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What is a Flotilla?

A Flotilla is a fleet of sailing yachts accompanied by a lead yacht with a skipper, hostess and a technician. You’ll be able to enjoy all the freedoms of an independent yacht charter with the added bonus of a set flotilla sailing route to follow, the support of the flotilla lead crew and great social atmosphere.

Imagine cruising along in the sunshine on your own yacht, dropping anchor for a swim in warm, clear waters, relaxed in the knowledge that you have a support crew nearby whenever you need them. Sunsail Flotillas provide the perfect balance between independence and unobtrusive support while sailing. Our specially chosen itineraries ensure you visit some of the best anchorages, while still allowing you to take as much time for free sailing as you like. Flotillas are the ultimate in social sailing. With a maximum of 14 yachts in its group, you can discover and explore your chosen destination, either as a group or individually, at your leisure — it is entirely up to you. As well as the reassurance of being part of a group of like-minded sailors, you will cast off each day with the support of your Lead Crew. Your Lead Crew will provide a flexible itinerary to follow, ensuring that you see the best of your chosen sailing area. They are on hand to help you with everything from advice on where to visit, to physically helping you moor-up when you have reached your destination. Part of the Flotilla experience is meeting up with the Flotilla at agreed destinations for dinner, punch parties, beach picnics and to take part in regattas and other social events. Many Flotilla enthusiasts say that this is what makes a Flotilla trip so special – meeting people with similar interests and sharing the excitement of discovering new sailing areas together. However you can also go off on your own and have some time to yourself whenever you want to.

How does it work?

A common misperception of Flotilla is that you have to sail like ‘ducks in a row’. But it offers much more independence than that. So what does happen on a Sunsail Flotilla?

Every day you’ll be briefed on the destination for the day by your Lead Crew, as well as weather updates and any must-see spots along the way. They’ll help you cast off in the morning and then sail direct to the next destination so they can be there to help everyone moor up at night. But after that you’ll be left to explore the high seas yourself, whether you’re looking for some exciting sailing or searching for the perfect beach. You can sail with confidence knowing that any assistance from your Lead Crew is only a VHF or phone call away.

You’ll be staying mostly in village quays and small harbours, with the choice in the evening to explore yourself or meet up with the rest of your Flotilla for dinner and stories. The Lead Crew will also organise social events like BBQs on the beach, Punch Parties and an End of Week Regatta so you can get to know the people you’re sailing with.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of a Flotilla vacation.

Meet the Crew

Our Lead Crew includes a Skipper, Engineer and Host (and an Activities Coordinator on certain Flotillas, find out more below) who can help solve any problem and answer any question. Find out more here.

We’ve got it covered

There’s a range of benefits of a Flotilla vacation, from guaranteed moorings to a tank of fuel, water and the cost of your Yacht Damage Waiver (YDW). Find out more about what is included here.

Pick Your Own

Seen a yacht that you like on our website? You can pick any yacht available in your destination of choice; we don’t designate yachts just for Flotilla.

4 Hour Guarantee

Although your lead crew will be there to assist with most problems, if something happens that they can’t fix the base team will be aim to find a solution within 4 hours.

Sailing Freedom or Social Scene

Are you a social butterfly or an independent adventurer? However you like to sail, on a Flotilla the freedom to choose is yours. Whether you’re a fan of parties on the beach and great conversation over dinner or just looking for a little friendly competition, you’ll find a Flotilla the perfect balance of solo adventuring and social sailing.

Some of the events on offer include:

First Morning Breakfast

Get to know your Lead Crew and fellow Flotilla sailors over breakfast before you head out on your first day of sailing. This is the perfect chance to make new friends for the week – maybe you’ll even make arrangements to meet up at dinner!

Flotilla Punch Party

The Flotilla Punch Party is a great opportunity for you to meet up with your Flotilla again, sharing stories, tips and tricks with each other over good food and a drink.

End of Week Regatta

Feeling competitive? This is your chance to show off your yachting know-how and challenge your Flotilla companions to a race. Use all your sailing skills and do your best in the End of Week Regatta!

What Else?

Of course, these aren’t your only options, since the social life of a Flotilla relies on the sailors themselves. Lots of Flotilla groups meet up in the evenings to share meals and stories, though if you prefer peace and quiet that’s easily available too!

On some Flotillas during the school holidays, an Activities Coordinator will be part of the Lead Crew to build a special social scene for the kids. Activities and games devised by the Co-Ordinator will not only create a unique and memorable experience, but help them make friends with other children on the Flotilla.