Week in the Life of a flotilla host – Samantha and Ellie

On turnaround days we meet guests as they arrive and show them on to their boat. We then talk them through the welcome pack and brief them on the plan for the next day, including breakfast and where and when to meet for the briefings. We will also explain the local area surrounding the marina and what facilities are available. Then we ensure that we have arranged for the technician to arrive for their technical briefing. Guests can arrive any time up till 9pm so the turnaround day can be quite long but meeting the guests and giving a good impression is important.

During the week a day as flotilla host starts off with getting up, making the crew breakfast and having a peek above deck saying hello to the guests.

After breakfast we have a briefing and tell them everything they need to know about the next location. We need to tell them very in-depth information such as toilets, showers, water, electricity, shops, pharmacy, swimming and points of interest. It is also a chance to recommend restaurants and take bookings. We have an evening activity every night so we must also make sure they are aware of this and take any bookings or payments then.

While underway and after we assist them with departure, we are busy making crew lunch, helming, on watch and on call for guests and the many questions they have during the day.

Once parked up at the next destination we usually have a chance to go meet with that evening's restaurant or activity to make sure everything is in order and if any changes need to be made.

We then begin parking the boats. The host will assist with lines and then step on each boat for a chat, to ask if everything is ok with the boat and tell them about the area again. The host takes the boat papers and advises of where to collect them and where the morning briefing is.

Once this is done with all boats it’s a quick shower and change of clothes before getting guests organised for dinner or the evening activity. Evenings then are spent with the guests, socialising and entertaining.

It may on occasion be that included in this day you make all the bookings for the next week or even free sail bookings.

On the evening of the last full day once we have arrived back in the marina we have a final group meal with the guests up in the hills above Agana. This is to say our final goodbyes and any last prize giving. This usually finishes up about 10 - 10.30 pm

On turnaround day we are then up for 8am start or earlier depending on when guests leave to make sure they don’t have any issues. We then do a walk along the pontoons to locate our boats for the next flotilla. Once this is done, we put the linen on each boat and then wait for the arrival of new guests. Once boats are cleaned we then go on to give an in-depth overview to make sure they are up standard.

New guests can arrive from as early as 9.30 am. We meet and greet, exchange numbers and make arrangements to tell them when the boat is ready. The new guests get settled in and the week begins again!

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