Sailing in the BVI

The Best Islands to Explore in The BVI

A once famous stop for the pirates looking to expand their riches beyond Europe, the British Virgin Islands is a place of mystery and beauty. Isolated and off the beaten path, the BVI offers easy sailing with beautiful treasure islands boasting something special for all visitors.


Tortola means ‘Turtle dove” and was believed to be named by Christopher Colombus. It is the largest and most populated island in the BVI and is home to many quays and harbours. It is also a popular starting point for exploring the BVI archipelago. One of its famous residents was Blackbeard the Pirate.
The island is home to many sheltered bays and dreamy beaches. You can escape the crowd’s at Smuggler’s Bay, enjoy the bustling shores of Brewer’s Bay or enjoy the many water sporting opportunities on its coast.

Tortola in the BVI

Virgin Gorda

Named the Fat Virgin as it’s said to look like a fat women lying on her side, the island is a must-see in the BVI. Beautiful beaches, rich Spanish towns and the amazing Virgin baths littered with granite boulders have made this island a tourist hot spot. The Virgin Baths are natural rock pool formations formed by early volcanic activity in the region, where visitors can delight in its warm blue waters than run between and below the looming boulders. You can also enjoy a visit to the abandoned Copper Mine, the many restaurants and wander along the hiking trails in the Little Fort National Park.

The Best Islands to Explore in The BVI

Jost van Dyke

Named after the Dutch pirate and settler of the island, Jost van Dyke is the smallest of the islands of the BVI. The Great harbour on the island is one of the busiest ports with numerous yachts, boats and cruise ships mooring in as visitors enjoy its cosmopolitan beaches. Jost van dyke is must for those looking for the best parties and nightlife on the islands, with its many restaurants and bars lining the beach front and famous New Year’s parties on the beach on the yachts.

Jost Van Dyk Island in the BVI

Peter Island

Peter Island is a privately owned island in the BVI. Its biggest beach, Deadman’s Bay, is available for daytime sailors and boaters. This mile-long crescent shaped beach offers bars, restaurants and shady palms lining the coast. There are also amazing hiking trails that take you through the island’s tropical forest where you can view some of the region’s most unique and beautiful untouched flora and fauna. It is believed that Deadman’s Bay got its name from pirates who attempted to swim from Deadman’s Chest, a neighbouring island, to Peter Island and died along the way. Many of those bodies ended up being washed up on these shores.

Peter Island in the BVI

Each island and each bay has something special to offer on a holiday in the BVI. Exploring and discovering these island by yacht is by far the best way to experience an authentic BVI adventure. The BVI also offers amazing water sporting opportunities from kite-surfing surfing, snorkelling, diving and more along its rich coral reefs and excellent swells. Are you ready to uncover your own hidden treasure in the BVI?



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