Boarding time + checking out

On arrival
All boats are prepared for the contractual boarding time of 3:00pm.

We ask that on your arrival in Mahe you go to the Sunsail office.  Depending on the time of your arrival, you can take care of your provisioning if you haven’t already ordered it through us, or you can visit the town. Our receptionist will advise you about beaches, bars/cafes, restaurants or places of interest.

You can leave your luggage at the Sunsail reception during this time.

You will find a cyber-coffee bar and restaurant at the Marina.

The technician at the base will give you detailed technical explanations and advice about the boat. Take advantage of his presence by going over all of the boat’s equipment. Whenever possible, we ask you not to load the boat with your baggage before the inventory has been checked. It is also preferable that the boat handover instructions be done with a minimum of crew present. We ask you to check the equipment on board with the aid of an inventory list in the manual given to you with the boat’s documents. This verification will help you to memorise where everything is located. Someone from customer service will stop by to help you finish this inspection and answer any questions you may have.

Out of hours
The Sunsail base staff will wait at the marina until 7:00 pm.  After 7:00 pm you will find a sign on the reception door indicating your boat name and its berth.  Your boat will be open and there will be a sign with your name on it.  The boats equipment will be ready for the night.  The base staff will be at your disposal the next day to conduct the relevant briefings.

On departure
The boat must be returned and ready for debriefing and checks at 9:00 am.

If you have booked an early morning flight on the day your charter is ending, it is preferable you return to port in the middle of the afternoon the day before to carry out these formalities.

Before disembarkation please collect a debrief form from reception.
The debrief form is to let us know if you have encountered any problems with the boat or broken anything during the trip, this enables us to rectify problems for the next charter.

In addition to filling in forms we also require you to bag dirty laundry and leave in the cockpit, empty all cupboards and fridges of food and throw away, return snorkel gear and any lifejackets borrowed from reception and ensure that the boat is handed back to Sunsail in a clean and tidy state.  We reserve the right to charge for boats left less than shipshape.

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About the marina

Marina facilities

Facilities at the base include showers and toilets (open 24hrs a day) and located near the Sunsail office. Please ask Sunsail staff for a key if it is a weekend or Public Holiday. Other facilities include ATM, shops, swimming pool, restaurant, cafeteria, bar, laundry and souvenir shop.

Ice will be provided on the boat on arrival at the Sunsail Base. All Sunsail yachts are equipped with 12V refrigerators.

A free car park is available for Sunsail customers at the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Beach Resort & Casino. The parking is not secured, but the marina is guarded 24 hours a day.

Dock facilities
Your boat’s tanks will be full on delivery of your charter yacht.

The quantity of diesel is generally enough for your cruise. If you need to refuel during your cruise please, call the Sunsail base before refuelling (the price per liter is approx. 1, 34€ (Fuel) and 1, 82€ (Super).

Sailing licences

Experience level
Mahe is a Level 3 sailing area

Experience levels are based on sailing conditions and the length of passages within your chosen sailing area.  Follow the link for more information on the sailing conditions. This rating scale is designed as a guide based on the prevailing conditions during the most popular season.

Level 3 – Equates to 20 days sailing, 400 miles on an equivalent yacht or RYA Day Skipper qualification with experience to a higher level.

Seychelles port authorities have recently updated their sailing certification requirements, which requires skippers to submit all the necessary qualifications as detailed here no later than 7 days prior to departure date. All qualifications must be in English or French – no other language will be accepted. If your qualification is in another language, you will need to obtain a certified translation of your qualification. 

To submit your qualifications, please email

Sailing grounds

Skippered charter information
The skipper’s time is booked from 12:00pm to 12:00pm in 24-hour periods. If you have reserved him for the first day of your charter and have a 6:00pm start, he will use this time to ensure he is happy with all aspects of the yacht and will be at the base to meet you upon your arrival. If you have reserved him for a later date on your charter he will start at 12:00pm on that day.

The skipper is responsible for the safety of the yacht at all times. He is not permitted to dive with you, nor leave the vessel overnight. He must conduct a safety brief with you before leaving the dock regardless of the duration of his contract with you.

For “check-out charters” (anything less than the full duration of the charter) the checkout skipper’s time is booked from 6:00pm to 6:00pm to allow for a meet and greet in the evening and go over basic systems, then a full day with you the next day. This skipper is required to give you a thorough briefing on all aspects of the yacht and dinghy, in addition to assisting you with planning an itinerary for the trip and advising you on how to contact the base, the return to base procedures, and the emergency assistance procedures. It is suggested that you attend the scheduled chart brief that will be supplemented by the skipper during his time with you on the yacht. It is also suggested that you make it clear exactly what you want to cover… anchoring, docking, etc.

