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The Best Islands To Visit in Tahiti by Sailboat

The Best Islands To Visit in Tahiti by Sailboat

You won’t need much on a holiday to Tahiti. This tropical island escape only requires your bathing suit, sunscreen and an attitude of adventure. Each island in this archipelago has something special to offer visitors who dare to venture these gems in the South Pacific. Venture into its lush tropical forests, hike up its volcanoes and find the hidden waterfalls. The water here is warm throughout the year and you will not have to go too far out or deep to discover the wealth of marine life in its lagoons. Your days spent on its beaches are filled with the rich scent of growing vanilla, sunshine and looming volcanoes on the horizon. You will love the wealth of culture and diversity from the ancient customs of the Polynesian islanders to the fusion of new inhabitants who have made these isles their home.


Called the Homeland of Ancient Polynesia, Raiatea is believed to be where the ancient Polynesian cultures began and then spread out across the Pacific to New Zealand and across to Hawaii. Considered the ‘heartbeat” of Tahiti, Raiatea is surrounded by beautiful blue seas and covered in rich green forest that lead all the way up the iconic Mount Temehani. With plenty of natural volcanic lagoons and bays, mooring your yacht around these islands is easy and space is aplenty. Raiatea offers sacred trails to explore by horseback, 4×4 and by foot. Tahiti also offers a variety of water sports and activities, from snorkeling, whale watching and the best surfing spots to ride its legendary waves.


Bora Bora

Created out of the remnant of great Volcanic eruptions, Bora Bora is a true nature lovers paradise as it is surrounded a by a life-rich lagoon and barrier reef. While Bora Bora has become synonymous as a luxury tourism destination, it is still worth the visit and one made easier on board you private charter. The ancient Polynesians called it the “place created by the Gods” for its breathtaking beauty and its wealth of nature on an around the island. You will fall in love with its deep turquoise translucent lagoon and delight in the exotic flavors of its cuisine. A visit to Bora Bora will not disappoint.

Bora bora


Sparkling pearls and sweet vanilla describes the allure of the tiny island of Taha’a or Tahaa that lies between Bora Bora and the main island of Tahiti. The rich vanilla scent derives from its plantations located on the island and is Tahaa’s main export. Tahaa is surrounded by a coral reef making exploring these waters easy to explore from the beach. Enjoy a trip to the vanilla plantations, try your luck at pearl diving, do a ‘motu picnic’ and venture off onto the ancient hiking trails into the rainforest.


Huahine Nui

Huahine is also known as the “Island of Women” and is considered the Eden of the South Pacific. Huahine is comprised of two islands that are linked by a single sand spit that can only be seen during low tide. This small island’s biggest attraction are its 6-foot blue-eyed fresh water eels, considered sacred animals by the Polynesian cultures. Its wild, lush vegetation will delight all those who wander through its forests and visitors will enjoy the white sand beach of Parea. Those looking to discover the marine life will not be disappointed as the surrounding coral reef offers plenty to see for all both snorkelers and divers.



Nothing can be more romantic than a heart-shaped island in the tropics! Tupai is also the home of Pere, the Polynesian Goddess of fire and passion. This heart of the archipelago in the South Pacific offers a real treat for those who venture here. Tupai is one island where you will find peace and serenity as very few visitors venture out here. It offers a ‘motu picnic’ area under the coconut trees and nature lovers will enjoy bird watching its rare bird species and nesting turtles from the month of November onwards.


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