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Antigua Yacht Charter


Sunsail’s base at Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua, is the perfect starting point for an Antigua bareboat sailing vacation, taking in Antigua and Barbuda – the two neighboring islands that together make up the nation of Antigua. 

A yacht charter here offers a blend of blue water sailing and short hops from bay to bay in warm, steady trade winds.

Antigua combines lovely beaches and spectacular bird and wildlife with some serious nightlife. Lush Barbuda is more tranquil, with pink coral sands and the chance to snorkel over colorful coral reefs and search for eagle and sting rays.

Antigua Race Week, one of the world’s biggest sailing events, is renowned for world-class racing and all-night partying and takes place towards the end of April / beginning of May each year.

  • Beach BBQ’s and live music
  • Gorgeous sandy beaches
  • Underwater discovery
  • Antigua Race Week
  • Tropical wildlife


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Sailing in Antigua

A Sunsail sailing vacation in Antigua is the ideal way to take advantage of the magnificent conditions that have made Antigua one of the world’s pre-eminent yachting destinations and a favorite with sailors who return year after year for more fun – on land as well as on the water.

An Antigua yacht charter is suitable for confident sailors with reasonable previous experience. Winds from November to May are generally north-easterly, ranging from 15 – 20 knots (17 – 23 mph). Temperatures average 77 - 82 F (25 - 28 C) year round.

What's included ?

To make sure that you get the most out of your Antigua Yacht Charter, we have equipped all of our yachts with all the highest specification gear to help provide comfort, performance and fun onboard; so all that’s left for you to do is relax and enjoy your sailing vacation with family and friends.

Antigua Highlights

An Antigua sailing vacation offers more than just magnificent sailing. There are also fabulous beaches, superb snorkeling, game-fishing, plentiful bars and restaurants and the opportunity to join in one of Antigua’s famous ‘jump-ups’ - all-night dancing to steel drums.

  • Deep Bay

    Deep Bay is just what it suggests it is; an ideal destination for your yacht charter. It is an arched beach, great for swimming, and a perfect spot for relaxing. The shipwreck of the Andes lies just off of the beach and is a fantastic sight for intrepid snorkelers to explore.

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  • English Harbour

    Sunsail’s charter base is located in the best known spot on Antigua at Nelsons Dockyard, on the south of the island. Packed with historic legend and true natural beauty, an English Harbour yacht charter provides an alluring blend of history and charm with fun and excitement.

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  • Green Island

    Your Green Island yacht charter will take you to a little island just off the east coast of Antigua, where you will get the opportunity to discover many of its pristine white sand secluded beaches. Snorkeling is excellent here so make sure you have your mask and fins at the ready.

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  • Shirley Heights

    A visit to Shirley Heights on your yacht charter is an experience not to be missed. Located within the National Park and overlooking the stunning English and Falmouth Harbours, Shirley Heights not only has the most spectacular panoramic view in Antigua, but is also home to the biggest and best party on the island.

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