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Level 3 Sailing Courses - BVI ASA 103/104 Learn to Bareboat

ASA 103

The next step after your Basic Keelboat experience.  
Transition from sailing a basic keelboat to our larger, heavier sail training & cruising yacht and instantly discover that some things have changed a bit… but also see where many things haven’t changed at all!  Reviewing all sailing physics, maneuvering and safety that we have established in our ASA 101 course, on a larger vessel we’ll increase our focus on ship’s systems, operating under auxiliary power, contingency/emergency planning, basic navigation & pilotage, and local weather/forecast interpretation.
This course really builds confidence!

ASA 104

This is your ticket to fun & adventure in paradise!  As skipper you must take good care of your vessel & keep its crew (of family & friends) safe on the water, at all times…of course, you must have fun doing it!

You will become proficient in ship’s systems and routine maintenance as well as crew management, provisioning for multiple days at sea, navigation skills including paper chart and gps/chartplotter usage, cruise planning and log keeping, emergency procedures, weather awareness/analysis- all with our continued emphasis on safety & fun!  In addition to handling the yacht under sail without instructor assistance, you will learn to handle the yacht under power through a variety of mooring, docking and anchoring methods/scenarios. 

On completion, you will be ready, to take your bareboat yacht & its crew BVI cruising, with confidence!


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