Tropea, Italy

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Porto di Tropea
Via Marina del Descovado
89861 Tropea (VV)


Tropea is one of the most beautiful towns in Calabria on the south Tyrrhenian coast. It overlooks a crystal clear blue sea with stupendous white, sandy beaches ad fantastic rock formations. The town of Tropea has almost completely preserved its 16th century planning and is both historically and architecturally fascinating. The Aeolian Islands are only 30 miles from Tropea

Base Open Hours

Monday - Thursday: open according to arrivals
Friday - Saturday: 9:00am - 8:00pm or untill the last arrival
Sunday: 9:00am - noon or untill the last arrival
Note: outside of these hours the Tropea base manager can be contacted 24/7.
Season: The base is open from late March to early November. 

Base/Shore Facilities

Extensive facilities are available including , showers and toilets, hotel, restaurants, bars and clubhouse, selection of shops, mini market, laundry, dive center and fuel.

The Port of Tropea office is located at the entrance of the Port, not far from the Sunsail office and 30 meters from our boats. There you will find free showering and toilet facilities. There is also an automatic laundry. The cost for washing is € 3.50 per load. The cost for drying is also € 3.50 per load.

Also inside the Port of Tropea there is car parking for about 200 cars. Depending on the time of year, the cost ranges between €3 and €5 per day. Parking should be arranged in advance and requested direct by email to [email protected] to check for availability.

Sunsail has reserved berths in the Marina, just a short walk from the Sunsail office. Your first and last night’s moorings are complimentary. All other nights are at your expense and subject to availability. Payment details will be confirmed at the Base.

A post office is located in the town of Tropea a taxi ride away from the base. The Post Office is open From Monday to Friday 8:00am to 1:30pm and Saturdays from 8:00am to 12:00pm.

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Arrival & Departure

Time difference

Standard time zone in Italy is GMT + 1 hrs


Lamezia Terme airport lies in southern Italy, in the ‘point of the boot’ and is approximately 50 kilometres from the base.

Facilities at the airport include:

  • Money and Communication:  There are banks, money exchange office and ATM's. There are also computers with internet connection, and wireless internet is available.
  • Eating and Drinking:  There are a very modest number of restaurants and bars and one self-service restaurant.
  • Shopping:  The number of shops is also limited; there is a Duty Free shop, a few souvenir shops and a kiosk for papers, magazines and tobacco products.

It is advisable that Sunsail guests send their travel arrangements to us prior to departure so we can assist with transfer details where required.

Lamezia Terme Airport is approximately 50km from the Base. By car, the journey is about 1 hour.
Taxi from Lamezia Terme Airport to Tropea Base:
1-4 persons: €120 
5-8 persons: €200 
9-12 persons: €240

You can also travel to Tropea by train. Lamezia Terme Train station is 1.5km from the airport. From this station you can take a local train to Tropea. The journey takes approximately one hour and a ticket will cost €3.50 approx. From the station of Tropea it is then a five minute taxi ride to the Port.

Please Note: Guests arriving separately should bring a copy of the charter contract  invoice.


We would highly recommend packing prescription medicine and essential clothing (swimsuit, t-shirt and shorts) in your hand luggage as occasionally your luggage may arrive at the base after you do.
Please pack using soft-sided bags, as these are easier to store on your yacht.

Passport and Visas

Please ensure your passport is valid for the period of travel and for six months after you return.
Your passport name must match the name on the flight ticket otherwise you may not be able to travel and insurance may be invalid.

It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure relevant visas are obtained where necessary. Sunsail cannot be held responsible for refusal of entry or travel due to lack of visas. If you are in any doubt please contact your Embassy for full details.

Please note country entry/exit requirements are subject to change. Please check for the latest information before you leave. Sunsail is not accountable for any requirement changes.

Customs and Immigration

Before leaving the airport, you will have to clear Immigration and Customs.
No Visas are required for stays less than 90 days.
There is no departure tax payable.

On Arrival

Briefing Times: Chart briefings are scheduled between 6 pm and 7 pm local time depending on arrival followed by the boat briefing.  

The yacht briefing introduces you to your yacht, its systems, and rigging. It is carried out individually for each yacht. It is important that all systems and equipment are fully understood. Briefings are mandatory.

Out of hours arrival procedure

There will be a representative at the base until 11 pm who will accompany the client to their boat. The check-in and briefing will be completed the following morning.

On departure

Disembarkation: All charterers must return to base by 5:00 pm the night before disembarkation for debriefing and checks. Disembarkation is at 9:00 am the following morning.

Before departing their boat they will need to collect a debrief form from reception.
The debrief form is to let us know if they encountered any problems with the boat or broken anything during the trip, this enables us to rectify problems for the next charter.

In addition to filling in forms we also require you  to bag dirty laundry and leave in the cockpit, empty all cupboards and refrigerator of food and throw away, return snorkel gear and any lifejackets borrowed from reception and ensure that the boat is handed back to Sunsail in a clean and tidy state.  We reserve the right to charge clients for boats left less than shipshape.

