International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

Get your ICC and skipper your own yacht.


The International Certificate of Competence (ICC) is a test of competence that provides the student with an internationally recognised qualification. 

The assessment is a mix of theoretical and practical elements. Ideally before you join us; you should be familiar with collision regulations, safety on board, basic chart work and pilotage. We recommend that you take the online RYA Essential Navigation course, prior to attending an ICC weekend. This will give you a basic introduction to chart work. This is a fun and interactive 6-8 hours course that you take online. 

The ICC, RYA, or higher certification, is required in both Croatia and Greece and other countries, particularly in Europe, where governments are increasingly looking for recognised certificates to confirm the student reaches an internationally agreed level of competence. 


  • Internationally recognised Certificate of Competence
  • Allows the holder to sail in countries where formal qualifications are compulsory
  • One-day assessment and exam
  • ICC/RYA Day Skipper required for sailing in Greece and Croatia

Course information

Class size: 5:1 maximum ratio

Course times: 9am – 5pm

What’s included: lunch on board the yacht.

Booking an ICC Assessment

Please email or call us on 02394 350 505 for availability.


The certificate is available to a person who fulfils the following eligibility criteria:

Where to take this course with Sunsail

Portsmouth, UK

Why take this course with Sunsail?

The International Certificate of Competence Assessment is an internationally recognised certificate that enables the holder to sail in countries where formal qualifications are compulsory.

As many countries now require visiting yachtsmen to hold formal qualifications, the ICC provides documentary assurance from one government to another that the holder meets an agreed level of competence. The ICC is a test of competence, it is not a qualification.

If you have attended an RYA practical training course, presenting your certificate with your ICC application form may be sufficient, or you can take the one-day exam from our base in Port Solent, UK.

Most EU Nationals are eligible to apply for the ICC but please note that The ICC cannot be issued to applicants who are from a country who has signed Resolution 40. For a list of ineligible countries please click here

Course syllabus

Short passage

Departing a pontoon

Alongside skills

360-degree turn

Securing to a buoy

Handling under sail

Power manoeuvres

Theory test


Regulations and Pilotage


There is currently no requirement to have completed a specific course covering the above and completion of any good all round basic tidal navigation and seamanship theory course should be sufficient.

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