Owning a Sailboat or Catamaran

The Sunsail Yacht Ownership Program

Take the next step and own it with confidence. Experience the pride and joy of owning a monohull or catamaran. Sail in some of the world’s best cruising grounds and experience the most captivating destinations from a new perspective. You can choose between two ownership programs (guaranteed income or the option to purchase) to own your boat without the constraints. Here’s an overview of the benefits for Sunsail owners:

Discover how the Yacht Ownership program works in the fun video below:

As the world’s most extensive charter yacht management programme, Sunsail offers exceptional boats, locations, and prices with plenty of flexibility and freedom. With our great owner benefits and two payment options, we’re confident the Sunsail Yacht Ownership Programme is the best and most cost-effective way to own a yacht. Get in touch to browse our selection of sailboats for sale.

Sunsail Yacht Brokerage


Our brokerage service offers the world’s largest selection of secondhand or used charter yachts. The boats are competitively priced and undergo an extensive phase-out maintenance programme, so you can enjoy worry-free cruising. Our fleet includes monohulls, catamarans, and power catamarans, ranging from 30 to 60 feet. You are sure to find a used catamaran or monohull that suits your needs and budget.

Leopard Catamarans

Leopard Catamarans

All the Catamarans that are in the fleet of Sunsail are Leopard Catamarans. Leopard Catamarans is a worldwide reference for spacious, robust, performance-driven blue-water cruising catamarans. These multihulls offer exceptional seaworthiness and cruising performance, combined with complete comfort and an extensive equipment list.

Choose from the award-winning Leopard line of blue water cruising catamarans, including three different sailing catamarans, Leopard 42, Leopard 45, and Leopard 50, and two Powercats, Leopard 53 PC and the brand new Leopard 46 PC.

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Learn more about how Sunsail Yacht Ownership can work for you. Discovering the world by sea is a lot easier when you take ownership of your time on your yacht. Whether you are ready to buy now or just interested in further information, get in touch with your yacht sales agent below.


Melanie Russell
Sunsail / Moorings Charter Yacht Sales Agent
28 Thurecht Parade.  Scarborough 4020.
Queensland.  Australia.
+61 (0)419 444 693

Mel is our Sunsail / Moorings Yacht Sales agent. She started her career in the United Kingdom, but now calls Australia home. Mel grew up with saltwater in her veins, sailing dinghies before progressing to larger yachts when she began work in the Charter sailing industry with Sunsail in 2003. This gave her the opportunity to work in the many beautiful sailing hotspots worldwide. Her first-hand knowledge of the all the best sailing destinations is shared generously with her Charter customers ensuring sailing holidays are everything they should be, and more. With this extensive sailing and Charter sales background, Mel has moved seamlessly into the sales of Charter Yacht Ownership programs, representing the major brands of Sunsail, and The Moorings. Mel will be delighted to explain the many benefits of these programs.

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