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Exploring the Northern Dalmatian Coast of Croatia

The Dalmatian coast extends 12 158 km across the South of Croatia in the Mediterranean Sea. As a result, the region has come face to face with numerous wars from other sea-faring nations over the centuries. With many fortified walls facing the seas, each village has a special story to tell. The Northern region is renowned for its culinary offerings and unique wines. 


rogoznica croatia dalmation islands

Rogoznica was a popular holiday getaway for the wealthy European military officials. Rogoznica has a history that goes beyond a sleepy fishing village with a grand hotel. It is a meteorological and geographical wonder with amazing sites to visit all with their own legends to tell.

Best places to visit:

Now what is a visit to Croatia without touching on some dragon myths? This lake has a depth of 15 metres deep and is considered a unique geohydromorphological phenomenon as it shows no connection to the ocean or a nearby river. The lake has a high volume of hydrogen sulphide which causes it ‘boil’ at times. The legend goes that a defeated dragon gorged out its eyes throwing one to the North while the other one landed by its foot causing the deep lake in the island we see today.

dragons eye lake croatia

Another geographical wonder that lies off the island off Rogoznika that is home to the biggest waves of the Adriatic. The Cape Planka or Horn is a divider of the North and South Sea and you can witness its wild and serene beauty all at once. The region is mentioned in the legends of Pliny the Elder and Homer’s Iliad.

cap planka croatia

This national park holds the wondrous 7 waterfalls with a monastery built nearby. The scenery is beautiful and offers an interesting look into the natural life of the island.

krnk park croatia


Privic is home to just 2 small villages and is a car-free zone. This island’s main attraction is its food and beautiful vineyards which boasts some spectacular wines. The seas off its coast are home to a wide variety of fish species which are cooked up into scrumptious dishes. Don’t forget to stock up on their famous olive oil!

prvic croatia


Formerly known as the Troy of Croatia, the city of Skradin has been inhabited for almost 6000 years. It was formerly an Ilyran city, then taken over by the Romans and finally the Slavs. The town is home to an ancient fortress on a hill which offers wonderful views of the town and coastline. Visitors can also enjoy wine tasting, local cuisine and a visit to the town’s museum. You can also easily access Krka National Park from this town and visit the waterfalls.

sktadin croatia


Sevid is a sleepy coastal town that offers secluded beaches, amazing restaurants and plenty of outdoor activities. You can explore further inland from the town to smaller towns such as Split and Trogir. Sevid offers the ultimate escape from the more visited tourist areas and savour the easy life by the beach.

sevid croatia

You can explore the entire Northern Dalmatian region in 7 days on board your flotilla or private charter. Find out more below.



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