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Sailing Information

Sicily Sailing Experience Level 2
Experience levels are based on sailing conditions and the length of passages within your chosen sailing area. Follow the link for more information on the sailing conditions.

Click here to view the sailing requirements in Italy. 

Sailing Licenses

To charter in Italy, there must be at least one certified skipper over 18 years old. The skipper should be competent at handling a yacht in close quarters, anchoring and mooring in varying conditions and be able to use navigation and pilotage skills to plan the day’s sailing and know your position at any time. As a yacht skipper, you are required to have an official sailing license or a certificate issued by the government of state approved organization as detailed below:

Skippers must have a Sailing license approved in their country of origin:

Skipper is REQUIRED to have one (1) of the following:

  • ICC (International Certificate of Competence), International – Prerequisites: RYA “Day Skipper Course” or similar/equivalent certification from any recognized sailing association or complete the ICC Assessment form to prove competence from previous experience.
  • IPC (International Proficiency Certificate), America – Prerequisites: ASA 104 or US Sailing “Bareboat Cruising Course”


  • RYA “Day Skipper Course” or above
  • US Sailing “Bareboat Cruising Course” or above
  • ASA “104 Bareboat Cruising Course” or above
  • Or a similar/equivalent certification from any recognized sailing association
Charter Preparation Tips

All sailing certificates must be sent to the base and received at least 2 weeks before the start of the charter. It is essential that you take your original skippers license or certificate with you in the event that the Port Authorities ask you to present it to them. If you do not have an official sailing license, by law the team at base will not be able to allow you to charter without an officially certified skipper onboard.

What if I do not have a license?

If you do not hold a recognized sailing license, we will assist you with pre-qualification based upon your level of experience or will assist you in finding an accredited program.

Please contact one of our vacation planners for more information.

Night Sailing

Night Sailing is not permitted; you must be moored at least one hour before sunset at all of our locations.

Cruising Area Limits

This information is provided in the chart briefing.

Mooring Fees and Taxes

Most overnight stops in this area will be at mooring buoys/anchor as opposed to alongside quays.  The buoys will cost approximately €50.00 per night, to be paid locally at each anchorage.  Marina fees start at approximately €40.00 per night and can be as much as €160.00 per night, depending on the time of the year and the size of boat.  

For Tropea should you wish to anchor at a buoy you will pay between €40.00 and €80.00 per night depending on the time of year.
Marina fees are more expensive and a daily rate based on the time of year and the size of yacht is charged.
These are approximate prices only.

Area & Sailing

More information on the sailing in this area

Charts & Pilot Book

All the charts and pilot books you will need for the sailing area are on board the yacht. 

Skippered Charter Information

The skipper’s time is booked from 12:00pm to 12:00pm in 24-hour periods. If you have reserved him for the first day of your charter and have a 6:00pm start, he will use this time to ensure he is happy with all aspects of the yacht and will be at the base to meet you upon your arrival. If you have reserved him for a later date on your charter he will start at 12:00pm on that day.

The skipper is responsible for the safety of the yacht at all times. He is not permitted to dive with you, nor leave the vessel overnight. He must conduct a safety brief with you before leaving the dock regardless of the duration of his contract with you.

For “check out charters” (anything less than the full duration of the charter) the check out skipper’s time is booked from 6:00pm to 6:00pm to allow for a meet and greet in the evening and go over basic systems, then a full day with you the next day. This skipper is required to give you a thorough briefing on all aspects of the yacht and dinghy in addition to assisting you with planning an itinerary for the trip and advising you how to contact the base, the return to base procedures and the emergency assistance procedures. It is suggested that you attend the scheduled chart brief that will be supplemented by the skipper during his time with you on the yacht. It is also suggested that you make it clear exactly what you want to cover…anchoring, docking, etc.

The skipper will be required to give you as much information as you require concerning the yacht and its systems, sailing skills and navigation in general.

The skipper fee does not include food or beverages for the skipper and are the responsibility of the client. It is suggested that you discuss this on the first day with the skipper and establish whether you will give the skipper cash for meals, whether you have included him in your provisioning or whether you will accommodate him as part of the group for meals ashore. The skipper must have his own cabin. 

For one-day check out skippers it is the client’s responsibility to get the skipper back to the base. If you prefer not to come back to the base you must pay for his expenses (ferry, taxi, etc.) to get him back to the base.

The average tip for a skipper is 15 to 20 percent of the skipper’s fee. This is, of course, at the client’s discretion.

More information on Skippered Charter options.


Available at the base
Cost:  Euros 1.20 per liter


Coolers are available at the base on a first come first served basis at no additional charge. Please sign these out and return them clean and undamaged otherwise they will be charged for replacement. Only one per boat.


