From Croatia to St. Martin...

Summer is the vacation season and no doubt do you want to spend it right, so we've saved you the trouble of researching and ranked the 9 best destinations where you can spend an early summer vacation sailing.

Let's get into it!


9) About Dubrovnik, Croatia

Summer along the Dalmatian Coast can sound like a dream with King's Landing from Game of Thrones, amazing events like the Summer festivals, and temperature ranging on from the 70s to the 80s on average with only a little precipitation. That is until you see the cost for lodging in some of the Old Town hotels. They can cost $500 per night during summer.

There are less expensive alternatives though, so don't fret. Chartering a yacht for a week with a group of friends can round out to less than a hundred dollars a night each.

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8) About Palma, Spain

Catching an early summer is the best way to experience the bustling city life, with experienced sailors liable to fall in love over Mallorca’s stable winds and cool waters.

Located just off the coast of Spain, this diverse landscape is blessed with sparkling seas, phenomenal scenery and a wealth of wildlife.

Hug the beautiful sand-and-pebble coastline, or head out for some brilliant blue water sailing to the neighboring islands of Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

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7) About Athens, Greece

Sailing through Athens during the summer affords you freedom from the touristry that absorbs the city during the popular season, not to mention the much needed cool-down of the wind and water.

A true Sunsail heritage, the Saronic Gulf is where our first yacht set to sea back in 1974, and since then we've been able to expand to over 20 destinations with over 5,000 yachts.

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6) About Raiatea, Tahiti

Balmy temperature with low precipitation can make for the best summer vacation, but combine that with the immediately recognizable landscape of Tahiti and the kaleidoscope color palette of the country and you have an unforgettable escape.

Sailors can enjoy visiting the black pearl farms and relaxing in luxurious island resorts. Or they can sail to the pristine white-sand beaches on the Vanilla Island Taha’a and snorkel off Bora Bora, the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ and playground to the rich and famous.

Cap that off with the tantalizing local cuisine, and you will be hard pressed to fall asleep without a grin on your face. Get started by plotting you Sunsail yacht charter in Tahiti today.

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5) About Mahé, Seychelles

Warm weather, spectacular wildlife and mezmerising scenery backdropped against the Granitic Seychelles islands can bring a tear to even the saltiest sailors' eyes.

Even though often considered to be paradise on Earth, the strong winds, powerful currents and submerged coral reefs call for experienced skippers, who will relish the opportunity to conquer an ocean that has much to offer those with an adventurous spirit.

Beneath the surface, warm ocean temperatures and fantastic visibility make the Indian Ocean a favorite destination for divers, snorkelers and swimmers, while the region’s sport fishing is also considered among the best on the planet.

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4) About Tortola, The British Virgin Islands — EDITOR'S CHOICE

Surely a surprise to many familiar our other list for the top trending destinations of 2016. The best time for the yacht charter capital starts in late November and goes on into March, so this top-tier sailing ground doesn't top our list for summer vacations.

Having said that, more people should experience the BVI during June as clear skies often dominate the expanse. Add in temperatures ranging between the 70s to 80s, and intrepid sailors looking for an escape off the beaten path are in for a welcome & under-rated surprise.

Explore thousands of white sand beaches, travel to dozens of laid-back bars and island restaurants, or chum up with some hawksbill turtles. With easy island hops, line-of-sight navigation and sheltered anchorages, a sailing vacation in the BVI is perfect whether you’re a new sailor or a skilled skipper.

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3) About St. Lucia

The change from Spring to Summer is a boisterous time in St. Lucia. With the Jazz and Arts festival, which has more than jazz and arts to offer. Super-star performers such as Robin Thicke, Kool & The Gang, Flo-Rida, Shaggy and more have taken the stage in the past.

Avoid the crowd of tourist that descend on the island in winter and indulge with the culture by exploring the destination in May or June.

With low precipitation and temperatures ranging in between the high 70s & 80s, this is the best time to explore St. Lucia while also escaping the summer rains of July.

Start planning your sail-venture in St. Lucia today.

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2) About Abacos, Bahamas

Almost any time of the year you can find beautiful skies, perfect weather, and stunning sailing, but there is something that sets this time of year apart for these islands.

Even though Paradise Island, Grand Bahama, and New Providence stay open year-round, the best all-around experience is had in June. Pricing, weather, and crowds are better than what you could find when the snow-birds descend on the islands in winter.

Offering one of the world’s largest barrier reefs, a quarter of the world’s coral lying just beneath the surface, white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, these islands are a often ranked amongst the top family-friendly vacations.

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1) About St. Martin

A symbol of all that sailing stands for, St. Martin is a proverbial melting pot home to the sea-faring cultures of France, Britain, Africa, and the Netherlands. Coming to life with Metropolitan night-life, boutique shopping, and gourmet cuisine is enough to rate this Caribbean island highly. 

Out of the whole year though, May and June are the best time to travel across this lavish paradise. Expenses are typically down for those looking to steal away, and the crowds generally subside due to the storm season that comes in July.

If the active night-life and shopping doesn't grab your attention, then try your hand at the Billfish Tournament to get a taste of the professional fishing scene.

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