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Level 2 Sailing Courses - Tidal Conversion Course


The RYA Tidal Conversion Course is aimed specifically at students who have completed their RYA Day Skipper qualification at a non-tidal location and need to convert that qualification into one that enables them to sail safely in tidal waters around the world.

Without a Tidal Conversion Course, students with a pre-existing Day Skipper qualification gained in non-tidal waters would not be able to take a yacht out in tidal waters. This limits the variety of destinations around the world in which you would be able to charter a yacht and prevents you from sailing in some truly spectacular locations.

  • UK based
  • Year round course
  • Qualifies for sailing in tidal waters
Why take this course with Sunsail ?

Designed for Day Skippers who have completed qualifications in one of our overseas bases which are non-tidal, the Sunsail tidal conversion course provides knowledge and experience of sailing in tidal waters. Without this course you will not be able to take a yacht out in tidal waters.