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Discover Thailand

Discover Thailand

Chartering your own private yacht amplifies the Thai experience three-fold; freedom, fun, and adventure. You’ll have the freedom to explore regions of Thailand that are off-the-grid of the normal tourist traps. A yacht full of your eight best friends, or close family, exploring new places and creating great memories is so much fun; nothing quite compares to getting up to time together on a yacht, disconnected from our normal stress-filled world, diving off the yacht into the cool water and swimming with exotic fish whenever you so please. Not only is chartering your own yacht an adventure in itself, but being able to jump in the dingy or kayak, or don the snorkel gear will tantalize the senses of the greatest adventures.

Not-to-miss spots

Phi Phi Island (Koh Phi Phi Don)

The picturesque Phi Phi Island didn’t earn its acclaim for anything; from incredible snorkeling with colorful marine life, hiking and water-sport opportunities, great food and shopping to the vibrant nightlife, Phi Phi has an unlimited supply of things to do. Hike to the summit and take in the stunning views of the island, then fill up with fresh seafood, tom yum and pad thai, before watching the fire dancers on the beach.

Paradise Beach Resort (Koh Yao Noi)

Slow things down at Koh Yao Noi. This beautiful beach is so serene and romantic, complete with a quiet beach restaurant, tree-hanging swings, and beautiful flowers. It wouldn’t be surprising for a few wedding proposals to have happened on this beach. You can spend the day riding elephants on a guided tour of Koh Yao Noi Island before enjoying a blue and pink toned sunset dinner on the beach at the Paradise Beach Resort.

Phang Nga Bay

This sheltered bay is just stunning, with towering limestone pillars and tangled mangroves; there are lots of sheltered inlets and lagoons to explore by dingy or kayak. Having your own private yacht makes it so easy to explore the areas normal tourist groups do not, so don’t be surprised if you’re totally alone when exploring this region. Be sure to check out James Bond Island – it is an absolute tourist hub, but you can’t say you’ve been to Thailand without seeing the main feature in the James Bond movie ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’.

Krabi Island

Krabi is another island with a spectacular limestone rock face covered in tropical flowers and hanging jungle inhabited by white-faced gibbons, giant lizards, and majestic birdlife – keep your eyes peeled for these locals. Take a peaceful dingy ride through the center of the island, or kick back and relax on one of the many beaches surrounding the island.

Thailand 365 days a year

Thailand is warm all year round, averaging around 26 degrees Celsius, so no matter when you choose to travel you’re sure to get warm weather. November to February are prime months to vacation in Thailand as the weather is warm and dry, however, you are likely to pay top dollar during this period. If you choose to travel May to November, you’ll experience some lovely warm weather, but be aware it is humid and you’re likely to encounter sporadic storms and showers. If you can bear the erratic weather, you are likely to get a great vacation deal travelling in these months. For the real tropical climate, March to May are also good months to travel.

Can’t sail? No worries!

Sailing school is a great option in Thailand as it is open year round and youill get the best of all three worlds:

Vacation on a yacht
Awesome experience in Thailand
Sailing qualification
Top tips for sailing in Thailand



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