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Spring Sailing in the Mediterranean

Spring Sailing in the Mediterranean

Spring in the Mediterranean is beautiful and more importantly, peaceful. Between late March and early June, you can experience the natural wonders of the Mediterranean bloom into life on land and sea. Let’s take a look at the wonders of springtime in the glorious Med.

The Cultural Holidays

Spring marks the dawn of fresh harvests, new blooms and Easter. Celebrating Easter goes far back before the time of Christianity as Europeans have always celebrated the regeneration of nature, warmer days and prosperity it brings to the land.
The biggest religious holiday in the Southern Europe is Easter and is celebrated with costume, outdoor festivities and traditional food. This is deeply spiritual time for the locals and one that has its roots in ancient tradition.

easter culture

Abundant Nature

The spring season starts to bring in an abundance of migrating animals to the region and to the seas. Expect to spot dolphins, whales and various bird species on the islands.

nature in spring

Holiday with the Locals

During Late March and early June, you can enjoy most of the places to yourself as peak tourist season starts only in mid-June. While many places might be closed until then, you might be lucky to find those hidden gems that are open whole year round to the locals. You’ll definitely get a chance to experience real life on the islands.

spring in the med

Plenty of Space

During summer, finding mooring spots can be tricky as the bays are always full. During spring, you can be assured of always finding mooring spots around the best towns with no worries. Moorings fees are also much cheaper before July.

sailing in spring

Good Weather

While the waters might still be too cold for a swim, you will get warm sunny days that can go up to 30 degrees in the Month of May. You can still enjoy plenty of outdoor activities and catch up on some pre-summer sun bathing.

med spring

Spring Savings

Let’s not forget that prices before the tourist peak season are significantly lower and this includes airfare. Costs in Europe are overall cheaper so you can enjoy furthering your sailing holiday and do more travel around the Mediterranean and rest of Europe.

explore the med

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