The skipper will be required to give you as much information as you require concerning the yacht and its systems, sailing skills, and navigation in general.

The skipper fee does not include food or beverages for the skipper and is therefore your responsibility. It is suggested that you discuss this on the first day with the skipper and establish whether you will give the skipper cash for meals, whether you have included him in your provisioning, or whether you will accommodate him as part of the group for meals ashore.

The skipper must have his own cabin. For one-day check out skipper’s it is your responsibility to get the skipper back to the base. If you prefer not to come back to the base you must pay for his expenses (ferry, taxi, etc.) to get him back to the base.

The average tip for a skipper is 15 to 20% of the skipper’s fee. This is, of course, at your discretion.  
More information on Skippered Charter Options.

Download Sunsail’s Seychelles Cruising Guide here.

Deck Hand

Please note that a deck hand is a legal requirement in the Seychelles if travelling to the outer islands.

Luggage + packing list
We would highly recommend packing prescription medicine and essential clothing (swimsuit, t-shirt and shorts) in your hand luggage as occasionally your luggage may arrive at the base after you do.

Please pack using soft-sided bags, as these are easier to store on your yacht.

Sailing area restrictions
As far south as the South of Mahe. Northern limits are to Bird and Denis Island. West as far as Silhouette and North Island and east as far as Praslin and the immediate islands, such as La Digue, Grand and Petite Seour and Cureouce.

No restricted areas for sailing, except the military harbour of Victoria in the Inner Islands… For the Amirantes an authorization is required (charter on a boat with an Outer Islands licenced with a local skipper only).

Mooring Areas: any mooring on the nearby islands except Police Bay, in the south of Mahe, Coco Islands and Grand Anse in Praslin (Dangerous access).

In the Marine Parks and Beau Vallon Bay in Mahé, the anchorage is restricted.

Visiting the islands: The owner’s permission must always be obtained before visiting private islands. Some islands or moorings are forbidden for environmental and conservation reasons. Anything else you need to know will be explained during the chart briefing.

Night sailing
You are not permitted to sail at night unless it has been agreed with the base manager prior to departure.

Charts + pilot books
All the charts and pilot books you will need for the sailing area are on board the yacht. 

Moorings fees + taxes
Taxes are payable to go ashore on some islands. Taxes vary from one island to another.

Apart from The Eden Island Marina – Sunsail Base – in Mahe, there is one other option in the Bay Sainte Anne, Praslin. Contact Dream Yacht marina by VHF before arrival. The average price for a berth is between 45/75 €. The port of La Digue welcomes only 3 or 4 yachts at a time. You have to contact the harbour master before arrival on VHF channel 16. For the other islands you must anchor in a safe cove for the night.

Cruising permits + taxes
The harbour master’s office is located in the main harbour of Victoria: + 248 22 47 01

The Port & Marine division (harbour control) is a restricted area. There are no formalities to complete by the skipper before departure. The Sunsail base will take care of it. On departure and arrival in Victoria’s channel, the skipper must contact Harbour Control by VHF (16) to inform the port office.

There are landing and visitor fees for certain islands. The amount per person/per cruise for one week is approximately 120€. We advise you to anticipate a small cash reserve on board to cover these fees. You will, in this way avoid trying to put together the money at the time of landing. These fees are usually paid in foreign currency to the island’s custodian who will also provide you with the tickets. The fees listed below are provided as a guideline.

Mahe St Anne Marine Park
Open daily from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
10€ per person per day +10€ for the boat for night mooring
Baie Ternay Marine Park
Open daily from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
10€ per person per day /after 5:00 pm 10€ for the boat only

Other Islands

Ile Coco Marine Park
Open daily from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm / 10€ per person per day

Cousin Island
Open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
25€ per person / Landing between 9:00 am and 10:00 am for guided tours

Big Sister Island
Open Monday to Friday 10:30 am – 3:00 pm
Closed Sunday & Public Holidays 23€ per person – Private Island

La Digue Island
Disembarkation Free of charge
L’Union Estate Visit & pass to Anse Source d’Argent. Open daily, 4€ per person.

