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Level 3 Sailing Courses - BVI ASA 103/104 Learn to Bareboat


You’ve been sailing for years with friends, or at a club for long enough to ‘know the ropes;’ perhaps you own a boat at home and/or you already have a 101-level sailing certification… but living aboard a cruising yacht for multiple days would be a brand-new experience. You ‘know enough to know’ that being the skipper is decidedly different than being a guest, passenger, or even crew. You would like to take family & friends on the sailing vacation of a lifetime, but worry that you don’t have enough experience to do it safely.  Are you wondering what your next step in sail training should be?

This Course is made specifically for you!
  • Gain your ASA 103 and 104 certification
  • By the cabin or charter a full yacht for the family
  • Learn on vacation, with warm winds and turquoise seas!


With ASA 101 having already been achieved in your home waters, join us for the next two courses, ASA 103 Basic Coastal Cruising and ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising, perfectly packaged together in a 7 day course, Learn to Bareboat. Without ASA 101, you are still welcome aboard our dedicated sail training yacht for the 7 day course, if you feel comfortable challenging the ASA 101 level. This entails passing the written exam in the first 24 hours and successfully demonstrating all Sailing Skills as described in the ASA 101 Course Standards, during the course.
All ASA 101 Sailing Knowledge & Skills are reviewed, on day one, as a matter of safety and to orient your fellow students to this much larger version of the ‘Basic Keelboat.’  Your prior experience will help you to see how our cruising yachts behave, in many ways, just like the day-sailer you’ve earned your sea time on… but not in all ways, of course!
Our friendly professional instructors are seasoned sailors with years of experience, who will tailor the courses to suit your party’s needs. You will learn to sail safely, to the acclaimed ASA Standards, while enjoying a relaxing vacation in paradise.  Sailing during the day from one anchorage to another, you’ll learn from the best and then practice your new skills… while still having time to snorkel cool and colorful waters, stroll on perfect beaches, or even shop for souvenirs.
Most importantly, you will know how to keep your yacht, and its crew (your family & friends), safe and happy on future bareboat charters in the BVI, or wherever you decide to cruise!


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