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Sardinia one-week bareboat

Glamorous coastal cruising
Discover the highlights of the glamorous Costa Smeralda and Maddalena Archipelago on a Sardinian bareboat charter vacation. From our base in Cannigione you’ll catch the famous winds of the Tyrrhenian Sea on a tour of Italy’s most prestigious coastal spots.

Tuck into unique Sardinian cuisine, explore sunny beaches and craggy islets and shop boutique stores in the haunts of the rich and famous.


  • Glamorous coast
  • Sardinian cuisine
  • Golf and yacht clubs
  • La Maddalena beaches
  • Boutique and designer shopping
  • Snorkel Tavolara Marine Protected Area
Santa Maria beach on Sardinia

Sardinia and Corsica Flotilla

Discover the dazzling Costa Smeralda and Maddalena Archipelago on a Sardinian flotilla charter. Launching from our base in Cannigione, catch the stout winds of the Tyrrhenian Sea on a group tour of some of Italy’s most prestigious island-hopping spots. Immerse yourself in unique Sardinian culture, relax on sun-soaked beaches and explore craggy islets frequented by the rich and famous.



  • Glamorous coastlines
  •  La Maddalena beaches
  •  Authentic Sardinian cuisine
  •  Rugged landscapes and hiking
  •  Lavezzi Islands’ Nature Reserve

2024 Departure Dates:

  • May 11, 2024
  • June 15, 2024
  • July 6, 2024
  • Aug 31, 2024
  • Sep 14, 2024
  • Sep 28, 2024

*The program may be changed due to weather conditions or particular/unforeseen events.

**The cost of participation is €240 per person, which includes lead yacht, assistance, fuel, welcome drink and happy hour. Cost of yacht, mooring fees and restaurants are not included.

To book a Sardinia Flotilla charter, call 888 350 3568.

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What Guests are Saying


Everything was as expected and perfect in my opinion .

Mike Malepsy Tortola

Excellent service and assistance in trip planning. Great support while we were on our trip.

William Nagel Tortola

Everything was fantastic. This was such a special trip and we are grateful to Sunsail for making it so incredible.

John Crouch Tortola

Fantastic customer experience. The staff are polite and patient. They take time to explain the boat and answer questions.

They even sat down to review our sailing itinerary and made suggestions based on local weather and sailing experience to ensure we started our week off right!

Jodie Buenning St Martin

Well-Maintained boat — helpful staff throughout whole process — our AMAZING Captain Nibbs!!

Karen Smith Tortola

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