Silhouette Island
Open daily with Clearance /20€ per person: Request at I.D.C. Office before departure

Aride Island
Open Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
30€ per person / Landing before 10:00 am for guided tour

Curieuse & Saint Pierre
Open daily / 10€ per person / Curieuse Island visit and snorkelling in Saint Pierre

Praslin Island
Disembarkation Free of charge
Vallée de Mai Visit, Open daily /15€ per person

Bird Island
Open daily / 40€ per person

North Island, Small Sister Island, Marianne Island, Denis Island & Fregate Island
Closed to the public – No landing- Private islands

Health + safety

Illness or injury
If you get sick and visit the doctor or hospital during your trip please have a member of your party contact the Sunsail base manager as soon as possible.

Swim Safe 

Take extreme care when swimming or snorkelling in the Seychelles, even on organised excursions, and particularly with children or the elderly. 

Snorkel vests, Life Jackets and Diver Down flags are all available on board.


Be aware of your surroundings

Look out for others

Do not overestimate your ability


All yachts are equipped with adult life jackets, harnesses, snorkel vests & diver down flags. You can see all this equipment demonstrated in our online safety briefing, and we strongly recommend that you make use this equipment during your holiday. This safety equipment will be displayed in the saloon of your boat on boarding. If you have any questions feel free to ask our base staff during your briefing. 

We have a very limited supply of children’s life jackets on base so highly recommend that if you are travelling with children, you bring their own. This ensures that children have correctly fitting jackets that are comfortable for them.  

Children should not be allowed in the dinghy without a life jacket or buoyancy aid and should wear a buoyancy aid or harness while on deck. 

Children under the age of 16 should not operate an outboard engine and should be supervised at all times when in the dinghy.

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All provisioning orders should be placed no later than 7 days prior to the charter start date. Sunsail Provisioning offers a wide range of Food and Drinks packages to suit your party’s needs.


In Victoria itself there are 4 restaurants open in the evenings, serving Creole or Chinese food with many other places to eat at Beau Vallon, a short taxi ride away.

Many different bars and restaurants can be found around the islands and there are 3 casinos and a cinema on Mahé. Some of the larger hotels have discos and there are 2 night clubs in Victoria.

Pirate Arms Restaurant & Bar
Independence Avenue,
Victoria Tel: + 248 22 50 01
A popular restaurant in Victoria.
Creole & International food. Prices: main course approx. 70 SCR (11€) .

Marie Antoinette Restaurant
Grand Trianon,
St Louis Tel: + 248 26 62 22
Creole food A complete Creole meal for 125 SCR (18€) without alcohol.
You can see the turtle nursery in the garden.

Boat House Restaurant
Beau Vallon,
Tel: + 248 24 78 98
Creole buffet and BBQ A complete meal (without drinks) approx. 170 SCR (30€)

The Boardwalk Bar and Lounge, Eden Island marina’s very own watering hole. Located on the boardwalk, a mere 100m from the yacht pontoon, the Bar and lounge plays host to live bands and DJs. 


Tipping is standard and expected in all restaurants / bars and for other services undertaken during your vacation. The rule of thumb is generally 10-15% of the amount charged. Some establishments automatically add this onto the bill.

Suggested Restaurants

Marie-Antoinette St Louis

Boat House Beau-Vallon: 248 424 7898

Maison Marengo Aux Cap: 7 Pm Till 10 Pm, 248 251 0800

Bravo Eden Island: 248 434 6020, Mon-Sat, 12 Noon To 10 Pm, Sunday Closed

Tamasa Eden Island : 248 434 6880, Mon – Sun, 11 Am To 11 Pm, Tuesday 12 Noon To 11 Pm

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Around the base

HotelsLe Relax Hotel & Restaurant (allows 1-night stays)
P. O. Box 215,
Anse Royale, Mahe,
Tel: +248 38 29 00
Fax: +248 37 19 00

Perched over a cliff, overlooking the bay of Anse Royale and the Chauve Souris island, Le Relax is situated in the South of Mahé. The Seychelles International Airport is a 15 minute drive from the hotel and can be reached either by easily available taxi or Public transport.

Berjaya Beau Vallon Beach Resort & Casino***
P.O.Box 550 Victoria, Mahe,
Tel: +248 28 72 87 – Fax: +248 24 79 43
Email : 

Amenities: AC , DSTV, restaurant, bar, swimming pool
North West coast of the island, on the beach. The resort is 15 km from Seychelles International Airport and a mere 5 km from the capital, Victoria.  

The Wharf Hotel and Marina
P O Box 740
GPS: 04 38.73S 055 28.58E
Tel: +248 670700
Fax: +248 601701
The hotel is on the east coast of Mahe, right between, and just 5 minutes away, from both the International Airport and the Country’s Capital, Victoria.


The local currency is the Seychelles Rupee (SCR). Due to fluctuating exchange rates it is strongly recommended to take either Euros or US$ (in small denominations) rather than the Rupee, as the Rupee is not widely accepted.

