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The Best Greek Islands & Places to Visit on an Ionian Sailing Vacation

Sunsail traces its roots back to Greece, where we pioneered the first flotilla voyages in the Greek Islands in 1974. Decades later, we’re still endlessly captivated by this exceptional cruising ground where the Sunsail story first started.

On an island-hopping vacation in Greece, you can launch into an exhilarating journey from CorfuLefkas, and Athens, our launchpad bases that act as excellent vantage points to the surrounding area’s most exciting pursuits. During the spring and summer seasons, the waters of Greece come to life with sailors soaking in the sun-drenched Mediterranean, but we’ve got some helpful guides to help you see the top islands and places to visit on a spirited sailing vacation in the Greek Ionians.


If its reputation as the Queen of the Ionian doesn’t give it away, the island of Corfu is a must-see on any Greek sailing itinerary. During summer months, some of Corfu’s most beautiful beaches open their access and offer visitors an idyllic playground to enjoy refreshing swims below its dramatic cliff formations. Kerkyra, the old town of Corfu, has plenty to do and see with popular museums, delectable restaurants, and ancient archeological ruins. Corfu is also fancied for its castles and fortresses located around the island. Walk the path of legendary soldiers and reflect on Corfu’s rich and tumultuous history while enjoying breathtaking views of the Ionians and its surroundings.


The Island of Paxos

Also known as Paxi, this quaint hideaway destination is comprised of two small islands, Paxi or Paxoi and Antipaxoi or Antipaxos. During summer months, Paxos offers a breathtaking escape from congested tourist crowds. Home to small fishing towns and many charming harbors teeming with aquamarine waters and perfect beaches, visitors have access to a bounty of water sporting activities. While winding through cobble-stoned streets and touring old churches, you can dine on delicious cuisine with the fresh catch of the day determining the daily menu. A Paxos treat: don’t forget to sample the island’s locally-grown fine wine, of which its roughly 100 inhabitants are extremely proud.



Swooping hills, cliffs, and dreamy beaches all come to define the natural beauty of Lefkas. The waters here are perfect in the summer and it has some of the best sailing grounds in Greece. One of the best things about Lefkas is its authentic atmosphere that is not overrun with tourists and commercialism, unlike many other major Greek islands and cities. Enjoy hikes and walks in the lush pine forests, white sand beaches and enjoy exploring the old fishing villages around the coastline.



This small fishing town is truly a delight for those looking to explore an off-the-map Greece. Kanali, Preveza’s most desirable seaside village, and beach destination feature a long stretch of perfect white sand with chilled out beach bars scattered along the beachfront. Beachgoers spend hours or even the whole day as they wait for a magical sunset over the Ionians. The town itself has a rich history from the ancient Antiquity period all the way to World War II. It’s the only city with an undersea tunnel that connects to the nearby ancient city of Nicopolis, visited by the Apostle Paul.



Known for its great deal of archaeological sites and the famous Myrtos beach, Kefalonia remains largely uninhabited due to its intense earthquakes that frequently ravage the island. Even so, Kefalonia draws in many tourists every summer who enjoy its mysterious beauty and indented coastline of limestone cliffs, bays and short strips of white sand. The island offers plenty of nature trails that wind up and along Mount Ainos and around the whole island. The adventurous at heart will enjoy exploring Melissani Lake which leads to a deep underground water cave and further on into the vast chambers of Drogarati Caves. Koutavos Lagoon at the head of Argostoli Bay is an attractive nature reserve, rich with marine life which nourishes a wealth of unique and beautiful flora around the island. Among the many archaeological ruins, be sure to visit the island’s amphitheater-like village of Assos and the tholos tomb at Tzannata. Before your stay is over, enjoy the excellent Greek cuisine and unique wines harvested from the Kefalonian Robola Grape.


Tap into the friendly waterside spirit of Greece and take a taste of the freedom that the Mediterranean offers: are the Greek Ionians your next sailing destination?

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