WiFi is available, cost is as follows:

  • €80 per week per boat (5GB) - 5 connections
  • €100 per week per boat - 10 connections

WiFi is not included in your charter price. Please contact your Vacation Planning Specialist who can add this service to your contract.WiFi must be paid for locally in Euro upon arrival.

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Banks & Money Exchange


The Euro is the currency used throughout Italy.


Bank Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30am-1:30pm and Saturdays: 8:30am-1:00pm (during the summer months only) . ATM’s are operational 24 hours a day:

Credit Card Information

MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted throughout Italy.
Traveler’s checks are accepted in major Italian cities and tourist areas, however not in some very small establishments and outdoor markets.

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General Information


The language in Italy is Italian

Cost of living in Tropea

Approximate restaurant prices:

  • Bottle of beer 66cl - €2.50
  • Glass of wine - € 1.50
  • 1.5 ltr of water - € 1.00
  • Starter / Entrée - € 8.00
  • Evening meal main course € 7.00 - € 15.00
  • Dessert € 3.00- € 5.00

Tropea is full of small and affordable restaurants serving pizza and traditional local meals. You will find similar menus throughout town, generally offering the chance to try local seafood and the town's big speciality: sweet red onions. Other local treats to try include of course ice cream - for wild and bizarre flavors, visit Tonino's on the main street - and latte di mandorla, almond milk, a refreshing and cooling drink.

  • The Il Normanno + 39 0963 603240 Via Pontoriero, Tropea
  • Antico Borgo + 39 0963 62562 L. go Vaccari, Tropea
  • L’approdo di Ulisse- + 39 333 2235993 Porto Turistico, Tropea
  • La Pergola + 39 0963 62437 Via Annunziata, Tropea
  • Osteria del Pescatore + 39 0963 603477 Via del Monte, Tropea
  • Tre Fontane + 39 0963 61419 Vittorio Emanuele, Tropea
  • Trattoria da Pina +390 90 98 30 32 Panarea
  • La Nassa +390 90 981 13 19 Lipari

Tipping is standard and expected in all restaurants / bars and for other services undertaken during your holiday. The rule of thumb is generally 10-15% of the amount charged. Some establishments automatically add this onto the bill.


There are three mini-markets within 100 meters of the Port. The larger supermarkets are located in the town of Tropea and you will need a taxi to get there. The cost of a taxi will be approx. € 20.

Tropea has its share of typical tourist shops selling beach goods and souvenirs. One souvenir shop that is definitely worth a visit is Il Faro Presepi on Via Stazione, which sells nativity scenes and features a display of little moving models illustrating traditional Calabrian lifestyles.

The supermarkets are open Monday - Saturday from 8:30am till 1:00pm and again from 5:30pm till 8.30pm. During the summer months, supermarkets are also open on Sunday mornings.


Hotel La Porta Del Mare, Tropea
Via Libertà, 52, Tropea, 89861
Phone: +66 76 241 145
Housed in an antique 17th century building, Hotel La Porta del Mare is set 150 metres from the historical center of Tropea and offers panoramic views of the sea.
Facilities: Terrace, Air-conditioning, 24-Hour Front Desk, Bar, Internet Services, Free Wi-Fi Internet Access Included, Wi-Fi/Wireless LAN.

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Electrical, Phones & Music


The standard voltage on all yachts is 12 volts. Electricity in Italy is 220 Volts and uses the standard European 2 pin plug. 

Mobile phones

Your mobile phone may work when in Italy, but please check with your service provider for coverage details and call costs. You will need to activate international roaming on your contract.


All boats are fitted with a radio and CD player. If you wish to listen to your IPOD while sailing you will need to bring along an I-trip or FM radio transmitter.

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Car and Jeep Rental

You can find counters for many car rental companies in the arrivals hall at the airport: Avis, Europcar, Fincom, Hertz, Italy by Car, Maggiore, Sicily-by-Car, Sixt, Targarent and Quicar. You can also reserve a rental car in advance using the service EasyTerra provides, they compare the rates of several providers in a single quote. 


Sea fishing is possible from the shores, from boats and even underwater and is allowed almost everywhere without a permit.

Scuba Diving

The crystal clear waters surrounding the Aeolian Islands make it a superb place for diving and snorkeling.
Big Sur Diving - Email: [email protected] - Tel: 3920464475


We have a range of snorkeling gear which you may wish to use. We are limited on children’s sizes so if you have your own you may wish to bring them with you.


Walking and hiking on the volcanoes is popular. A guided climb to the volcanic crater on Stromboli, the only volcano in Europe with permanently eruptive activity, can be a rewarding trek taking around 3 hours to reach the top and 2 hours to come down.

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Provisioning is available in this location.  More information on provisioning.

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Health & Safety

Illness or Injury

If you get sick and visit the doctor or hospital during your trip contact a member of Sunsail staff as soon as possible. 


All yachts are equipped with adult life jackets harnesses we leave it up to you to decide when personal safety equipment should be worn.

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