Tortola Yacht Charter – Tortola Island in the British Virgin Islands

Tortola Yacht Charter – Tortola Island in the British Virgin Islands

Step into true paradise as you kick start your BVI yacht charter in the beautiful island of Tortola. The largest island in the entire British Virgin Islands, Tortola is sure to leave a lasting impression on you, no matter who you are.

If you’re looking for incredible sunsets, lovely warm waters, brilliant sailing conditions, spectacular beaches, friendly locals and delicious food, Tortola is the place for you! Perfect for the whole family, there’s plenty of attractions, landmarks and activities to enjoy. Will you moor up and sunbathe on Long Bay Beach, unleash your wild side and surf the waves at Josiah’s Beach or hike around Sage Mountain National Park?

The best part? Our unique BVI itineraries start and end in Tortola so you can kick off your vacation in style and savour it as your last holiday memory too! So, what are you waiting for? Build a quote and get started with booking the Tortola yacht charter of your dreams today.

Tortola in the BVI

Where is Tortola?

To help you learn more about Tortola and prepare you for your arrival, we’ve put together a factfile on the must-know information about the island:

Size: 55.7 sq km (the largest island in the British Virgin Islands)

Population: approx. 24,000

Highest point: 1716 at the peak of Sage Mountain National Park

Location to main islands: Virgin Gorda to the East, Anegada to the North-East, Jost Van Dyke to the West. One of the closest islands to Tortola is Beef Island, connected by Queen Elizabeth Bridge

Language: English, Spanish and Virgin Islands English-Creole

Currency: Dollar

Religion: Mainly Christian

Cuisine: Seafood, roti, fungi, callaloo soup, Johnny cake and so many more delicious dishes

If you have any questions about Tortola, or a BVI yacht charter in general, contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer!

How to travel to Tortola

Travelling to and from Tortola truly couldn’t be easier as it’s one of the 4 main islands of the BVI, which means it’s very accessible. The main modes of transport are get to and from Tortola are:

Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport on Beef Island, Taddy Bay International Airport on Virgin Gorda, and Auguste George Airport on Anegada are the closest airports to Tortola so you can fly into one of those before jumping on a boat or ferry to reach the island. The main locations to catch a ferry to Road Town are Sopher’s Hole Dock on West End, Great Harbor on Jost Van Dyke, and Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda.

Once you’re on the wonderful island of Tortola, you can easily get around by foot, bus or taxi. As you’re booking a yacht charter, once you’ve boarded one of our incredible yachts, you’ll be able to easily sail to each of the British Virgin Islands!

Tortola Yacht Charter – Tortola Island in the British Virgin Islands

Why Tortola is worth visiting

As you’re thinking about enjoying a relaxing yacht charter in the Caribbean, there are plenty of incredible destinations and islands to explore. So, why choose the BVI and why visit Tortola? Here are some of our top reasons for kicking off your idyllic yacht charter in Tortola:

Can’t stop thinking about Tortola? Neither can we! Build your BVI yacht charter quote today and get ready to set sail from Tortola.

History of Tortola

From pirates and Dutch settlers to hurricanes and Columbus, the history of Tortola is rich and complicated. With the first inhabitants on the island settling over 2,300 years ago, Tortola has seen more than its fair share of settlers, including Amerindians, Taino Arawak, Carib, Dutch and British!

While ‘Tortuga’ is the famous destination in film franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, Tortola has also endured pirates invading its shores, as late as the 18th century. Although the waters are now pirate-free, who knows what treasures you’ll find as you explore the island and surrounding crystal clear sea.

For a taste of Tortola’s history, moor up at Road Harbour and spend your days roaming the ruins of St Michael’s Church, exploring Fort Charlotte or visiting Mount Healthy National Park and taking in the sights of the iconic windmill. Check out our recent blog on the best things to do in Tortola to find out more.

Fast forward to 2017 and Hurricane Irma swept through the British Virgin Islands, hitting Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke particularly hard. While it has been difficult for these islands to rebuild their paradise over recent years, Tortola has recovered incredibly and remains a blissful slice of heaven!

Tortola Yacht Charter – Tortola Island in the British Virgin Islands

Sunsail Yacht Charters in Tortola

If you can’t stop picturing yourself exploring the treasures of Tortola, relaxing on Long Bay Beach, sipping rum cocktails and scuba diving at Smuggler’s Cove, it’s time to book your BVI yacht charter!

Climb aboard in Tortola and set sail across the BVI, island hopping to Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and beyond. Whether you want a slow, relaxing holiday filled with stunning beaches, long lunches and sunset cocktails, or want a fast-paced, exhilarating trip with plenty of scuba diving, hiking and incredible activities, you do the BVI your way.

Take the helm and guide yourself around the warm Caribbean waters on a bareboat yacht charter, or hire one of our expert skippers for all or part of your holiday to take the pressure off. Whatever you choose, you can rest knowing you’ll be doing it in style aboard one of our world class catamarans or monohulls.

As you cast off in Tortola, follow your own destiny or let yourself be guided by one of our BVI itineraries, handpicked by experts to ensure the best possible sailing holiday. Will you watch the sun set in The Baths on Virgin Gorda, island hop to Jost Van Dyke or stay local and uncover the wonders of Tortola?

Build your BVI charter quote today and book your dream BVI yacht charter holiday – we’ll see you in Tortola!



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