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St. Lucia Yacht Charter

Sailing Conditions

St. Lucia offers almost perfect sailing weather year round. Situated in the north east trade belt, their is consistent winds prevailing from the north east. The winter months are generally stronger winds and more challenging sailing ranging between 15-25 knots (17-28 mph), with our summer months being perfect for those looking for a more sedate and relaxing sailing experience with winds averaging between 10-20 knots (11-23 mph).

St Lucia is classed as a level 3 destination due to the higher winds and more exposed Atlantic swells however there is an abundance of sheltered bays and ports and the majority of sailing is line of sight, although there is plenty of opportunity for those who want to sail further distances and be more adventurous, although there is plenty to see close at hand.


Temperature ranges from 18-29° C from December to May and 23-35° C degrees from June to November. The winter is relatively drier as well. Average temperature is 25° C all year. Water temperature is fairly constant at 28° C.

The hurricane season is around August and September. Please note that due to this, the base will be closed all of August and September, although St Lucia is very much a low risk island.