RYA Tidal Experience Course

RYA Tidal Experience course


The Tidal Experience weekend is aimed specifically at students who have completed their RYA Day Skipper qualification at a non-tidal location and need to gain experience on tidal waters to enable them to sail safely in tidal waters around the world.

Without a Tidal Experience course, students with a pre-existing Day Skipper qualification gained in non-tidal waters would not be able to take a yacht out in tidal waters. This limits the variety of destinations around the world in which you can charter a yacht and prevents you from sailing in some truly spectacular locations.

Over the duration of the Tidal Experience weekend, you can expect to focus on the following skill sets that were not possible whilst in non-tidal waters;

  • Close quarter handling under sail and power with tidal influence
  • Navigation and pilotage using tidal calculations using tidal heights and streams
  • Work out a course to steer to allow for tidal stream, leeway and drift
  • The methods to safely anchor in a tidal area

Where to take this course with Sunsail

Portsmouth, UK

Why take this course with Sunsail?

Designed for Day Skippers who have completed qualifications in one of our overseas bases which are non-tidal, the Sunsail tidal experience training weekend provides knowledge and experience of sailing in tidal waters, giving you a practical feel of the effects of tide and broadening your sailing destinations.

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