Please note that the Sunsail base is unable to accept the Rupee. All transactions, provisioning, services etc made through the Sunsail base will need to be made in Euros or US$.

Credit card information
Credit Card: American Express, Eurocard/MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted.

There are a few ATMs in Victoria, Praslin and La Digue located in front of each bank (24h/24h). Cash and travelers checks can be changed at banks at the airport and in some villages around Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.

Absa Branches: Airport /Providance /Hyper Market / Victoria / Beau Vallon / Anse Royale

Mcb: Airport / Providance / Edend Island / Victoria /Anse Royale

Nouvo Banque: Airport /Eden Idland /Victoria 

We Accept Euro /Usd/ Scr

Visa Card But Not American Express

Money Changer Eden Island Jpl Exchange 248 4346615

Mon -Fri 8.30 Am To 6 Pm

Sat 9 Am -6pm

Sun 9 Am -1pm

Jamboo Money Exchange Victoria

248 2781399

Supermarkets are located in Victoria, five minutes by car from the Sunsail office. Supermarkets are generally open daily except Sunday, from 8:00am to 5:00 pm. You can pay by cash in Seychelles Rupees (SCR).

Other locations:

Spar Eden Island: 8am To 6pm Mon-Sun, and Public Holiday.

Their Shopping It Can Be Deliver To The Boat

STC Hyper Market Bois De Rose: 8am To 7pm Weekdays and Sunday 9am To 1pm

Taxi No Delivery.

Mohan Shopping Centre Plaisance: Opening Hours 8am Till Late in the evening. 

They Do Delivery Contact Ameen 248 2610445

ISPC Bois De Rose: 248 438 9200 

Can Place Online Provisioning and will be delivered onboard 

They Also Have A Branch At Anse Royale And Beau-Vallon.



In the centre of Victoria the open-air Market : Selwyn Market, Market Street (“Rue du Bazard”).

Local Vegetable and fruits, fish, craft. Open during the week from 6:00am until 4:00pm and Saturday until 12:00am. Closed on Sunday.

Pay Cash in SCR.

Visitors are required to use only foreign currency when making payments to hotels and guesthouses and when paying for other hospitality-related expenses such as renting cars or boats, the services of tour operators or travel agents, patronage of the casino, and domestic transfers within the Seychelles. Small incidental purchases in restaurants outside hotels, shopping (excluding duty-free shops) and taxi fares are payable in local currency (Seychelles Rupees).

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Things to do

Car rental
Avis, Europcar, Hertz and other companies are located at the airport. The average price is from 55 to 90€ per day with insurance.

Anse Major – 1-1.5 hrs each way. This relatively easy trail winds its way along the rocky north western coastline of Mahé, leading to the small secluded beach of Anse Major. Much of this trail lies within the boundaries of the Morne Seychellois National Park, with spectacular rock slopes (called ‘glacis’ in Seychelles) and native vegetation typical of the drier areas of Mahé.

Vallée de Mai – Praslin – 2-4 hrs. The legendary Vallée de Mai is one of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Seychelles, and was once believed to be the original Garden of Eden. This hauntingly beautiful primeval forest is home to some 6,000 Coco de Mer trees. The paths allow some flexibility in that hikers can double back before completing the entire track, but to explore all the paths and really absorb the atmosphere of the Vallée de Mai, it’s best to allow 3-4 hours.

Water toys + sports

Game fishing and bottom fishing are excellent on Bird Island! The island’s close proximity to the Seychelles Continental Shelf means that fishing starts immediately after ‘Na Zdravi’ (the boat operated by the island’s only hotel) leaves the protection of the reef. Almost all of the charter time on the boat is spent fishing … not traveling to distant fishing grounds.

Scuba diving is strictly regulated in the Seychelles. Please arrange in advance with The Sunsail base.

Le Diable des Mers, Beau Vallon, Mahe (Tel: +248 24 71 01)
Underwater Center Dive Resorts, Mahe (Tel: +248 24 73 57)
Cote d’Or Octopus Diving, Anse Volbert, Praslin (Tel: +248 23 23 50)
Dive Resort Seychelles, Desroches Amirantes Islands (Tel +248 22 91 19)

We have a range of snorkeling gear which you may wish to use. We are limited on children’s sizes so if you have your own you may wish to bring them with you.

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For more information on what’s included on your yacht, please view the full list here.

Sailing conditions

Max temp
Min temp
Avg precipitation
Avg wind speed
Dominant wind direction 
Mahe (Seychelles)

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