COVID-19 Travel Restrictions in Seychelles

Welcome to Sunsail's marina in Seychelles!

Please view Seychelles latest travel requirements in response to COVID-19 below. Sunsail will continue to monitor these updates to keep our guests informed of any changes.

We would also advise that you contact your airline for the most up to date information around entry requirements and re-entry to your home country.

While the Seychelles is opening its borders for international travelers, certaiPolicies and Procedures will need to be followed when entering the country, before, and during your stay there.

Before You Go | When You Arrive | During Your Charter

When You Arrive

  • All travelers will need to present their itinerary on arrival in Seychelles
  • All travelers will undergo temperature checks and health screening
  • Visitors will also undergo temperature checks on arrival to the base. If symptoms of COVID-19 are present, you will have to take a test. Those who are positive will be quarantined and re-checked
  • All travelers must wear a face mask at the airport and when using a transfer service. Please note: a 5-person vehicle may only transport up to 4 persons (driver and up to 3 passengers). The middle seat must remain vacant.

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Covid-19 Testing Centres in Seychelles

  • There are testing facilities located throughout Seychelles. The cost is 2500CR.
  • If you take your test in Mahe, the base may be able to retrieve your results on your behalf. Otherwise, you must pick up your results in person from the testing site below. Test results will not be sent via email.
  • Testing Sites:
- Victoria (music stadium in Mahe) is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. Contact +248 282 2971.
- On Praslin Island, Baie St Anne is open from Monday to Saturday. Contact +248 423 23333.
- On La Digue, La Passe (Logan Hospital) is open from Monday to Saturday. Contact +248 423 4255.

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